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100 thoughts on “For Fact’s Sake: Why Does President Trump Exaggerate Economic Success? | Velshi & Ruhle | MSNBC”

  1. Trump has to lie to maintain his delusion. In the Land of Fake Believe, Trump is 6,4" 239 lb stable genius, a virile ladies man, a successful businessman, a person who's liked and admired by all, a self made billionaire, a person that knows more about everything than anyone else. Unfortunately for Delusional Donnie, in the world of reality he's none of these things. He's a 5'11" bloated 392 lb tub of lard who's been described by people closest to him as a moron, a business man who instead of placing his inheritance in an index fund bumblefucked his way to going bankrupt multiple times.

  2. Fake news, didn’t ya claim the economy was going to collapse, didn’t ya claim the stock market was going to crash. Please stop it five.

  3. Trump has accomplished almost nothing in his first 2 years that anyone else could not have accomplished. Anyone. Throughout my life I never considered myself capable of being the president of the US until now. Trump has accomplished nothing that I could not have easily done because all I would have to do is sign my name to whatever the Republican controlled congress sends me, or do executive orders. Now he will need to do some work because he is not going to be given freebies from the Democrats. He will be expected to work, and he is totally incompetent. He is done.

  4. Stacey Abrahm''s response to the SOTU address was FAR MORE MEANINGFUL than trump's self-aggrandizing rah rah pack of lies.

  5. Trump lied. Yup totally in character for him.
    He threatens to end legislation if the investigations continue during the SOTU, yup also in character for him.

    And a new investigation was started today specifically targeting his person.

    Await Tweets for humor.

  6. Great job fact checking that idiot's "SOTU". He is such a liar. I know it, you know and the good Lord knows it!!! lol ☺

  7. Considering that he has surrounded himself with people of his own mental expertise level, I don't think they're able to do proper research. He has presided over some better statistics but I'd like to point out the economic abyss that Mr. Obama inherited from the last Republican President's administration. I enjoyed this conversation because it was clear, concise and not a video tape of people yelling at each other. I have no respect for this President because he used Federal Employees and their families as pawns and harmed over a million Americans. He didn't have to do that and it appeared as if he ENJOYED doing it.

  8. He is only focused on show casing Hispanics as criminals and murderers. I want to see him talk about the lives of the children who died by a mass shooter. I want to see him bring the parents of those children to his rally’s. 2 school shootings with 27 children killed and not to forget the Vegas shooting where 58 were killed under his presidency,

  9. With Obama inheriting one of ten worst economies since the depression . Obama and team stimulated the economy and unemployment went from double digits to under 5%. When Trump took over unemployment was under 5% and there was 37 months of consecutive job growth . Obama lowered races for everyone making under $250 thousand dollars. Trump comes in and begs about the economy under him. I get angry when no one asks how he achieved this. What job bills wage increase bills, lowers taxes for the middle class or any legislation his administration passed to achieve his success? The republicans lowered the top 1% taxes from 35 to 21-% . Now the Republicans seem to lower the top 1% state taxes. She’ll companies overseas to hide their wealth is common. The economy is thriving in spite of Trump not because of him. Watch this year . Federal spending increased 87% last year and the federal government asked for an additional trillion dollars to pay oats bills. Trump refused Federal workers. Raise last year and froze their salaries this year . How is that helping the economy ?

  10. MSNBC, do keep it honest. Hedge fonds and massive corporate stock buy backs that artificially pushes the stock market, are a plague in the USA.


  12. Two more years of Trump as President. Our Allies must be laughing there head off. A man who exaggerate economic success, where is he living at.

  13. LMFAO Seriously…. It's Obama that did this to the US. Oh my god you guy's are full of crap. Do you realize the more you spread these lies the more people realize your agenda and move over to the right. Watch! Trump will be voted in again in 2020. You all have spent over $0 million dollars on Russian Collusion …… and STILL no evidence.

  14. Why does he constantly LIE – when he doesn't need to. Why can't he just state the facts, why does everything have to be exaggerated and lied about – and it's really EVERYTHING. WHY? Because he's an absolute pathological lair – period.

  15. You want to ask Stormy Daniels if his self aggrandizement come form a more fundamental lack… than his need to inflate his own his own value…

  16. Don the Con man Trump is a Klown and a complete Joke only a fool would believe anything out of this Draft Dodger's mouth what a Pathetic Joke he is…

  17. The economic explosion the wealthy 1%just gave themselves a huge tax break.Trump has 130 lobbiest working for him.

  18. Child care is expensive when I was looking for a spot for my daughter the wanted $315 a week. I found one I like cheaper. Can’t afford another kid too expensive.

  19. Stacey Abrams speaks and all her words are in a row. She is well-spoken, cognizant, her words have meaning; I am so starved for a real 3-D human speaking for our country, not the 2-dimensional cut-out currently occupying the Oval Office.

  20. So whats new Trump will blow his bags with things he had nothing to do with him, hurry up and reunite the clown and his family with his mates Cohen , Flynn, Manafort, Gates’s, Papadopoulos and Roger Stone

  21. Mere facts are not good enough for Trump. He always supplements his selective reality with a special sprinkling of lies.
    Why ? Deep down, he knows he is unqualified and inadequate.

  22. Yes, Trump is a malignant narcissist & venal amoral conman. Trump is also a SYMPTOM of a profoundly dysfunctional fear and hate-based malignant segment of our society who, in a constant state of self-pity, blame their own failures on all of the “unfair” people who caused them to fail.   Trumpites FAILURE to take responsibility for their circumstance is the foundation of their misfortune. The following are symptoms of their DISFUNCTION:  Q-anon, Alex Jones, White Power, Nazi sickos, Worshiping "Stongman Trump" (so laughable), and worst of all, the HYPOCRITE Christians who say Trump is a friend of Jesus (Why insult Jesus! so disgusting!).

  23. He talks with his nose stuck up in the air! Who does he think he is? A Dictator? A king? Autocrat? Putin? Kim? No he is OUR SERVANT!! GET USED TO IT TRUMP!!!

  24. Why do they all talk about employment, job creation, and economic growth, etc. when most of these jobs do not pay a living wage. Even $15 hr is ludicrous considering the cost of living. Millionaires becoming Billionaires on the back of underpaid workers. Poor wages and terrible benefits.

  25. Yeah, super duper, Mr. President. More women are working outside the home. Because they want to, or because they have to? When you were a kid, each family needed, and I stress, needed only one breadwinner with a well-paying job, whether the father or mother (if she could find a well-paying job). That was a sufficient contribution per family to society and was rewarded sufficiently to keep the post-war economy booming and families flourishing. Why do we need two now? There is a giant difference between wanting to work outside the home and have a public role that contributes directly to the economy, and having no choice but to do so. The way the economy is structured and income is distributed now, most families have no choice. I thought you were all for liberty, Mr. President. Liberty means the ability of individual citizens to make choices from among several acceptable options, not being coerced into the one choice the system makes available with the acquiescence of the government. Yes, one reason that women have to work is that there isn't one TV in the middle class home but three, not one computer, but two plus three or four smartphones, not one car, but two or three. What is considered to be basic to middle class survival has increased in cost significantly and the increase in what we think we can't do without (thanks to wonderful marketing by people who make lots of money convincing us of all the things we need) has accelerated. OK. However, you certainly haven't led people by example in encouraging them to downsize their wants (which is also why they buy a larger quantity of cheaper items from China and elsewhere, thus contributing to the trade deficit you hate so much). More important than glorifying acquisitiveness, however, and making people think that multiple computers per home are an entitlement, are the costs for education and health care that have skyrocketed and continue to do so and force both parents to work whether they want to or not. Where is the liberty you tout in that?? The paid family leave idea is fine and dandy but better would be to restore the freedom of parents to decide whether or not they want to be in a situation where paid family leave is a necessity for raising their children adequately. What are you going to do to restore that liberty to American families?

  26. Rethuglican men and women don't want women in the workforce! – and want Black people at the bottom of that workforce! The members of Congress supporting this treason are trying to turn this country over to Anglo-Saxon Russia for personal profit!

  27. Abrams' response was interesting if by "interesting" you mean "not at all interesting." It was boring pablum. She told a cute story abut her dad. Then she sang kumbaya and mumbled something about voter rights. You know she said nothing of substance because neither host could think of anything to say to even stretch that part of the program. Sorry, Stacy, but your speech was just bland, boring, and forgettable. At least you didn't make any major gaffes, so you did well enough. Just, it's not president making. Bernie's reply was more engaging. Of course, he wasn't representing the party, but his own views, so that makes it easier. Still…

  28. Regarding Stacey Abrams, she has very good points. Politics is the art of compromise. However, the executive branch is run by a fool who sees everything in terms of winners and losers. Results and common goals are of less import to him than his ego.

  29. Pass the law that will prevent government shutdown. Remove Electorial Process – Every vote should count – Fake #45, Fake Process, Real Traitor

  30. Same as the city economy. Whites screw it up, elect a black mayor who fixes it then they swoop in and take credit… Bush screwed it up, Obama came in, rescued it and soon as the economic wheel began to turn up again, here comes this white brat with a loose mouth to take credit for it.

  31. 436,000 jobs vs. 600,000 how is he supposed to have remembered 436,000? It's a complicated number! 600,000 is simpler, and he invented that on the spot.

  32. This an artificial bubble. It takes 3 dollars of debt to generate 1 dollar of gdp. Purchasing power under Trump has diminished. Any 'success' comes at the expense of the rest of the world which is disastrous long term.

  33. Exaggeration is the essence of propaganda.  It plays on subconscious imagination, emotions and ego.  (Dreams)  Advertising.  The product is in that context.


  35. Funny how the Economy slowly recovers after a Crash like the GFC, but the devil is in the detail.
    Ali and Stephanie I suggest you read Prof Bill Mitchell's assessment. http://bilbo.economicoutlook.net/blog/?p=41512&utm_source=feedburner&utm_medium=email&utm_campaign=Feed%3A+economicoutlook%2FFYvo+%28billy+blog%29

    How is being the Leading Oil Producer an achievement?

    Tick Tock goes the Carbon Clock February 6th 2019 CO2 levels 411.37 ppm (February 6th 2018 CO2 levels 407.95 ppm)

  36. Why dont you talk about uranium 1 or Obama sending plane with 150billion to Iran or how many children they sold or how many immigrants are headed here ???

  37. Stacey Abrams delivered a very credible response and yes, she would have made a wonderful governor for Georgia. In this case, though I appreciate her efforts, you should really look at Bernie Sanders response to the SOTU address. I'm not very interested in uplifting family stories about how things should be. I want to hear about plans and policies that will make things here in the US the way they should be. The Establishment Democrats failed in 2016 because they were taking money from the same people the Conservative/Republicans were. They were telling stories, not working polices and legislation. Sanders only takes donations from us and won't be 'under the influence' like so many other dems that are running. He's a Progressive.

  38. Ask Manafort what he was telling Trumps lawyers while he was chitchatting with Mueller, and also seeing just what he was up for. All those redacted parts. What a cabal of treachery. Cold blooded.

  39. Trump has been a bully and a liar his entire life and been getting away with it so he is convinced he can keep getting away with his crimes and lies

  40. was reading this today and it says if you read it that there needs to be more new jobs becuse theres a lack of that https://www.marketwatch.com/story/why-social-security-should-be-a-major-issue-in-the-2020-election-2019-02-05?siteid=yhoof2&yptr=yahoo

  41. Stephanie rue you have lost your mind if you think the middle of the road Democrat will hold their nose and vote for racist trump instead of voting to the far left

  42. Trump exaggerates economic success for the same reason he exaggerates, misstates, misquotes, and flat-out lies about virtually every thing, person, and subject matter that crosses his radar… because it suits his agenda and/or feeds his ego.

    Edit: And because he can, because he knows his shills like Kellyanne and Sarah Sanders will spin any and all negativity in his favor, but also because he's 100% confident that his millions of supporting minions who voted for him and will without reservation vote for him again will believe what he says while completely ignoring the more obvious of lies.

    In short, he has very close to everything a control-loving fragile-yet-massive-ego-having would-be dictator could want.

  43. Trump why you keep talking About investigation's on you,trying anything you can so you won't go to prison, but you going real soon. 🤘🐮👹🐀🐘🔜🔚🔍⚖⛓🆗️🙏🇺🇸

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