COMM: The Lawrence family took downsizing to the extreme when money became tight. They
swapped their four-bedroom home for a canal boat. Duncan: The things I love most about living on the boat is the scenery, moving around
to different areas, the boating community is a very friendly community, and it’s a lot
more of an outdoor life. COMM: Not only has it improved their quality of life – it’s saved them thousands of pounds
a year. The family ditched their home for the 65ft barge on the canals of Stratford
Upon Aven earlier this year. COMM: And they’re already noticing a difference with the bills. Duncan: The total costs when we were living in the house was around about fourteen hundred
pounds a month, now that we live on the boat out costs are only about three hundred and
fifty pounds a month. COMM: It’s meant that Duncan has been able to give up his job as a lorry driver to spend
more time with the family. Duncan: I was getting up very early in the morning and coming home quite late at night.
This way, we see each other a lot more and got the better quality of life. COMM: Now he plays house husband, while Debra works part time at a cafe. Duncan: I fill up the boat with water and diesel, keep the boat clean and tidy, look
after the children, cook their dinners and everything while my wife is at work. COMM: But it’s not only Duncan who has benefited from the move. Debra: The kids have adapted really well, they enjoy living on the boat, and they enjoy
the wildlife, it’s really nice for them. Jake: The best thing about living on the boat is you can feed the ducks whenever they come
by and you’re always on the water, and you can move around. COMM: Despite all the advantages, Duncan and Debra admit that it hasn’t all been plain
sailing. Debra: There’s a lot of people who really appreciate their home comforts. It is quite
limited on a boat and it can get quite cold, and sometimes you don’t have enough hot water,
so I don’t think it is for everybody. COMM: They’ve also swapped their two cars for one, and ditched clothes as well as furniture
to fit into a smaller space. Debra: “Bit cramped it here” Debra: When we left the house we had four double bedrooms of stuff to sort out, there
wasn’t anything really that was hard to part with because my most precious possessions,
my children and my husband, came with me. COMM: Despite all the hard work the family admit that they’re hooked. Duncan: I’ve got no regrets at all, I love the life that we’ve picked now.

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