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100 thoughts on “Florida voter: Trump’s helping our economy grow”

  1. Trumpers don’t understand that Obama literally dug us out of the 2008 financial crisis. Republicuntz have never done anything great for this country.

  2. This former Democrat will be voting for Trump in 2020! What are Democrats going to run on? Higher taxes? Weaker borders? Lower GDP? Fining American citizens for not having insurance while using tax dollars to give free healthcare to illegals? Murdering the unborn? Ridding the world of plsatic straws and cow farts? Lol Trump 2020!

  3. Florida voter here…. Trump is NOT helping our state! We have a delicate ecosystem and all of the environmental rollbacks are killing our state and our waters. F*ck Trump.

  4. I love when CNN pays these people to say this stuff on camera, and you fools just except it as truth. Blind sheep. Watch from the middle for awhile. You'll see you're all serving your masters. But yeah what you said.

  5. eric ciaramella eric ciaramella eric ciaramella It's out now. CNN the bit*hes of fake news. Do your job and expose his connections to biden and the Dems. You SOB's are so full of shit. Do your job and expose truths for a change.

  6. Republican voters love to talk about how well the economy is doing as their reason for supporting Trump, only because that's the ONE thing he hasn't fucked up…yet. And it's not for lack of trying. If the economy was tanking, but Trump was killing it in foreign policy, his supporters would emphasize how "safe Trump has made the country from ISIS and our adversaries". He hasn't done that, so no surprise it doesn't matter to them. When the economy was growing under Obama, all I heard from the right is "Muslim, liar, Benghazi, IRS, Fast and Furious, 'those aren't real jobs,' etc." So yeah, these folks are full of crap.

  7. My Uncle got a great deal on of a house right over the San Andreas Fault… Florida is great as long as the Reds will support Hurricane damage coverage…

  8. The U.S. federal budget deficit for fiscal year 2020 is $1.10 trillion. The deficit occurs because the U.S. government spending of $4.75 trillion is higher than its revenue of $3.65 trillion.  This is Trump's fault, not Obama's or Clinton's, just Trump's.

  9. The essence of the criminal mind is the confusion of evil with intelligence. The criminal believes intelligence is the ability to lie, cheat, and steal without remorse. The essence of religiosity is the confusion of intelligence with evil. Thus do preachers and preacher wannabes believe science and knowledge that contradict their religion is evil.

    What we have in Drump and his supporters is the alignment of the criminal with the religious.

  10. What a wonderful day for our veterans. You would never know it watching CNN. All they do is anti Trump. It's no wonder nobody is watching this network.


  12. Smoking cigarettes helps cancer to grow. Does this make the growth a good thing? There is more to life than money. The meek shall one day inherit the earth. You cannot argue against God.

  13. Only the members of the section8 hand out community have no idea the economy is the greatest anyone alive has ever seen. Their all just mad the cheap free cell phon from Odumbo wasn't a good trade for their jobs & homes forclosed on

  14. Hard times create strong men — ->Trump
    Strong men create good times – ->Reagan
    Good times create weak men –> Willy
    Weak men create hard times. –> Oblameya

  15. The job growth rate is marginal. Wage increase is marginal. The increase in debt is astronomical (from the party that claims fiscal responsibility). I can purchase vacations and luxuries on a credit. card. What is even worse with this is that you are partying on your children's credit card. A truly sad country.

  16. Ttump has done nothing involving housing or infrastructure. The county has been on autopilot for 3 years gliding off the mountain that Obama built up. Ttump talking to Putin and Kim for 3 years hasn't done anything for us. That's all he's done.

  17. Economy is not everything we are about. His polices are hurting LGBTQ people, military, WOMEN’s rights, allowing companies to dump toxins in our water, polluting our air, allowing drilling in areas we need to protect, tearing down trees in Alaska so his buddy can mine copper, isolating us from allies, defending dictators over allies, not listening to his security advisors, cutting funding to those who need it.

  18. Boy boy just retarded ppl born everyday they only moving too fla bcoz of no state taxes not to mention they coming from bak east as they say were housing is real expensive.. Hahaha suckas

  19. "If Trump wins then it would be my expectation of Hillary Clinton to offer a gracious concession speech and pledge to work with him in order to make sure that the American people benefit from an effective government. Barack Obama, October 18, 2016

    ooops! )))

  20. "The economy is booming" you know what else is booming? The growing deficit. Up by 26%. Check all facts before saying you're having the best economy ever.

  21. The reality is, Libotards do not want people to become successful.

    Because when they do, they typically become Republicans.

  22. No he isn't. We are and have still lost record manufacturing jobs overseas. Still even with tariffs. Also the tax cut shows no growth to our country after 1st year. 2 trillion dollars in debt and record profits for corporations.

  23. The economy ain't looking so good… Trump's biggest supporting demographic is uneducated white people…. as if it needed to be said…

  24. Are all trump supporters not as informed they are their leader? And PLEASE,Please make sure if you go on nation news know have your fact right.

  25. Trump has made our countries overall economy better. Although i dislike him, Im not going to be blind to that. I watched this video to see if people were still believing CNN’s lies, even after the hidden camera leaks, and im not surprised people still do. Loll I like how they put that “cycle” part in there haha. Acting like Trump is the only presidents on to ever say he’s fixed the economy.

    AND NO I don’t trust everything FOX says either.

  26. Incredible that house prices goes up on a landmass that will be almost 100% submerged in 200 to 300 years due to rising water level. there will regularly be severe flooding in most costal areas of Florida in just 50 to 60 years, and i am not talking those small flooding's we already see in increasing numbers!.


  28. This segment proves that CNN is not fake news. It leaned overall more towards being pro-Trump. But there was some balance from a democrat perspective.

  29. If this is fake news why are pro Trump supporters on fake news and if you go to the real news Fox fake news. Fox News is only Network that does not carry a different or opposite opinion of the president.

  30. Republicans claiming credit for healthy economy (even assuming the "booming" is right) is like a crocodile claiming credit for fish in the lake.

  31. Delusional people. Our economy is fake and based on the rich buying their own stocks with Trump's tax cuts and quantitative easing. The average people are getting nothing but less higher taxes out of it.

  32. “I’m proud of the direction the country is going.” – Typical low info voter emotional response

    “Boom and bust. Right place, right time? “ – High info voter nuanced and probing response

  33. Oh. Ok. They're idiots. They believe that Drumf actually has anything to do with the growing economy. They don't recognize that the economy has been growing for the last 11 years. That moron had nothing to do with it. In fact he's setting us up for a major economic recession.

  34. The rich are nuts for Tropical places , my Home Island of Vieques puerto rico is being overrun with rich beach crazy white people . this new generation of whites don.t have a problem being around brown people like their parents . land that was $ 2000 and acre 25 years ago is $ 200,000 today .Local young people can not even live here unless they build a house on their parents land . good thing we like living close , not like gringo families who hate each other.

  35. Why is it so difficult to understand this country is screwed up no matter which corrupt party is in control…. Trump vs Clinton ? what a choice !!!! Gary Johnson & Bill Weld , two outstanding former governors and moral gentlemen >>> 3 % of the 2016 election !!!! I have to say once again the American people got what they voted for ….. a lose / lose situation !!!!

  36. The hateful comments against our fellow citizens just for stating their opinions is sad. The 1st Amendment doesn't just protect the opinions you share. Thinking of our veterans…God bless them for fighting for and defending our right to disagree from the safety and comfort of our homes.

  37. She’s proud?? She has a very low bar in order to be proud of an ethically, morally, intellectually and emotionally bankrupt individual who’d sell out his grandmother for a dime. Like-minded soulless charlatans.

  38. If the American people find out your true intentions oh, they would be so pissed off at you people. It's not right oh, it's just not right. No if ands or buts it's not the right thing to do

  39. Just wait till trumps policy start hitting the middle class they won’t be so happy then well he will be out by then so they can blame it on someone else like they are blaming the economy Obama fixed on trump

  40. Naive people. As long as my world looks great who cares about anything else. They better wake up and look around at the real situation. America is changing alright and not in a good way. Florida is a very strange state. It's residents even stranger.

  41. she's telling the truth, president Trump has succeeded in bringing jobs, and prosperity back to America! That seems to trigger the shit out of demokkkrats!
    TRUMP 2020! 🇺🇸

  42. How much growth does a president need to be above the law? Crime is OK, as long as something good comes from it? Seriously, what is wrong with people.

  43. i'm in shock, this is the 1ST time in months I've seen cnn practice unbiased journalism. could it be because their ratings are in the toilet and americans have seen through their unrelenting bull shit. i think it's too little too late cnn, no one believes you anymore.

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