The International Monetary Fund is kind of
sounding the alarm bells right now because they have had to, once again adjust their
economic growth forecasts downward because they see the global economy shrinking and
retracting right now and they’ve laid out several issues where they, that they say these
are partly responsible, you know, some part for each of them for this global economic
slowdown, and two are the things that they have pinpointed are one, obviously the government
shut down here in the United States having huge economic consequences for us, which then
spreads throughout the globe, but the second and probably more important than just the
shutdown are donald Trump’s trade wars, his trade war, specifically. Those with China are creating a global tension
right now according to the IMF that is causing a retraction in economic activity, not just
in the US, not just in China, but all over the world. You know, something as seemingly simple as
Trump. Putting tariffs on Chinese goods has impacts
all around the globe and they’re not good impacts, right? This isn’t helping anybody. It’s not helping us here in the US because
we’re the ones who those costs are passed along to and we ended up having to pay it. Why? Because there are plenty of goods that come
from China that were either unable to produce in the United States at least in the mass
quantities that we need to purchase them or to. We simply don’t have the operations here that
are producing those, so even when he slaps them with tariffs and then they pass those
prices onto us in the form of price increases to make up for it, we still have to pay them
so we lose even more money. I never doubt that the citizens of the United
States are the ones who are paying for this trade war. Couple that with the government shutdown in
the reduced spending power of 800,000 people and the businesses who depended upon them
and the ripple effects continue. China right now is experiencing their own
economic slow down. That is not completely related to the trade
wars. Part of it is, but a lot of it just has to
do with the fact that their economy right now is shrinking. Also have to factor in what’s happening with
brexit right now. The will they won’t they, their governments
in shambles as well kind of situation and overall we’re creating an economy across the
globe that is poised for economic collapse or at the very least, that is what the experts,
the people who do this for living, are trying to warn us about the horrid policies in the
UK. The shrinking Chinese economy and the horrendous
policies coming from Donald Trump himself are having global impacts that are going to
affect each and every citizen of planet earth.

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100 thoughts on “Experts Fear Global Recession As Trump’s Policies Tank Economy”

  1. Time to put the millstone the around Republicans. So when they start with we have a better answer…All one needs to do is point to what Idiot of the United States ( IOTUS) has done.

  2. Chuck and Nancy should propose a Wall Tax to be levied on the top ten percent, focused on those that got the biggest trump tax cut.
    Propose to give Baby Donnie his 5 Billion if it has a Wall Tax. He can tell the rich they will get it back from Mexico. The tax should be big enough to offset the recent tax cuts and pay for an infrastructure bill.

  3. They’re Republican economic policies, not trump economic policies. Put the blame where it truly belongs instead of lashing out at a superficial figurehead.

  4. He's still trying to destroy Mr. President Obama legacy, he knows he inherit an Obama economy, he thinks he can destroy it, then rebuild it again as a dump economy !!

  5. Americans choose the Trumpanse. Now that he is burning down the world i hope they are happy they voted for this Bastard when said fire consumes them all.

  6. IMF are pieces of shit. They are the for-profit organization that pretends to be the economic heroes of many countries.

  7. Always inevitable. Kicking the can down the road with tax cuts with both increase the scale, and remove an arrow from the quiver.

  8. It's already too late. But when Putin comes out and says that the world should disregard America (after he burns and dumps Trump) don't forget the about of effort he made to subvert American democracy in the first place. Sic semper tyrannis.

  9. I think there might be one country that is benefiting from the Trade Wars. I think there is something in the News about a deal for China to buy some of their oil.

  10. We are finally putting tariffs on other countries equal to the ones they've been imposing on the USA.
    Free trade is the end game .

  11. Whatever you think of him, Trump will put his mark on the world for many years after he's gone. People won't forget him for a long, long time.

  12. Trump is here to ensure Americans get blamed for the impending global financial collapse and ever growing WW3. Blame is very important to his handlers who ever they are. Blame will help them build what comes AFTER America.

  13. THE HOSE RING AND PLIERS. global recession expert Farron barely got his food handling license. SHHH dont MASTER. LOL

  14. THE HOSE RING AND PLIERS. global recession expert Farron barely got his food handling license. SHHH dont MASTER. LOL

  15. I recall election night, when we got this humanoid.
    MAGA people sneered and jeered and almost choked on shadenfreude
    Now we have a leader we'd be better off to overthrow.
    Any Trumptards listening? We goddamn fucking told you so!

  16. This is the kind of bullshit with "ring of fire" should be outlawed. !
    Listen close , this guy is blaming our good economy for hurting the world economy ! FAKE FAKE FAKE

  17. Nah mate, got to correct you. Your government is in shambles ours is open for business and no one is missing paychecks or working for free. I'll take uncertainty over completely fucked any day.

  18. Vlad wants the US Dollar to fail, he wants the world to dump the US and turn to the "strongest" country left, the good old Soviet…er Russia.

  19. And Trump still doesn't care. The global economy shook pretty hard during the Obama administration shutdown. Trade wars and the partial shutdown is a recipe for global economic collapse.

  20. If that happends , I hope a judge orders him to pay back every single dollars he have .. He need to pay back all his billions !! ..

  21. Trump is running the US to the ground. There seems to be no end in sight. The White House has been exposed as a disfunctional, embarrassment. SMH

  22. Economic collapse: But I'm doing a good job, I have a chart that says so.  I know cause I ordered my aid to make it to make me look good.

  23. one man yellow vest🤔 maybe ? do his supporters think so? hijacking the process (goverment shutdown ) to preemptively call for marshal law?

  24. The governments know how stupid the president is and this is no brainer that this country is doom with politics. Its a game of chess and amount of time that the government in the shadows about the states is going to push a darker agenda. Too many people stuck on race and foolishness to see what even worst to come.

  25. It does not take an economic genius to know the shrinking Chinese economy is being largely affected due to shrinking American consumerism. Diminished buying/consuming, stagnate wages and Americans working literally without pay can only lead to further negatively impact and hasten this Countries inevitable deep economic collapse. The old adage say's health, wealth and happiness, it is stated in this particular order for a reason. America/Americans are being denied these things in this particular order for a reason.

  26. Not only has he bankrupted nearly every company he has run now it looking like he is going to bankrupt the world, bigly winning, what a total dick.

  27. dont worry about america's economic overlords.
    during the great depression the fords, vanderbilts, rockefellers, and carneges, etc earned over a million dollars of profit every day.

  28. Every trump supporter I know thinks china is paying the tariff/taxes, and when you try to explain 'tariffs 101' they get mad and belligerent.

  29. trump is putin puppet.
    Therefore; he's doing what putin told him to do.
    Get that high risk to the USA racist putin puppet out the white house….with racist pissy pence and racist bitch mcconnell.
    They are putting kids life in danger.
    Mueller, get those bombs out the white house now now now.

  30. Cuz of his "trade war" i cant get my living wage in canada fuck u to any American that has voted for this pos

  31. And WHO is doing all this.
    CONSERVATIVES ! Australia has the same problems , we could have been putting in solar and wind farms for the last ten years or more BUT the CONSERVATIVES have fought against it .
    So no jobs in the rural areas .
    NO second income for farmers that are shooting their own cattle because they cant afford to feed them in drought.
    Then they shoot their family and put the gun in their own mouth.
    We have over crowded city's because of the lack of opportunity in the rural areas and the CONSERVATIVES screwed up the plan to put FIBRE INTERNET right across the country .
    This again would have created jobs and got people to STAY in rural ares or even move there.
    Wake the fuck up people vote these fuckers out.

  32. It's funny how right wingers think they know how the economy works but their party always screws it up. Bush and Trump is like Dumb and Dumber.

  33. This man trump is being allowed to destroy the US & World Economies and no one does anything about it, the senate is blind to what occurred in the House in the Midterms, they will pay the price in 2020.

  34. Trump is a piss poor excuse for a human. Needs removed along with pence just like how the Muslim Brotherhood was removed in Egypt.

  35. The world is watching 👀 👀 👀 and it past time now to send in WH security guards & DoJ and drag his sorry carcass out in chains. Never mind the twisted legals . . Do it for the morals! 🙄😏🙄😏

  36. I still remember u and your supporters attacking Democrat Al Green for Bringing Impeachment Articles to the Floor.So White Liberal Logic is ,If it's a White Guy breaking the Law well let him stay in Office ,and Enrich himself while we Laugh ,make jokes and show fake Outrage.
    U Mfers are Pathetic.

  37. Cheating graduate of Wharton School of Business bankrupts him own business multiple times. Then make him president, and he bankrupts the country, and bankrupts the world. Where’s daddy Trump to bail Donald out? As McCoy would say, “he’s dead Jim, dead”.

  38. Well, technically, what little donny and his dimwits are doing isn't treason (you have to be in a declared state of war w/whatever country at the time of the high crimes); it most certainly is conspiracy and sedition, which is the domestic version of said criminal activities.
     How, and by what twisted logic, does shutting down the government, solve problems related to governing? It not only does not solve any problems, it creates problems where none existed before. They are paid by our taxes to be employed by our government to perform the duties of their office, not to close down the operations of the very government they're being paid to WORK for. It's an abrogation of their fiduciary oaths and their responsibility to perform under their contracts with the government. Either open the government, or stop taking our taxes for no services rendered!
    Little digits donny is certainly running the government like his businesses: don't take anyone's advice, don't pay the workers, and bankrupt the company, and of course, go borrow money from daddy (vladdy?)….. again.

  39. Meanwhile the rich wont feel the recession at all. The only thing that trickles down is shit… And repulican supporters just open their mouths and swallow as much as they can. Its baffling to watch

  40. Wait you're telling me Republican policies are negatively affecting the world and of course the people on it. LMAO no way that's so shocking. I have to go make sure water is still wet.

  41. As someone once told me, "It only takes one idiot to screw up the world…", and right now the biggest one has a power that he has the least amount of respect for as well as the wisdom to use it properly.

  42. The trade war is a sneaky tax. US citizens pay the tariffs to the US federal government.
    The president has no training in economics and he is too proud to get help from those who do.

  43. Consider the possibility Putin asked Trump to destroy the economy. He is doing it by:
    tax holiday for the wealthy
    trade war
    government shutdown

  44. Wonder how Donnie feels when he's eating something and the 800,000 are having to go to food banks and that .He's living it up everybody else is hurting even the children .Only imagine his own son what would happen if he had to lose a meal or something
    All the bs is real he's still in the white house causing problems who knows what kind if messes the toddler is doing
    If he is being investigated why is he still active thought he couldn't be
    Guess that changed too

  45. Story sounds familiar: dumbass inherits good economy and pisses it away with his dumb ideas. Substitute economy for Fred Trump's fortune and you have the prequel to the telenovela villian story arc we're living through.

  46. Crazy to think that the World is now rapidly thinking of stop trading our currency, and use the EU, or English Pound, all because of Trump turning his back against our allies!! That leaving our Dollar Value to a steep decline, inflations, major recession on the brink, and Trump said he wont be here to clean it up?? We Elected a Disaster to Lead our Country into Eternal Havoc!!!

  47. Dow just tanked AGAIN yesterday after Trump cancelled a meeting with Chinese economic representatives. Never mind the world, his policies aren't even good for America…

  48. Donald Trump told people he was going to run the country like he runs his businesses. And he is ,straight into the ground, and worms like Mitch McConnell are sitting around hiding behind his unpaid secret service agents hoping he doesn't get caught slipping!!

  49. Only thing I'm going to have to pay extra for is if I get my motorcycle fixed and I need parts for my vehicle or something for my house otherwise I'm not buying a damn thing that these Trump ass f u c k s say that we need and all these commercials telling me to get up and go by this and by that and will you need this we got a deal for you buddy screwed as crap all of us people in this country if we do not need it we should not buy it and watch the global economy go falling into the tsunami that's going to come across us all stop buying crap we can make anything here and we can make it better but the rich bastards like Trump in the greedy Rich slime f u c k s that think they own this globe do not want us to own a new car or to be able to sell our home and make a profit God forbid the little man make a profit off of something that he's been paying for his whole life this crap is started back in the fifties and the sixties with his global economy crap and the rich people moving the hell out of here people living in grass huts warehousing workers slave sweatshops and we buy all of these stupid ass things people just need to live in their homes go to the store if they need something and that's it stop looking around at everything that they move around here and they move it there to keep you in the store longer and set it in front of your face when you walk in they've got it down to a science folks stop spending your little tiny bit of money eat sleep go to work love your family

  50. We Aussies will be just fine. We are almost untouchable in global financial crises. We didn't even notice the last one. I feel bad for everyone else though. You gotta get rid of Trump america, he is dragging you down to placed you deffo do not want to be.

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