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21 thoughts on “Educate The Chaos || Regulation Before Relaxation || IRENE LYON”

  1. My entire life I've suffered from one trauma after another – without reprieve – I am 58 – and yes, riddled to the brim with medical issues now. I want to save my own life – help. How can I work with you?

  2. Another excellent video Irene! I just signed up for the free three part series as you mention below. But since the next twelve part series isn't until the fall, the best thing to do is the 21 day program? I've joined the Facebook group which is awesome! Thank you!!!

  3. Thank you yet again for more valuable information. Understanding why we are dysregulated, the impact of early trauma and then again later in life, that it is possible to be regulated again albeit a slow process, is so reassuring.

  4. Irene I'm so happy to listen to you and prove that I'm not that "out of logic" when I recommend our followers with anxiety to feel the chaos, to let the body tremble and release the symptoms without doing anything, not even trying to relax, and by letting the body "explote" the tension, itself activates the parasympathetic system right? we lose the fear of what we're feeling and learn to listen to our bodies in its needs when its asking for them. I congratulate you and wish to have some networking with you, this has to be spread around the world. Irene, by any chance could you have this specific video with spanish subtitles? If not, I would gladly translate it and put the text here in the comments so that our followers can listen/ raed all what you have to say here. Thanks again!

  5. OMG I can totally relate to this…. Thankyou so very much for this imformation….I am DEFINATELY one f your followers NOW …I cant thankyou enough……..now how do I get better or normal for the first time in my life….

  6. Wow✨! This is such profound knowledge🙏🏻! Pinpointing my current situation (dissociation out of control) as well as describing me as a child; Strangers outside of the 'family' would say things like ; "-she's such a quite child, always in her own world 'daydreaming', how cute".
    Not so cute actually, had chronic stomach ache, severe night time panic attacks. From around age 7, most weekends I would lie in the same position on my bed reading my books.. not moving for 12 +hrs straight, not eating, not drinking water/peeing (and apparently left to do so).
    Consumed avoiding irl, awareness.

    I am fully convinced, of the 100% accuracy of the knowledge /information you share in this video.

    Though this research / knowledge is miles ahead from the conventional psychiatric care I recieve here in Sweden.
    I have C-PTSD from maternal abuse throughout childhood, but PTSD from trauma beside war trauma, – is a concept completely unknown of within the Swedish clinical psychiatry.

    I would be so greatful if you could guide me to where / how I could get accsess to information and /or get tools to learn and hopefully be able to start practice the techniches for healing.

    Thank you dearly ✨!
    -for sharing your knowledge and work. It offers great help and is of such profound value .

    How can I get accsess to

  7. I think I embody combination of over-activation and freezing … how to deal with that? I am following your 12 week seminar, I hope it will work out for me, as I am 45!

  8. LOVE LOVE LOVE how you explain things. This is such a great video. Thank you for EVERYTHING you put out there. This information needs to become common knowledge. So crucial to be informed about the Nervous System.

  9. I posted this comment below on Irene's video on how to work with anger. I posed a good question, about the possibility of, when allowing ourselves to come in contact with the feelings/pain we're afraid to feel, of at some point when it feels safe to do so, of allowing the full intensity of the feeling to be felt fully, to flow freely. Was still hoping for an answer to my question, or proposal to consider. See more below.

     To Irene, and anyone else that it might be helpful (hope she still reads these comments):

    I’ve been doing emotional processing for years, as a survivor of extreme violent and sexual trauma as a toddler at the hands of an alcoholic (probably blacked out) father. I started with what was called at the time ‘Primal therapy’, or what I call the ‘primal process’ (more about that later).

    I was watching and listening with interest to what you were saying in your videos so far, as I have been wondering how to be helpful to others who are dealing with trauma and looking for help, lately with ‘fellow travelers’ in a 12 step program, Adult Children of Alcoholics, and others in my life (seems like just about everyone has trauma, to one degree or another). I am fully comfortable with processing the most extreme, intense feelings from early childhood experiences, but can't expect others who are new to being present with their uncomfortable feelings to be able to do what I am used to doing, allowing myself to experience.

    So, the recommendation for new people to take baby steps in being present with uncomfortable feelings is good, I’m sure. But, my experience is that, as soon as possible to fully allow the feelings, even intense feelings, to move through the body can be safe, because the body won’t bring up more than we can handle at a time, though initially it feels that way because when the feelings were first experienced, at an early age, to fully feel them in all their intensity might have been actually life threatening.

    I questioned (from my personal experience) what I seemed to hear Peter Levine say, if I understood him, that feeling the full intensity should be avoided, only feeling it a little then backing off. Maybe, in the beginning, but in my experience, there is something that is experienced that can only happen by fully allowing the intensity of whatever the feeling is to fully connect and flow; grief, fear, terror, anger, rage, or other painful trauma stored in the body, because then a full body connection (with the original experience, at the age it happened) and release can happen. But only when you fully cross the line, let go of any kind of control, or attempt at ‘regulation’ and the body/emotional body can spontaneously, fully connect with and release/express/feel the original pain.

    The characterization of Primal Therapy as “primal screaming” is not accurate, a misnomer, in my experience, though there may be so called ‘primal therapists’ who that may apply to. It is not ‘getting out feelings’ by hitting with a bat, deliberate screaming, etc. In a true ‘primal’ there is no direction of the feeling, there is a complete letting go, and allowing the feeling to have it’s pure, natural, spontaneous expression. Then it can be allowed to fully connect to the original pain, and like I said, an experience happens that can’t be accessed any other way.

    So, not a criticism, but a suggestion for experimentation; instead of directing the feeling, by squeezing an arm, or any other controlled expression, consider maybe starting there, but then when you feel connected to the stored feeling energy, and it starts to flow, to fully allow that to happen, to trust the wisdom of the body/emotional body/pain body/the Spirit in you to know how it needs to express the feeling, whatever it is. There is a line that is crossed, requiring a full letting go, in which the body, the feeling energy takes over and begins to flow spontaneously, and we just are completely present with it, and witness it, but are also fully emotionally connected.

    Practically speaking, it would mean (at the point the feeling starts to flow, or from the start), lying down on a mattress (on the floor ideally, ideally in a semi at least, soundproof setting) to let the body move however it needs to move, and make whatever spontaneous sounds it needs to make. Usually a real ‘primal’ (full body connection to original pain) is characterized by talking in the vocabulary, of whatever age the feeling originates. Or, if it’s preverbal, just whatever sounds a preverbal infant would spontaneously make to express the truth of the pain.

    It will flow, as you said in another video, like a wave (a great metaphor, that came to me as well) that rises, breaks, and then dissipates on the shore. We just flow with it, or ride it, as you said, completely letting go into the experience. The feeling energy may be very intense, or subtle, or anywhere in between, but we can trust that our body/emotional body won’t bring up more than we can handle at a time, and it will pass/dissipate when it completes itself, usually in a relatively short time, but it's best to allow open ended time to rest and assimilate afterwards. The wave may rise again (or a few more times) in a little while before it comes to resolution for that day/session. The fear that precedes feeling intense feelings begins to recede after more experience of this kind of direct processing of feelings.

    Most people probably need someone to be present with them who can be present with the expression of intense feelings (if that’s the form it needs to take). I started with people (facilitators), but later (within a year or two) learned that it was safe to do on my own, as needed. Would be happy to communicate more with anyone interested.

  10. Irene, how does this work with a person that the truama was sooo severe that you end up with DID? I've had 3 different professionals individually confirm this.
    I am now working with a Trauma therapist.

  11. My traumatic abuse started at age 3 (According to my mom I don't remember my childhood) and I have had so many near-death experiences, I did die once and was brought back, drug overdoses, violence perpetuated on me, molestation by adults and my peers, I am not sure if there's much hope for me to recover from it all. I might have cancer, in fact I am sure of it, but I don't really care, I have hurt emotionally so intensely for so long the cancer isn't much more than mercy. I have managed to get off all drugs, prescription and otherwise, but I do drink heavily at night just to not be me for a little while, I can go a day or two without it. I have experienced terrible, violent, cruel things that shook me to my core, I am not sure if I can ever recover from it.

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