Would you say that politics in some
sense, is part of the legal system, plays a key role in the legal system, and the
reason I ask is that, at least in high school and so forth, we were always told
that the law stands somehow above the political fray, is some neutral arbiter
of our differences, and I wanted to get your reaction as a practicing attorney. I
would say that politics does affect the criminal justice system, probably in
three ways. I mean, the one way that I think is in the news now, is pure
politically motivated investigations and prosecutions, which people are talking
about because of the release of this memo, which does seem to show, you know,
that highly politicized opposition research found its way into a criminal
investigation of Trump and his associates during the election. I think
that’s the most rare, I think more common you do see the federal government use
its power to protect the interest of corporations, we see that with, I mean you
could look at what’s going on with the pipeline protesters, and the federal
government and the FBI getting involved in infiltrating some of those protest
groups, and aggressively prosecuting. There was a case a while back, some of
your listeners may remember Aaron Swartz, who was really an activist for free
internet, and he downloaded some copyrighted materials, not for personal
profit but to release them to the public, and he was aggressively prosecuted,
threatened with decades in prison, and he took his own life tragically. So there
are those cases. I would actually say that you see the use of the federal
government to aid corporate interest more starkly with the Department of
Defense and what goes on with our military, where policies that just seem
to not be serving the interests of the public, but do serve the interests of the
weapons manufacturers, do serve the interests of oil and other mineral
extraction industries throughout the Middle East and Africa.
So, I think that probably the most common way that that politics plays into the
criminal justice system, in who is in, who doesn’t get prosecuted, so for example, we
had a systematic fraud in the mortgage markets, that caused countless people to
lose their homes, people were swindled out of their homes, people, probably more
of them people of color, lost their homes and a majority of their wealth in this,
and the federal government, if you look at for example press releases that come
out of, you know my neck of the woods, in Chicago, they’ll talk about how the
Department of Justice is pursuing an aggressive coordinated and proactive
effort to bring to justice the perpetrators of mortgage fraud schemes,
but as Eric Holder candidly admitted in 2013, they don’t prosecute bankers. He
called it, he basically said that they these institutions have become too large,
it’s too difficult to prosecute them, whatever the excuse is, too big to jail
they say.

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14 thoughts on “Economic Update: A System Rigged Against Us [CLIP]”

  1. Who is us, do u mean white folks or blacks. Last time i checked u guys are doing pretty dam good. If ur not its ur own dam fault

  2. What have humans become, its making Life pointless. Born and die in a consumer belief system, it's like not even living.

  3. What he didn't mention is that since the late 60s, ultra-conservatives have been packing the courts with fundamentalists as a way to politicize the judicial system. They want the courts to decide cases based on Christian values, and they have been pushing the courts in that direction for decades, and yet it's not even on this guy's radar.

  4. Britain's Nuclear Weapons were considered to be used in the Falkland war


  5. Huge banks received TARP money and the banks used this money to prop up their balance sheets while still evicting people from their homes. The TARP money was supposed to be used by the banks to help people refinance their home loans to a reasonable rate so they could stay in their homes… but very little of that was done. Where was the government oversight for that?

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