Hello its Ricardo and welcome back to elite dangerous now he’s not chapter three related at all whatsoever more so all about the gnosis and its epic voyage now a you tired of the bubble do you want to explore the galaxy relatively easily then this next flight of the gnosis might be for you Canon they’re gonna head on down to the cone sector fnj be 9-0 the Eagle Eye Network has actually revealed three targets of interest the wheel lock ring in the surveyor system and Stafford terminal in the Fletch system the third target of interest is the gnosis and where the gnosis was going to be headed I wasn’t going to come down and do it I thought well it’s a month away from the bubble something might happen I might miss out but everything’s gonna be there when I get back let’s face it and you know how often do you get the chance to get down there and discover new worlds now rumor has it there is a heightened thyroid threat in that area with many people believing it’s going to be the source of all the Hydra thyroid interceptor activity which is the new interceptor that’s been introduced with the latest release so the gnosis does have quite a good outfitting Department but it might be worthwhile in your inventory stocking up on some ax weapons a scanner a field neutralizer and getting a pretty good equip ship I mean I’ve gone totally for exploration and I got the Aspen inquisitive badger I can zip around in that and I got materials that can do a frame shift boost quite to quite some distance except to about 48 light years anyway on range which it’s not brilliant I know they’re people who’ve got more but it does for me there’s a huge amount apparently of commanders on board some are saying here I’m going to do it summer saying I’m not – and a lot of people are looking at exploration from what I can gather from the forum and other sources people who have commented on the channel now the gnosis is due to leave on the 6th of September so if you’re going to get down there you’ve got a couple of days and then it’s gonna be off ski you can’t bring any ships with you you can’t transfer any ships to the gnosis okay so whatever you fly down here and whatever you dock is completely up to you now I’ve got bigger ships I’ve got more powerful ships but I’m very comfortable in the ASP Explorer and as a result of that that’s why I’ve brought this one and of course it’s got a fantastic range on now it may be worthwhile checking out some of the other areas that were mentioned in the communication okay I mean where we got we got Stafford terminal in the Fletch system that could be a target we all lock ring in a survivor sigh VJ zombie jazz system I’m gonna saves a VJ that’s what we’re gonna go with in that system and you know what it’s gonna be a break from the bubble right and and everyone banging on about colonia so I’m gonna head on down there see what happens and I’m gonna do a series exploring the comb sector as long as I possibly can and see where that takes me now amia on the gnosis and we’re going to take a look at some of the facilities that are on board now like I mentioned there is outfitting it’s pretty good you know it’s better than some stations primarily because a long trip 48 jumped to get down here from my my last position at where the Guardian sites were I’m gonna sell all that cartographic data now it’s a high-tech station effectively so you are gonna get some high-tech commodities but it’s not all about the commodities on this game not not on this mission it’s about flying exploration and coming back with some data now hopefully I’m gonna say hopefully I hope that frontier developments of societies that listen to the community this is if they haven’t redone so an excellent opportunity to put something in the game for players who are willing to take a risk not announce anything and just say hey you took the risk to come out of that game for a month and travel down to the Ascend and nowhere into the cone sector you might find something a little bit special as it’s all permit locked around this area it is an ideal opportunity to start showing perhaps a thyroid base an active thyroid base their base of operations I don’t know but permit locked all the way around it this this I say is an ideal opportunity so all the hard points you can bring with you the standard fare you know that they’ve got there it’s pretty well appointed like I said I’m not going to go through all the ins and outs of what you can get within the store because that’s just boring I’d rather talk about you know who’s gonna come down yeah let’s do a vote now you’ll see the voting button top right hand side of the screen by the Ricardo logo do you think it’s a good opportunity for exploration you know yes I mean no I’m not do you think this is just hype or you know the play is just trying to make the best of a situation within the game vote now so without the way we are trying candor popular opinion for all those of you watching their videos what should you bring with you well like I said I’m gonna bring a Z no scanner I’m gonna bring a shield neutralizer couple of ax weapons interdictor heatsink launcher and some stuff I’m gonna transfer it’s not gonna take a couple of thousand credits nothing too heavy you know I mean I did a quite a few trade runs before coming down here so I’m okay with many you know I shouldn’t have gone and bought that crusader in all honesty I shouldn’t have bought that but anyway there you go it I did and as a result of about a hundred thousand credits lighter but you know I’m not so bad I did a rate it I don’t really know why I a rated it but that’s the subject of a different video it really is so the comb sector and all the rest of it then what’s all that about where is it and where I’m at where am I now in in conjunction to the bubble well I’m right the way down the bottom down by Bernards on that sort of level parallel and there is as a result of that it took me a huge amount of jumps to get down you to me about an hour with the jet range in the ship now let’s take a look at the galaxy map so there I am and that’s where I am in conjunction to the the bubble at the moment as you can see I haven’t really ventured too far down here I’ve been being down to that nebula and that’s where I’m going we’re going to the cone sector which is 400 odd light-years away so only a small jump really but it gets past all those permit lock sectors so interesting to hear your thoughts on whether you think this is worthwhile or not whether you’re gonna watch the videos of people and what people find out there or whether you think it’s just gonna be an awful lot of people discovering new planets and getting their names in the game it’s a mixed bag for me I really don’t know what to expect anyway but anyway might be Ricardo and this has been the prelude to the flight of the gnosis and what we’re gonna find down in the cone sector thank you very much for watching like and subscribe if you haven’t done so check out for more videos in this series as we explore the unknown and all the rest of it see you soon and fly safe you

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