So tell me a little bit about this case
that has obviously entranced the United States, I think you were telling me about
the enormity of the very size of her 60-minute interview, tell me what it is,
and why you’re interested in it. Well I’m interested in it because it is a
phenomenon that is accompanied by other phenomena. The first place, let’s
establish that Stormy Daniels’ interview on 60 minutes got more viewers than the
Golden Globes, than the Grammys, or then president Trump’s post inaugural
interview. She got 20 million Americans tuned in. Why is this significant on
Economic Update? Well, this breaks the lines of dominance and submission in our
society. Stormy Daniels, aka Stephanie Clifford, is a porn star, and yet even as
a sex worker, she feels entitled to stand up to the President when his smarmy
lawyers try to trick her, and make a do not disclose clause that keeps her from
revealing his affair with Stormy Daniels 11 days before his inauguration, that is
the non-disclosure Clause. It also was enforced by threats. She is speaking out
anyway. Those who are at the bottom, are speaking up, and if we take that further,
we can look at the me2 movement, which is also a movement of millions of women who
were shamed, and kept subordinate, and kept embarrassed by men’s, powerful men’s
sexual advances towards them. We also can look at another movement that has swept
the United States, which is the youth movement, that against guns. In the case
of the youth, they are saying: the powerful forces of state and local
government will not protect us. So what you see in common, is a kind of rising of the oppressed, lolling, of the, of those disadvantaged because of their gender,
because of their youth, because of their position in the workplace hierarchies,
are pushing back in a sense, that becomes very important for economics and
politics, if that’s really going on, that would mean that the Stormy Daniels case
really is a kind of symptom, a kind of expression of something. Is that your
point? My point is yes, when the people at the bottom stop feeling ashamed, and
start feeling angry that they’ve been denied, and start accusing the system
that denies them, you have real possibility.

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12 thoughts on “Economic Update: Winds of System Change [CLIP]”

  1. Yeah…. I didn't tune in, but pretty sure that peeps didn't tune in to hear from the oppressed class.
    SEX SELLS professor.
    And as far as those ill informed puppets marching for our rights to be taken away (only in america) well, they r just that.
    Idiots (in the true historic definition of the word) who r pushing for legislative change based on emotions and ignorant of statistics and facts.

  2. I wish they were protesting the government's failure to protect those kids, but the msm wouldn't have covered that.
    If that were the case, they might know about the shootings that were stopped by armed citizens. Stopped before they could be "mass shootings"

  3. If the "powerful government" won't protect you, the cops don't have a duty to protect you and are just as likely to shoot you as to help you, why would you march to disarm yourselves? The proletariat should never be disarmed.

  4. I think it was just a distraction trick from the real problems, keep them busy and separated so they will not focus on real issues.

  5. Let's not call them disadvantaged. Let's call them exploited. Women are exploited. Workers are exploited. The poor are exploited. Those having or wanting abortions are exploited by the fanatical christian crazies to elect people like our current bully president. Exploitation is the problem. Exploitation is caused by a unbalanced level of personal power, personal wealth, personal fit into the dominant prejudice of our people…..

  6. I have mixed feelings about the #MeToo movement, which sounds great, but it seems the only think that came out of it was to knock Al Franken out of the Senate … and then it went away. I'd love to hear some compelling facts to show me I am wrong, but when I look a the persistence and connections of the women who kneecapped Al Franken, I have my doubts that this helped any women, or even was a significant factor in the loss of Alabama Senate race of Roy Moore.

    I do think Stormy Daniels is more of a real American than I have seen in the media in a long time … maybe since Bradley/Chelsea Manning. What is the significance that only the people who seem to be at the lowest level or have nothing to lose are willing to stand up and tell it like it is, speak truth to power?

  7. The brilliance of the American form of oppression is to make the people at the bottom always feel like there are plenty of people beneath them, and they have it so great and so much to loose. Between race, sex, education, job status and a lot of other things social status can be manipulated in a way that makes people want to grasp for security, because the alternative goes against everything we've been taught and hear as Americans.

  8. At 1:45 you say: "Powerful men's sexual advances" by this I assume you mean the boss or those with money. I would like to add "unwanted". As a man it is not easy to make a pass, but I am the one who must (usually). I may be mixing apples and oranges, but men are not the only ones to blame, and no one has made that distinction or said "You can just say NO.).

  9. What is the reality of money? …

    If we looked at all the scams and added up all the amounts … which I wonder if anyone has ever done, I am of the opinion that there is more criminal and corrupt money out there than honest-days-work money. meaning that the whole system and basis of money is toxic and corrupt, and it forces all the rest of us to be and participate in toxicity and corruption.

    What I am saying is that the problem with money is that it has no memory. That is, if you are running a business, say a restaurant, you have no idea if a person in your restaurant did good works to pay for your labor, or if they stole and murdered, and now you are serving them. it is a kind of slavery in a sense.

    The decision is removed from you to decide if someone is worthy of your labor or business. When this idea first occurred to me about a decade ago, it really blew my mind, but I have never heard anyone reply to it or with the same idea.

    We all love money a lot, and to think too deeply about it is a problem since we cannot do anything about it. For all we know the Mafia may control or own enough of the world's money to push this toxic order on to all of us. I think if there gets written a new Constitution, verification and proof of the system to its citizens is going to have to be an unwavering necessity.

    The government and corporations have the right to look into all of our lives, why should we not be able to verify that the government is on the up and up, and when malfeasance is found, punish it and fix the system so it cannot happen again.

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