[WOLFF] All I hear when I hear politicians
talk about these opioid and opitate deaths is “oh, we should have more treatment” or
“oh, we should have more clinics.” In other words, not dealing with the causes,
but simply with the bad result, leaving the system that produces this untouched by criticism. How do you respond to that? [FRAAD] Well, we don’t have in America – or
we lost, in the 50s with the anti-communist assault of McCarthy and so on – an awareness
that politics matters, that the economic system – that every system – should be questioned. No only the communist system should be questioned,
definitely. But also the capitalism system should be questioned. That was off the table. So people didn’t think that way, and we’re
starting to begin to think that way now. Because these deaths are clearly economically
different depending on where you are. And I think what has happened-
[WOLFF] And how well the economy works for you. [FRAAD] Exactly. And what has happened in America is there
were two basic things that help Americans up. One of them was steady jobs, which particularly
for white Americans – African-Americans and other minorities had less good jobs, but they
could have steady jobs – and a sense of a stable home. They’ve both fallen apart. So there’s nothing to hold on to. There’s no idea that I can count on: “I can
count on this marriage. I can count on this home. I can count on a salary that will support
these things.” So that people are utterly without support,
and they haven’t learned – they way people like the French do – they’re not connected. We still have fewer groups of any kind than
were in bowling leagues in 1970. If you look at France, the retirees in every
quarter – every area, like every big zip code – have retirees organizations which meet and
look after their interests and entertain them and all the rest. So do young parents. Everyone is politicized. So that when Macron-
[WOLFF] The French president. [FRAAD] -the new President, threatens to take
away their job security, by changing the labor laws, 1.2 million people are out in the streets. That’s different. We’re not used to saying we need each other. We’ve got to organize. We’ve got to stop this together. Not the “lone individual,” Clint Eastwood,
shoot-up-the-town in righteous upset and rides into the sunset…no. People together. And that’s a tradition we need to rebuild.

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6 thoughts on “Economic Update: Capitalism’s (Uncounted) Health Costs [CLIP]”

  1. I do wonder if Richard Wolff knows about cooperative economics. He seems like a cooperative economist since he promotes worker co-ops so much. I have just never heard him specifically call himself a cooperative individualist(the branch of cooperative economics that favors worker co-ops)

    I would love to see him do a video about cooperative economics to be honest. I've done some research into it, and I support it from what I know, but I have a feeling maybe I don't understand all of it. There's always more to learn about, even about ideologies you support and think you know so well.

    Also, I think he should talk about John Stuart Mill: he was a proponent of worker ownership of the means of production: essentially promoting worker co-ops himself.

  2. opioid crisis was manufactured by BIG PHARMA's pushing for intervention into afghanistan — aka 'the golden triangle', and pharma's war on drugs , especially cannabis… which is a FAR SUPERIOR and NONADDICTIVE form of pain relief…

  3. I'm in no hurry to ride off into the sunset. My permanent address can wait. actually ye can keep the regular job too. Me and john mary wayne have no beans for the sun. If ye can see the mountains it is going to rain, if ye can't it is.

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