[Music]. Federal financial aid regulations
require the confirmation of student participation in order for
students to receive federal aid. In order to meet these
regulations LSU Financial aid and Scholarships must be able
to verify participation in all college courses at two
specific points during the term. The census date, which is the last day for
students to add courses or change sections and
the last day of the course. As an instructor you are responsible for
assigning academic activities that students must complete
by both of these dates. LSU Online tracks this academic
engagement using a Moodle generated report that is viewed by Financial aid and
Scholarships after the census date. LSU Online instructors are responsible for creating a graded academic activity
that is due by the census date; indicating the activity by adding AEA,
which stands for academic engagement activity to the
activity’s title; applying the setting for the activity in Moodle; and enabling
activity completion settings in Moodle. The academic engagement activity can be in
the form of a quiz, a discussion forum, or another academic assignment that
engages students with the course content. However, introductory icebreaker
activities, office hour appointments, or activities like syllabus quizzes cannot be
used in place of an academic engagement activity as they do not
satisfy these requirements. When adding this activity to your course,
ensure that the completion criteria and due dates are set in the activity’s Moodle
settings prior to the 1st day of the term. To do this start by clicking the edit
button under the activity name. Look through the activity settings
on the right side of the page until you see timing or
availability settings. You will need to enable the date settings
by selecting the enable checkbox before you will be able to enter the date. To enter the due date, you can
either select the calendar icon and choose the day from the calendar view or you can use the day month year drop
menus to set the date manually. You can then use the drop
menus to set the time. Note that Moodle uses
the 24 hour clock format. The location of the availability and due date settings will
vary by the activity type. To add completion criteria look through
the activity settings on the right side of the page until you see
activity completion. Select the completion criteria
that best fit the activity or use those described in the Moodle
template instructions. However, we advise against only using
the “student must view this activity to complete” criterion as it does not meet
academic engagement activity requirements. If you are using a forum as
the academic engagement activity you will also need to set
the expected completion date. To do this scroll to the bottom of
the activity completion options. Click the box beside enable,
and enter the census date. You can find this date on
the official academic calendar listed as the last day to add courses for
credit or change sections. You can find the academic calendar
at the LSU Online website or on the Office of
the University Registrar’s page. Once you return to the module,
check to make sure the correct date appears under the activity
name before continuing. You should also convey the expectations
for this activity in the syllabus, a course announcement, and in the
instructional language for the activity so that students are aware of
the firm deadline in advance. Although students are required to complete
this activity by the term census date, instructors do not have to have
the activity graded by this day. In addition to this activity, students must also complete an academic
engagement activity that is due on the last day of the term meaning that they
must complete the activity by that date. This is to confirm participation for
the entire course duration. Examples of this activity include
the completion of the course final exam, final project, or reflection activity. When planning your course activities and due dates, remember to include
these in your overall course plan. When you choose what kind of activities
these will be consider how long students will have to complete them and
what other work will be due at that time. This concludes the financial
aid reporting: academic engagement requirement video. For more information on setting
activity completion criteria or enabling due dates in
Moodle visit grok.lsu.edu. If you have any other Moodle or
technology related questions or would like assistance, please contact the
Faculty Technology Center at 225-578-3375, option 2 or [email protected]

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