WOLFF: The average amount of wealth of these 25
richest families is 56 billion dollars. You want to do something about poverty?
Why don’t you deal with that, not little incremental programs, valuable
as they may well be. HOBBS: After 3 generations, both in Mondragon
and in Cuba, I believe there’s a fundamental shift in human nature. It’s a
generational shift after people have been living in a cooperative environment
for 60 years as in both cases, Mondragon and in Cuba. I see that people are
fundamentally different. And so it’s a fundamental shift in Cuba and I
think that Cuba is on a path (I mean luckily they have the they own
the island and so they can make these kinds of changes) but it does take an
enlightened group to be able to move in that direction of decentralizing and
democratizing economy.

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3 thoughts on “Economic Update: The Human Agenda [Trailer]”

  1. The economics system is broken beyond repair and greed worshipping parasites capitalism is taking everything without boundaries robbing the people of their Health,Wealth and Safety of human well-being.

  2. The economic system if truly broken and the only way to fix it is to overthrow capitalism and have the entire country starve to death. That's the real human agenda.

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