Hi guys welcome back to my channel And welcome back for another reviews And like what you see in the tittle I will show you The products that helps me To grow my hair fast Like what you see in this picture So if you want to know just keep on watching So guys i know My hair is not that super healthy To do this kind of review But i will focus On how it grew fast Or how stop the hair fall Because i know my hair is not that soft But i know it change a lot for good Since i used these products Just a little information, Why i used these products Just a few months ago i suffered from severe hair fall I will show the picture So im so stress that time Maybe because from very long hair I suddenly cut it very short that cause my hair breaks down And severe hair fall So what i did is , i searched some products That will help me to grew it back And so i found this product And this is the aloe grow shampoo Hair grower, i bought this on online Even here in taiwan , they have this product And also this Andrea hair growth Essence So i will show on how to used these two products, so watch this You need this cup for measurements Because we need to follow The ratio on the instructions It says that in every 100ml shampoo You just need a 3 mL of andrea hair growth easence And since i will used a 300ml shampoo I will need to a 9mL andrea hair growth So thats it, after you mixed them together You just need to shake it And then if you used this , you can leave it Atleast 5 to 10 minutes , So that it will be more effective Disclaimer, all the products i used in this video is also i just watch online I just searched it And before i discover that andrea hair growth I already used two bottles of aloe grow shampoo But i i feel that it also helps to boost the effect To grew my hair fast So i taked a before and after video That is 1 month gap And i will show you So thats it, actually You dont really notice quickly if its already long that much Cause its just 1 month gap But you will notice That it makes your hair thicker , specially on this side, You will really notice on your own , after 1month of using Promise, its true So that i can say this is really effective And guys, it takes 1month And more for me to used that 1 bottle Of aloe grow beacause I dont wash my hair everyday So i dont uses shampoo everyday I washed my hair alternate, Every other day I just need to used shampoo Beacause of this review, but before i dont really used shampoo often Yes, i dont wash my hair everyday They say it will make your hair healthy Beacuse of natural oil from the scalp, but never mind. *Just hard to explain🤣 Theyre always asking why i dint wash my hair Everyday but I just dont mind them But it works for me To reduce hair falls But its your own descicion , if you want folllow that routine too Then thats not the only products i used Not just that aleoe grow and andrea I also take Tablet, its called biotin This is the picture I bought it online too, it says that Its is hair skin and nais vitamins But it effects more on hair vitamins I jusy also watch that on other youtuber So i tried it, i have 100 tablets in 1bottle And you just take 1 tablet a day You need to take the tablet without meal Like 2hours before or after meals So it will be more effective And also this collagen powder I dont know how many bottles i already take this I just start taking this on july this year When i feel the hair loss So i just drink it evreyday Its a powder so what i do is I mix it to my coffee Its good beacuse it will dissolve quickly And it will not affect the taste of yor coffee And this collagen is also A hair , skin and nails vitamins And thats all the product i used Maybe thats why my hair becomes really thick than before Its really effective So thats all, if you really want to know if its effective Try it to yourself Just make it continous, So it will be more effective

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  2. Nice vlog sis Naka try na dn ako ng Andrea. Pero sa tingin ko mas effective yung aloe vera talaga. Siguro hiyangan lng talaga.

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  4. Ang ganda ng mga products nyo po thank you for sharing your tips keep it up dito na pala ako naibigay kuna regalo ko at nayakap narin kita pabalik nlng po ng sukli salamt

  5. Ate jai? Effective po ba talaga yung andrea? Ang bagal kase humaba ng hair ko ee๐Ÿ˜ŒLast year pa ko short hair humaba naman na unti pero ang tagal talaga.

  6. Helow sis, effective ba tlga yan? Nipis na Kasi tlga hair ko, sobra naglalagas mula dito aq middle east.. MA try kunga Kung effect ba?

  7. Hi mam good morning saan ka po nakabili nang natrol biotin? At collagen at Andrea? Sinong mga seller po? Plss po salamat po. ๐Ÿ˜Š๐Ÿ˜Š๐Ÿ˜˜

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