Manjiri Pujari: My name is Manjiri Punjari and I’m the sector manager for hospitality
and travel and tourism. In my role as a sector manager I look after the existing qualifications
and also develop new ones based on industry requirements. I work with various stakeholders
such as colleges, schools, private training providers, employers and professional bodies.
I began my career working in the hospitality industry as a chef. I’ve worked with several
international brands such as Mandarin Oriental, Expedia and Marriott. [Exciting opportunities
to work in interesting locations across the globe]. I’m very passionate about the hospitality
and travel and tourism sector, as it provides individuals with exciting opportunities to
work in the most interesting locations across the globe. You could choose a number of roles
to work in this particular industry depending on your area of interest. [Hospitality specialisms].
For instance you could train to be a chef; work at the reception and front office; manage
reservations and rooms division or look after cleanliness of rooms and public areas as part
of housekeeping. You could also work behind the bar or specialise in wines to become a
sommelier. The events and conferences is a popular route, too, as it involves organising
weddings, food festivals, music festivals and corporate meetings. Apart from the different
roles you have the opportunity to consider different types of businesses which operate
in this sector. For example you could choose to work in a hotel, a caf�, a Michelin star
restaurant and quick-service restaurants like SUBWAY or McDonald’s. You could also consider
contract catering; flight catering; cruises; airlines; armed forces and theme parks. To
help you follow your dreams of working in the hospitality industry, Pearson offers a
variety of routes such as we take in apprenticeships. Choosing a BTEC qualification will help you
to gain required skills and knowledge which are especially useful if you would like to
find out more about working in the industry and choosing a role which is right for you.
BTEC qualifications offer an overview of working in the industry and also allow you to understand
what it is like to work in different roles. They help you to develop transferable skills,
useful to work in other sectors in the future should you wish to do so. BTEC qualifications
are offered from entry Level 1 to Levels 4 and 5. So you could progress your career by
studying the relevant qualifications. In general Level 2 qualifications are for entry roles,
Level 3 for supervisory and Levels 4 and 5 for middle management. If you’re already working
in the industry or have a clear idea about which role you would choose and prefer learning
on the job, then you could consider the apprenticeship route, which helps you to gain skills, knowledge
and experience in the workplace. Apprenticeships start at Level 2 and go up to Levels 6 and
7, which are higher apprenticeships. For example you could start at Level 2 as the hospitality
team member, progress to Level 3 as the hospitality supervisor and to Level 4 as a hospitality
manager. [Music]

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