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22 thoughts on “Fact Check: Biden’s Role In President Donald Trump’s Ukraine Controversy | NBC News Now”

  1. Fact checking if someone was a first hand witness and literally avoiding the question to tell me why it doesn’t matter that they were not is not fact based reporting. The rest of these “fact checks” are the same. Avoiding the fact check and explaining why it doesn’t matter.

  2. So rumors are more factual than facts. The MSM is so pathetic. Biden is the only corrupt politician, the emails prove that. If he's so pure why not question him and hunter?

  3. Taylor literally said "my understanding is only coming from people I talk to" … meaning Taylor is flat out saying he has NO first hand knowledge of any wrong doing.

  4. Joe Biden having Viktor Shokin fired isn't a belief, he admitted doing so; it's a fact. Viktor Shokin's investigation of Burisma isn't a faith-based proposition; it's a fact. There, I separated the fact from the fiction for you in two sentences, free of charge.

  5. JFK said " there is a plot to enslave every man woman and child and before I leave this high and might office I intend to expose it" one week later he was murdered!

  6. Taylor heard from someone who heard from someone that something bad might have happened.
    Very credible witness that he heard some gossip.

  7. Tell us more about how sandy hook victims are able to sue a gun company and why Democrat’s want to destroy the second amendment. Couldn’t help but notice that no mainstream media is talking about Remington. It’s like a car company being sued for making a commercial for advertising the car doing a doughnut

  8. Wow, 4 to 5 more democrats getting ready to run for President, huh???? I didn't here it from them, but a friend of mine told me they over heard somebody's phone call in which someone else was watching it on tv, LOL!!!!!

  9. Fake news wanted him to run for president

  10. #METOO ?????
    60Minutes Australia did a powerful episode on Ebstein, https://youtu.be/VQOOxOl9l80

    Sad we need the Australians to actually report on this.

  11. America the fact is your president is a racist lunatic when will you realise that. That’s the biggest question. Why are these idiots defending trump? Because they are just has corrupt has trump that’s gotta be the reason cause I cannot think of another one

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