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65 thoughts on “Fact-checking Trump’s Economy Claims In State Of The Union Address | NBC News”

  1. Regardless of party, that was an amazing speech the President gave. There are idiots on both sides of the aisle, but unless democrats can get their act together, that man has my vote.

  2. Before 2016, every business started returning back to home already.
    President Obama never ever bragged those issues.why? he was president.
    Any sitting president of every country must rescue and protect own country
    That is a sitting president responsibilities and duties.
    Any president should save the own country.
    What a sick person he is!!

  3. 2 minute long video of fact checks? Yes I expected a disaster clip but didnt expect them to heap praise and only check 1 fact…. 🤣

  4. Fact Check: New Trade Deals with China, Mexico, Canada and removing regulations to get off foreign oil did not help the economy?

  5. Man there's gotta be other ways of fixing the economy other than putting sanctions on China. They basically make everything for us to have. I'm just hoping the sanctions are lifted by a new president and the economy stays on an upward trend. Chinese are not dumb. They smarter than us Americans. They have a much better education system as well.

  6. You're gunna have to explain what "economic policies" Obama enacted that Trump built upon if you are going to make that claim.

  7. The bulk of the jobs created are service industry positions NOT well paying employment. And yes unemployment is down as 40% of Americans work for minimum wage and as a result need 2-3 jobs just to survive. Likewise, the stock market is up as corporations are constantly doing stock buybacks to artificially increase stock prices. And you have the Fed NOT increasing loan rates which SHOULD have been done 3 years ago, instead they keep decreasing to please the Republican party. Coming very soon we are going to have multiple crashes people. SO head's up. And yes, the Republican will blame the Democrats even though it was their wealth and corporate tax cuts and refusal to cut back spending that birthed this abomination.

  8. The Dems minds and souls are rotting from their extreme hatred of our Great Proud and Proper President Trump. Evil certainly rules their mindless and souless bodies.

  9. Nobody respects USA at international arenas any more, thanks to Trump. Fact.
    American Healthcare is a disaster. Fact.
    There are more homeless people in USA than ever before. Fact.
    USA is less secure than before, especially when it comes to the security and safety of US troops abroad. Fact.
    If you gonna do fact check vid, do it properly. Morons.

  10. Another Democrat who thinks Obama actually had a positive impact on anything. The economy was at it's worst with a Democrat controlled House and Senate. It didn't start to turn around until 2010, when Republicans won a massive victory. The primary reason markets did well under Obama, is because his FED chair dropped rates to near zero for 8 years and he was printing 85 BILLION dollars a month for years. Obama created more debt than ALL other presidents combined.

  11. Majority of these jobs in the economy are literally minimum wage workers in factories with one role tasks. Having a job is great but who wants to see buttons on Jean's as a career. America was a tech nation under obama

  12. Fact Check This and Report on it "PLEASE"
    Booming. economy going bust in Georgia(Chattooga County where I live)

    Chattooga County’s unemployment rate in November was 3.3%; the new unemployment rate for the county is 12.2% – the highest rate the county has seen in quite some time.

    While other surrounding counties saw an increase in their unemployment rates for the month of December – none were as dramatic as the increase in Chattooga County. Chattooga County is the only county in the state with double-digit unemployment rates.

  13. You would think the left would tone the gate down. You would think they would stop digging themself in a hole.
    They just keep the Trump hate full steam ahead.

    Dems are getting blasted by Trump at every turn.

    I don’t much care for him myself. But the Trump hate has gotten old.

  14. Trump supporters are stupid. Rather than fact checking for themselves, they take Trumps words at face value. Instead of arguing with videos, fact check your Lord and Savior Trump yourself. He's a fraud. I'm not a republican but Lincoln was. Stop lowering your bar to a lunatic. He shouldn't represent your whole party and stop supporting his nonsense. He lied about homeruns he hit as a kid. Lied to Forbes about his net to get on the list in the 80s by even impersonating a fake person and he's admitted to it then lied again after admitting to it. He's just bad news. You are a moron if you think otherwise. Google everything he says. It's all out there.

  15. Does the public school system teach trade level skills? Then there is no come back. We are entering into a has been America. And if the MAGA hatters call that great. Learn to play golf.

  16. It wasn't that Obama failed. He just never had bi partisan support. And still the Republicans say they want bi partisan support but in truth they refuse the work together with the democrats. Although it really doesn't matter what the democrats do. All the money and power lies in the Republicans hands. I just hope Trump's and McConnell's heart will soften and have mercy on us.

  17. fact checking for the demonrats in the media is debunking the truth so Trump doesn't shine so bright. I don't remember them fact checking Obama.

  18. Attention socialist leftist radical dems and all u dinky little fake news Bolsheviks: u radicals have 273 more nightmares n Pres Trump's 1st term. Then whammmmm—-4 MORE YEARS OF NIGHTMARES FOR U CREEPS….LOLOLOLOL

  19. Yep trump should have been more careful with how he phrased that, but if that is the only thing they can find fault with then that was a pretty good speech

  20. Fact checking in 1:51 minutes?
    Why not break down jobs number into number of full time vs part time,type of employment created tech/service/construction/government so on & so on then dollar amount of how many jobs pay 20k/50k/150k. Then you will know instead of one side saying this and one saying that.

  21. We were in a recession during the Obama administration. The Republicans hate to acknowledge that. Trump is benefiting from the footwork from the Obama administration. He is not smart enough to keep the country solid.

  22. Did you know the US is currently nearly $220 trillion dollars in real debt? According to reports… That isn't secure! Globally speaking…

    @scoldsore On Twitter
    Current Location : Miami, FL

  23. Dems and the fake news just can’t stop looking for excuses… sickening and it’s all going to come to an end this November when democrats get replaced by republicans in every election except for the brain dead states

  24. ONLY A FOOL WILL BELIEVE THESE Media LAIRS OF WHAT WE'RE SEEING FOR OURSELVES. There is more money to go around because of Trumps economy.

  25. It’s interesting to the lengths they’re going to place doubt on this president and his accomplishments, obviously shows they’re very scared it shows they know he’s going to win again in 2020

  26. in this country is much worse than 2008. you have all these stores closing down such as, sears, kmart, jcpenny, macys, small busineses, clinics, restaurants, factories etc. everywhere you look, empty buldings, for lease, bankrupties, homeless, etc.

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