Welcome friends to another edition of
Economic Update, a weekly program devoted to the economic dimensions of our lives,
income, debts, jobs, job security, all of it, for ourselves, for our kids, for the
community we live in. I’m your host Richard Wolff. I’ve been a
professor of economics all my adult life and my hope is that it’s prepared me to
be a useful analyst of the last week’s major economic events so let’s get right
to it over the last week the intensity with
which the European authorities are cracking down on uber have really made
the news uber is making enemies faster than it’s
making friends at least in Europe and the authorities are responding to the
anger and upset of their own people by fining uber and finding it doing things
that they don’t want to have done there at the same time I’ve been getting a
number of emails from many of you asking me why I’m critical of uber asking me
what’s wrong with the gig economy after all it gives people more flexibility in
doing their work in the manner of uber and so on so I’m going to take a few
minutes to go over this material helping to understand why the Europeans feel as
strongly as they do and why the Americans may in fact pretty soon catch
up to what the Europeans are already doing in this area so let’s begin and
the way to do this as with so many important issues is to go back a little
bit and do the history many industries deal directly with the public that is
they provide a good or a service to the public and in the history of capitalism
this has always bred real problems pretty soon why because a capitalist
enterprise is there to make money for the people who own and operate the
enterprise that’s their prime goal that’s why they
go into the business and that’s what makes them succeed if indeed they do so
that’s their first concern the famous so-called bottom line so let’s take the
example of a company that provides taxi rides company owns and operates a fleet
of cabs hires caddies and they provide us with transportation what happened
when the automobile industry developed in the last century was that pretty soon
every city and quite some towns had a cab company working there and the cab
company wanted to make a profit and so the cab company sooner or later not all
the companies but many of them began to use shortcuts I’m being polite here in
order to make more profits what do I mean
well they didn’t maintain the cars quite as carefully as they might have they
didn’t buy expensive insurance policies just in case there was an accident they
weren’t so careful about who they hired as a cabbie so that they could pay lower
wages being quite aware that that might mean people who wouldn’t be good as cab
drivers might get the job etc etc and the predictable happened cars didn’t
work cars had accidents drivers of cars didn’t treat the passengers very well
and so a demand arose from the writing public hey this isn’t safe to get into a
cab car we’re having injuries we’re having ugly experiences we don’t want
this what do you do to solve the problem the way it was solved was not to admit
that there’s a problem when you want to provide a service for people and you put
that job in the hands of a profit-making enterprise whose first objective is
profit there wasn’t an honest facing that this is a Dane
situation because there are countless ways in which making more profit can be
not so good for the service you’re supposed to provide cab driving was just
one example so here was the solution a commission was established the
government was called in set up a taxi & Limousine Commission for example that’s
what it’s called in New York City but other communities have that too and the
Commission made the following rule there must be such and such inspection to
maintain the quality of the car there must be such and such an insurance
policy in effect there must be these in these qualifications for cab drivers all
of those things have to be met or else you can be a cab company in this
community these were of course the very expensive things that the cab companies
had avoided so the Commission solved the problem by setting the cab rates what we
pay to have a ride in a taxi cab high enough so that the cab company could
make a profit and pay for what was necessary to provide a public service it
was a stark recognition never spoken in so many words that if you leave it to
the private capitalist motive it isn’t safe you have to bring in the government
representing the interests of the people to get the quality of service that you
want and so it came to be that cab drivers were in safe vehicles well
insured properly vetted etc and we paid the rates that made that all possible
plus a profit well no sooner is this done then the very solution I’ve
described creates the incentive for what for uber what do I mean for some company
to come in find some excuse some way to be able to offer the cab services at the
nice high prices that the Commission had set and yet not pay the high wages the
insurance policies the maintenance fees that the other company in other words
they would then have a real big profit they’d get the high rates sent by the
Commission or the equivalent but they wouldn’t have to pay what was required
of the existing tab companies all that Ober is is the latest effort to do
exactly that they had a new technology they made a big thing about the new
technology then they made a big thing about every driver is on his own or on
her own work the hours they want when they want the flexible gig economy the
new way of doing business free flexible hours for workers isn’t it wonderful
that was the hoopla that was the hype underneath it was a very old game we’re
gonna get taxi prices without taxi costs because we’re gonna not maintain the car
is not going to insure the cars and allow anybody and his brother or sister
to drive a cab or to drive an uber car guess what around the world exactly now
is happening what happened in the cab companies in the history what the
insurance isn’t adequate the cars aren’t properly maintained the drivers are not
reliable safe vetted people and the results are history repeating itself
which is why there’s an outrage around the world led by the Europeans these
days saying what in the world are we doing we’re simply redoing our own
history we know how badly this story ends there shouldn’t be an uber or to
say the same thing another way we have taxis we have worked through this
problem if uber wants to run a taxi business
they have to abide by all the same rules and regulations that we’ve worked out to
make this system work hidden again is the wonderful assumptions that if you
leave public services to private capitalist enterprises sooner or later
and it’s usually sooner you’re gonna have to bring the government in because
relying on capitalists isn’t a smart way to do business in the public service my
next update is very short it’s a comment on a sitting senator he Senator Ron
Johnson Republican from the state of Wisconsin at a meeting widely circulated
through the internet he was asked a public meeting he was asked by a student
isn’t healthcare a human right in other words shouldn’t everybody by virtue of
being a human being be entitled to medical care if and when he or she gets
sick suffers a injury etc Senator Ron Johnson gave a forthright answer I’m
going to read it to you and then make a brief comment here’s what the senator
said what we have is rights are life liberty and the pursuit of happiness we
have the right to freedom past that point everything else is a limited
resource that we have to use our opportunities given to us so that we can
afford those things what the good senator is saying is the following if
you’re born into a rich family then the quote unquote
opportunities given to you are enormous and you will be able to afford for
example health care and if you happen to be born into a poor family well then the
opportunities given to you the senator’s words
will not allow you to afford health care this is a none too subtle way of saying
we’re not giving anything to anybody who’s not rich enough to pay for it
we’re not gonna inquire how one person got something given to them that another
person didn’t through no fault of their own
Knuth through no mistake ever nothing we’re gonna keep the status quo the rich
will get and the poor won’t he hasn’t the decency or the honesty to say what
he means he uses the fancy language but a United States Senator wants to make
sure that if you’re poor and get sick or hurt you’re on your own third update for today I really just
want to shout out to the nation of Norway they did something extraordinary
and they deserve for the world to know last week the Norwegians decided for the
first time in their history and I believe it’s the first time in the
history of any country that I know of that the male and female athletes
trained and representing the state of Norway in competitions across the sports
will be paid the same amount of money in the past the males were paid more if you
look at this situation of sports in most countries certainly the United States
male athletes are paid much much more sometimes many multiples of what women
doing pretty much the same sport are paid but I want to see that everybody
understands what this step by the courageous Norwegians who put their
equality commitments right up front we’re gonna pay men and women engaged in
training and becoming professional athletes representing our country the
same pay they work as hard they train as hard they’re intense in their commitment
they deserve the same pay I’m happy to say
that the male athlete supported it and indeed donated part of their pay to make
the equalization work what I like about it what I want you to think about here
is a society that is deciding that the equality between men and women is an
important value and that they’re gonna pay people according to the values they
believe in they’re not gonna pay people according to the market are they they’re
not gonna say gee more people come to male games than two female games and buy
the tickets or watch the TV is that a relevant factor I’m sure it is but
there’s something that’s also important to them and in this case more important
perhaps and that is the equality between men and women isn’t it interesting that
there are societies who set wages not by letting the market decide but by letting
the values of a community democratically arrived that make that decision I want
next to turn to a recent article written by Ralph Nader a name that many of you
know and he wrote an article in which he criticized capitalist corporations in
the United States and elsewhere for using the profits they earn as
corporations in order to go into the stock market and buy shares of the
company’s own stock let me explain what Ralph Nader was talking about I assume
everyone understands what a corporation is and it hires a lot of workers laughs
take as an example General Motors it hires many tens of thousands of workers
to produce cars and trucks and so on and it sells those cars and trucks and it
makes enough money when it sells the cars and trucks to pay for all the costs
of producing those trucks the middle paint the plastic and so on
pays for running the factories pays for the robots and also pays the wages for
the workers but it pays all those costs knowing that there’s a difference
between the revenue they get from selling the cars made by their workers
and the costs of having those cars produced and that difference revenue
minus costs are the profits of General Motors who decides what to do with the
profits the Board of Directors this is sort of interesting all 150 200,000
workers of GM helped to produce the profits but the Board of Directors
roughly 15 people decide what to do with them there’s no democracy there let me
state it again hundreds of thousands of people helped to produce the profits 15
individuals decide what to do with them they can use them to advertise the GM
car they can use them to build factories in China they can use them you name it
but here’s another thing they can do they can use the money the profits they
earned to go into the stock market and buy shares of General Motors that’s
perfectly legal it’s done all the time but of course it’s interesting because
if they do that they’re not creating jobs with those profits are they they’re
not expanding production they’re not buying more machines they’re not hiring
more workers instead they’re buying shares of stock and now why would the
Board of Directors do that well it might be that a bunch of those directors all
of them some of them the key ones who knows but it might be that they own
shares privately as individuals perfectly legal so if the company goes
into the stock market and buys a lot of shares it’ll drive up the price of the
shares which they as individuals own so they can then sell
their individual shares at the higher price
their position as an executive of the company as a director was now able to
advance their wealth as an individual using the profits all the workers made
they enhance their own position Ralph Nader calls them out Ralph has a point
he’s not the only one who said this but I want to draw out the implications why
do we have an economic system that allows tens of thousands of people to
work to produce a profit that is then the property of somebody else people on
the board of directors of General Motors have never helped make a car they don’t
do that now they don’t get their hands dirty how did they come to be in a
position not only to decide what to do with the profits but to be free to do
that in a way that personally benefits them
rather than providing the jobs and economic growth that the majority of the
people undoubtedly want that’s how our system works and that’s something to
think about isn’t it the next update is about Japan it’s about Japan but it’s a
problem we all have in Japan there has been a scandal of recent weeks about
something which I’m pardon my pronunciation here is called karashi
in English kar oh Sh I Karachi roughly means exhaustion from overwork it is so
serious a problem in Japan that two recent cases have come to light and
caused a national anguish and a national discussion the first example a young
woman aged thirty one years old named Miwa Sato
she died of congestive heart failure at the age of three
in her home in July of 2013 her family said she had been covering
local and national elections for a television station and had worked 159
hours of overtime in the month before she worked a 40-hour week roughly four
weeks per month means that you’re working about 160 hours if she worked
159 hours of overtime she was doing double the normal amount of work that a
person should done labor officials investigated and discovered that her
death was caused by overwork that’s the official Japanese government
determination but the the details of that were only made public this last
week Wow NHK the name of the television station that employed er issued a public
apology Wow a public apology the second case was
that of Matsui Takahashi he worked in an advertising agency named Dentsu and he
died a 24-year old young man he died and again the Labor Ministry in Japan ruled
that his death was from overwork he was fine the company densa was fined and had
to pay 500,000 Japanese yen but that works out to four thousand four hundred
US dollars that was a determination of a Tokyo Court it was illegal the court
said to make a person work like that why do I bring this up I’d bring it up
because it’s an example yet again that the profit-driven
imperatives that govern capitalist enterprises intrinsically have no limit
sure there are rules and regulations designed to limit because we kind of
understand that capital ilysm drives people to this sort of
thing but what we keep discovering is that corporations have ways to get
around those limits to not pay attention to hide it often for long periods of
time until there’s a national scandal and a lot of outrage and a lot of
gnashing of teeth but if we don’t deal with the problem if we just pass another
rule if we impose another little fine we’re not dealing with the problem
because the problem is systemic it has to do with a system that drives
otherwise perfectly good and nice people to do things to one another that are
unconscionable such as having a 24 year old and a 31 year old died from overwork
in a society that admits that this is an endemic problem across the society my
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so on lots of resources available for you the next update is about New York
City but my guess is it applies to many other cities here’s the blunt hard fact
covered by the New York Times in a recent story 10% of New York City public
school pupils were homeless part of the time last year 10% how many is that
111 thousand five hundred students in New York City schools were homeless
during the last academic year if you take this state of New York which
includes much more than New York City well then it’s a hundred and forty eight
thousand students besides it being an unspeakable tragedy that we are allowing
this I want to pick one particular aspect of it and make sure it’s clear
there have been a hundred studies in The New York Times story documents them
studies that show that a homeless child falls behind in school he or she has to
move from one relative to the next in one school out of another out of school
altogether for weeks at a time all of these things are reasons why they’re
reading their math skills and so on will slip by since of course these are young
kids who come from poor households by and large troubled households what this
means is we are keeping the poor poor there’s no mobility here you’re giving
the disadvantage of poverty a boost by adding the disadvantage of less
schooling than is needed because of the homelessness and let’s remember the
children who are homeless are not responsible for their homelessness you
might want to blame their parents you might want to blame that they don’t earn
enough money to be in a home but you can’t blame the kids you can only make
them suffer or choose not to and in this society the choice is all two of
yes last update for which we have time President Trump and the GOP are telling
us that we have to reduce our 35% tax on the profits of corporations I could call
it lots of polite names I don’t have the time these are lies
why are they lies because corporations have exemptions and deductions that they
are available to them legal under the law that in fact make them pay a much
lower rate of taxes than the 35% in fact in economics we call the thirty five
percent the legal rate but we call what they actually pay the effective rate a
recent story carried by Market Watch basically tells the truth here it looked
at the 30 industrials that make up the Dow average the number you hear when you
are told whether the stock market went up or down the Dow 30 industrials if you
add together the federal income tax rate they pay and any state and local taxes
they pay out of the 30 industrials one paid more than thirty five percent all
of the others paid less to say that American businesses are suffering from a
35% rate misrepresents the story the biggest corporations in America haven’t
paid thirty five percent in many years they don’t need and they don’t deserve a
tax cut we’ve come to the end of the first half of this show please stay with
us we will be right back you

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55 thoughts on “Economic Update: Socialism Past, Present, and Future”

  1. I can't comment on what the Uber situation is like in the U.S., but in Costa Rica where I live, Uber rates are about half to two-thirds those of the taxis, the Uber cars are much cleaner and well-kept, the Uber drivers are much more courteous and respectful and the Uber response time is far superior. My issue with Uber is the lack of benefits accorded to the drivers. However, the Uber service is so much better than the taxi service that there is hardly a meaningful comparison.

  2. Concerning the equal pay for male and female athletes in Norway, as I understand it, it applies only to Norwegian athletes competing internationally; i.e., representing the Norwegian national teams. I don't believe it applies to professional league teams. If professional league athletes, all of whom are usually paid based on their perceived individual merit, were subject to the same regulations, there is little doubt the women's leagues would not survive. That said, the fact that national team members are no longer discriminated against because of their gender is a long overdue step in the right direction.

  3. Summer 2016 I made about $15/hr in gig economy. By summer 2017 they cut my pay to $4/hr. The gig economy is a monstrous way to get around labor laws.

  4. Healthcare is not a human right. Niether is food or shelter. Get a fucking job.

    Cant affored food then you obvously are a moron and shouldnt be able to replicate yourself cause then people that fucking subsidize the likes of you and your kin. Now I dont have enough money to have a child cause im paying for your dumb walking sack of wasted resources.

    Idiocracy intro

  5. The Gig Economy was never about freedom ,it was about exploitation,the zero hour contact is a perfect example of this.Always on point professor,your knowledge and deadication is much appreciated.

  6. The elephant in the room is that Cabs are shitty all over the world. Uber is making success because of the quality of their service the technological innovation of their apps and payment options. These things don't' have to be exclusive to Uber, cab companies could have improved their service any time they wanted for decades. We need services to innovate and improve continuously. I simply didn't use cabs at all for most of my life. The only reason I am using Uber and Cabify these days is the price. Public transportation has been getting so much more expensive every year that Uber prices became affordable, in a way Cabs have never been.

  7. Yes, Mr. Woff! Totally! The government should regulate the shit out of everything! That's why everything that's run by the government is so wonderful and efficient, right? And if you think that healthcare is a "right",then why stop with only healthcare? Why not make food, housing, electricity, Internet,clothes, toothpaste, jewelry, X boxes, glasses, silverware, ice cream,etc, rights as well?

  8. Why does the idea of human rights get laughed at? its actually very likely to have a world where everyone lives a good life with food shelter health education, we can have it here and now and we know this because we know the resources are there, we just need to allocate it in a better way. scary giving up your addiction to accumulating things isnt it, scary giving up your slaves no?

  9. In London, Black Cabs are expensive, the drivers are variable in quality and reliability and the cars are often old, polluting and uncomfortable. There may be problems with Uber, but the service is clearly vastly better than the solution Prof Wolff champions. Don't obstruct progress, work with it.

  10. I really enjoy this program, but I have one little correction: NHK is the Japanese public radio and television station, run by the government, and not a private company (although it is apparently run like one).

  11. The Gig Economy is a way to merciless exploit people. Look at all the people who were boasting about how much money they were making on Uber, Youtube, Amazon Flex, Deliveroo, etc. At first, they pay you good then they pay you less and less every single year. Those people who were making a good living making Youtube videos are complaining how their revenues dropped more than 80% from one year ago. They all expect you to use your own equipment, your own insurance, your own utility bills, and they expect you to take all the risks. They just take a cut out of your work. It is a good business model, they have no liabilities.

  12. Yes what you are talking about how the board of directors, major shareholders behave in buying back & then using the stock they buy back to vote is why when someone says the 3 "richest" people have more wealth than the bottom 50% about 240 Billion is a dramatic understatement in reality as they use the shares/control they have of corporations to literally control Trillions in reality through buying back shares & other financial instruments creating the illusion that they're only hoarding-controlling 240 Billion as the reality in totality means that the general public has absolutely no negotiating power what so ever & are living under a dystopian oligarchy as serfs who are elevated based on what a few families fixers=people who follow the algorithms & then install/elevate people based on what those algorithms tell them must be in order that the people have no way of ending what this is=putting them in jail & freeing society to behave in a humane efficient manner. Yes they also buy/sell shares based on how many shares they have & their options like how BofA gave massive golden parachutes to CEO's etc. but then when they knew they where tanking the stock unnaturally gave themselves options at the lowest price possible & as the stock rises they change the method of payment-agreements always to benefit themselves personally which means the regular stock holder etc. is being forced to pay the price for them rigging the market.

  13. Economic Update: Socialism Past, Present, and Future 2,931 views Democracy At Work Publ. Nov 12, 2017 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jo8FxCgy21A

  14. Thank you, Prof. Wolff, you are awesome. I feel quite informed after watching your shows. Uber sucks. What the Norwegian people did is commendable. I love Norway, wish the U.S. was more like this great country.

  15. Lets not single out Uber, we should know that LYFT is practicing the same spam worthy practice on that shady site called Craig's List. Some of us however, do look for for gigs, not because we wont pay taxes and contribute to the whole, but we simply are not able, we are disabled and can not work on schedule because of the illnesses we have earned in this current system. Petty capitalism is not a problem. Global or national capitalism definitely is.

  16. Love the work you do. One thing, Matsuri Takahashi was a woman who committed suicide in part because of overwork, in part because her male boss criticized her for not being effeminate enough.

  17. In Toronto, Uber vehicles are better maintained and the quality of service is superior to taxis and the prices are about 30% less. Yes, prices have increase as taxes have been applied and more regulation has come into effect, but it is still a superior service at a lower price. In the abstract I would agree with Prof Wolff, but the reality is the taxi industry also cuts corners and hires unsuitable drivers, so you have to ask what we are paying for?

  18. Why not have the local government take over taxi service? You can have high quality drivers with good pay and service that people can have cheap service

  19. Once Again, Prof. Spot-On. Showin us again the Human-Nature of Greedy-Capitalism all ov the Wrld. Period ! 4 Christ-Sake, 148k Home-Less KIDS ! Do u hear that. Mayor D. & Governor C. Well do Yah's ? ? ?

  20. Please find some talented filmmaker that can make illuminating short videos that describe how businesses could operate that are not owned by the few that keep the profits. What's it look like for someone that wants to start a business and has to start with all the time and effort for months or years but wants to hire new employees that will become co-owners? That is the usual creation of a business, someone with a vision and passion works to grow it, then hires more to grow further. How can they make it democratic without sacrificing all their previous efforts? What's in the contract? In other words, if new employees make the same profit as the original creator of the business in a democratically worker owned business, what about all the time and effort the creator made before there was a profit, does the creator receive past compensation? I'm frustrated that for those of us that want a new economy have had enough of the criticism of capitalism, we know, it's an echo chamber, but how to run a business practically in this world that is fair to all, the creator and the new employees. Democratically owned businesses sound ideal, but often there is a leader, there is someone that started it all. What about this? And what about the fact that some people like having a leader, someone that truly does have objectively greater vision, like Elon Musk, how is such a business democratically run? Please make more short videos that are like explainers, not long lectures only. Go on reddit and the new socialists, idealists, Sanders supporters, et al, often wonder, yes, but how, how do we make the changes. We know the problems, how do we fix it practically, daily, at work, in business and contracts, in politics. We need to see real practical approachable solutions. You made one such short video https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yxGiehkgFXs

  21. I used to drive for Lyft. My car had to be maintained and clean at all times and I had to go through a background check. Being able to make my own hours was good for me as I have an anxiety disorder.

  22. Karoshi 過労死 is a colorful word. The characters literally mean "ka" 過 "past/pass through," "ro" 労 "labor/toil/thanks for" and "shi" 死 "death/die" and can be translated as "death from past toil" or "death as thanks for past work."

  23. I think we should centralize the goverment and allow the federal govt to redistribute wealth. This is Progressive. Keep the borders open and take guns away also.

  24. In 1977 a few years out of high school I was making 15-18 $$ In a few months I was up to 25 hr, OK I'm talk'n 1977 $$$, an hour and this in a nonunion job doing construction in Southern California. Union busting started by Reagan and the steady decline of Union organizations in the work forces helped kill the hourly wage for EVERYONE , if there was a higher percentage of the work forces in the US, in organized labor, unions, it would help EVERYONE let me repeat that helps EVERYONE, even if your not in the union or even if the place you worked has no unions. Let's say you worked in a unionized construction company as a plumber say 45 + benies, if say a school district wants to higher plumbers, even if that district has no union they are forced to compete with all those unions in that area and maybe go down to 35$ hr + benies but they know guys are gonna start peal'n off to hook up with a unionized job. So that gives insensitive to the nonunion district to up the pay in the following rounds of negotiations in this hypothetical scenario. As an aside, as it stands now most school districts have unions, the teacher part is relatively strong but the so called unions for the maintenance departments is weak I don't mean that against the work forces, its just that when ever the maintenance departments try to negotiate for a decent raise, they fight for a very long time sometimes a few years and maybe get a 10 or 15 % increase, if that. Which hardly keeps up with inflation.

  25. With all due respect, the characterization of Uber doesnt seem to apply well outside the developed world.

    Here in South Africa, the meter-cabs were not regulated, Uber came in because they were more efficient and cheaper. The meter-cabs have responded with violence. [Most people use mini-bus taxis, which are far far cheaper, but take only certain routes, and can be risky at night]

    If you own your own car, with Uber you can net between R12-R40,000 per month (for perspective, those are low-high end salaries in the formal economy).

    The real problem is sub-contracting the driving, where individuals own multiple cars (sometimes dozens) and super-exploit the drivers running them. These drivers make far less money, longer hours etc.

    Obviously, it would be great if we could get Uber to reduce the 20% they extort off the top. But to do that we need better competing firms (providing we live in capitalist society, which for the time being we do).

  26. ive always thought of capitalism like a nuclear reactor regulate it to much and it shuts down don't regulate it at all… Chernobyl .. but, if you cant keep it in that narrow band just enough neutrons to sustain the reaction but not enough to have a run away reaction then you can get senoras amounts of work out of it +… unfortunately capitalism isn't a passive system in fact one could liken it to a temperament and lazy work horse … it will pull the plough …but take you eye off it for one second and boom its off out the open gate trying to copulate with the mare next door

  27. Do see "Jonathan Pie's – Outrage in paradise"! It's absolutely fantastic, and brings up the important stuff Wolff were talking about in this video.

  28. Sorry to disagree but I think Norway's decision is faulty if more people buy tickets in male sports events as that brings in more profit so you give the people more that brings in more.
    A female doctor who sees more patients will get more payment than a male doctor who attends less less patients right? That should be the way? What's up with the Athletes then? Why different?

  29. I feel so ignorant and want to know what I can read or educate myself in to continue and help this fight from Sweden?
    Some day I'd love to be one of the person lecturing and educating people in this matter, as I feel it's the only way. Revolutions without an answer is scary.
    Love this professor and the way of thinking.

  30. I want to be able to give you another view of this Uber subject.

    I live in Brazil. Here, the cabs are supposed to have all these regulations mentioned by Prof. Wolff.
    The problem is the government is not making sure these regulations are followed by the cab companies and drivers.
    Another issue is that the cab services are expensive.

    Then services like Uber started to show up arround here. And comparing to taxis, well, they are way better.
    Using these services instead of cabs, we feel safer, we pay less, and have a better service.
    I believe the Uber drivers are able to make as much money as cab drivers, by what I have heard.

    The reality in the US and Europe are way different. By what Prof. Wolff said, they are reliable. Here in Brazil, cabs are not.

    Anyway, just wanted to present another side of the coin here 😀

  31. Who does he say dose his scheduling ? They should return Jimmy Dores calls and we should whatch Richard wolff on the jimmy dore show.

  32. 1 year of this man talking its clear that America is a corporate dictatorship with false freedoms and false protest that will never avail to the true rights and wealth. and these socialistic views is a pipe dream with fairy tail fairness doctrines for the people to accept

  33. Sen. Ron Johnson was right. Health care in American is not a right. The questioning student asked the wrong question. She should have asked Isn't Health Care a part of the US infrastructure. That is what health care is in a capitalist country and it should be treated as such. The firemen and the roads are for everyone to make use of.

  34. In the memory of 21:24 Matsuri Takahashi so that her death may not be in vain: She "was 24 when she killed herself in April 2015." She worked for Dentsu, "Japan’s biggest advertising agency." "Labour standards officials ruled that her death had been caused by stress brought on by long working hours. Takahashi had been working more than a 100 hours’ overtime in the months before her death." "Weeks before she died, she posted on social media: 'I want to die.' Another message read: 'I’m physically and mentally shattered.'” May she be remembered lovingly.

  35. Life is a human right. Healthcare is life. This is not complicated.

    I cannot express how much I despise "conservatives".

  36. When the rest of the world or >85% global population cheer or enjoy with their better transformations and prosperous the westerners are all in the status of worrying, sadness and hopelessness … His talk could represent all. Yes, it could be sign the end of 200 years western domination.

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