We’re on Leather Lane, it’s one of the older
street markets in London. It used to mainly sell clothes, but in the last few years it’s turned into one of the best food markets around. Chicken tikka, this is
paneer, chilli paneer. I’ve been coming here for
lunch for the last five years. I’m obsessed. All of the food is freshly prepared and it’s just so much to eat from all over the world. You can have Italian
one day, Thai the next, my favourite at the moment
is an Ethiopian place which serves lots of fresh vegetables and it’s a very underrated type of food. We’ve got five different varieties. We’ve got two meat varieties,
both are organic meat. There’s a smoked beef ball,
which is called Roman Road, which is stuffed with sun dried tomatoes and various other things. And then we’ve gotta Greek ball, which is stuffed with
feta cheese and olives and it’s served in a special wedding rice. You can probably have lunch based on all the samples
that you get given as you walk up and down Leather Lane. So you could save money that way and you’d get a real mixed bag. Chicken, curry, vegetables, falafel, whatever you want, it’s here. (meat sizzling)

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