Economic Collapse 2020 How to Protect your Wealth in Switzerland Economic Collapse 2020 How to Protect your
Wealth in Switzerland The business elite around the world is scared
of the economic collapse 2020. They are afraid of losing their savings. Every day I get calls
from Hong Kong, Italy, the USA, Germany and other countries asking for the best asset
protection strategies. They search for information about wealth protection with Swiss banks,
physical gold storage in Switzerland, Golden Visa for Europe and Second Citizenship for
the whole family. We have arrived in a new reality: the world has become more insecure.
In this video, I will show you how to be prepared for the nest economic collapse 2020. Stay
tuned. Hello, I’m Enzo Caputo, the international private banking lawyer in Zurich. I’m the
founder of the boutique law firm Caputo & Partners and the blog The
place where international business people find tips and solutions for global asset protection,
how to pay less taxes, Golden Visa, Citizenship by Investment and bank account opening with
Swiss banks. What are the warning-signals announcing the economic collapse 2020. I give
you 7 warning-signals for an upcoming financial crisis 2020 or later-on. Banks and insurance
companies in Germany are in danger, the money from the bailout funds will never be enough
if a giant like Deutsche Bank collapses. Banks in Italy are at risk, some of them went already
bankrupt, riots in Hong Kong, fear of the euro, the US dollar and bail in, nationalized
pensions in Spain and Poland, the criminalization of cash money, control of physical gold, central
banks that buy tons of physical gold while they print wastepaper. These signs prove that
the next economic crisis or economic collapse 2020 is certain. Let me give you interesting
information. Central banks buy tons of physical gold. Central banks last year set a new absolute
record on the quantities purchased of physical gold. According to the World Gold Council,
central banks purchased the record sum of 374 tons of gold from January 2019 to August
2019. These gigantic purchases of physical gold are an alarm signal announcing the next
economic crisis. History repeats itself again and again. I’ll give you 4 examples of expropriation
initiated by the state. 1. Spain has introduced a bank deposit tax. 2. Argentina, Poland,
Portugal and Hungary have nationalized pensions. 3. Cyprus and Iceland have introduced capital
controls and restrictions on the export of capital. 4. In Italy, the introduction of
a new property tax is discussed. Expropriation initiated by the governments will start soon.
If you are still convinced that expropriation by the state or a property confiscation is
unthinkable in the future, think again. 30% of all private global assets are already protected
with Swiss banks. Save your assets from the next economic crisis by moving your assets
to Switzerland. I will help you to open a Swiss bank account. Bring your money outside
your country of residence. It is better to bring your money to Switzerland and secure
it, rather than leaving it under the influence of the politicians of the EU or the USA. Take
your money out of the EU and the USA as long it is possible and legal. Do it now that it’s
still legal. Be alerted. History shows us that capital export becomes illegal overnight
as a surprise. Drastic measures come into effect overnight. If you remain passive, one
day you will get up in the morning and read in the newspaper that the export of capital
abroad was declared illegal last night. As I always say “It is never too early, but it
is often too late”. Global insider information like this can’t be found everywhere, not
in universities, nor in libraries and not on the Internet. If you find this information
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savings with global asset protection strategies. You will learn about other asset protection
strategies. Protecting your assets from the next economic crisis or financial collapse
2020 is not rocket science. It can be very simple if you work with honest international
consultants. We will help you find the best Swiss bank for your savings. We will introduce
you to the best-in-class asset manager in Switzerland, an asset manager who has a track
record and delivers results. Choosing a super-capitalized Swiss bank in combination with a best-in-class
asset manager is an important decision with long-term effects. Our customers are very
happy with our global asset protection services. We have never lost a customer. Reward yourself
with peace of mind, knowing that your money is in good hands. Once your assets are in
Switzerland stored in a private bank and protected outside the reach of bureaucrats in your country
of residence, you will feel much better. Bureaucrats will no longer be able to hit you hard and
nationalize, freeze, devalue and expropriate your assets or prohibit the export of capital.
Imagine having to pay immediately for an expensive operation in a private hospital. The bank
refuses to make the payment and makes stories. Having an account in Switzerland, you will
be happy to be able to make important payments immediately without a lot of stories and explanations.
Your hard earned assets should remain under your control and not under the control of
your government at home. In Switzerland, your assets are protected from the influence of
your bureaucrats at home. My clients all over the world are afraid that their savings in
the European Union are no longer guaranteed by governmental funds. If a large bank like
Deutsche Bank goes bankrupt, the problem is not only a problem in Germany, but across
the EU, with the exception of Switzerland, which has always denied joining the bailout
funds. The amount of the guarantee promised by the state bailout fund will never be enough
to save a banking giant like Deutsche Bank. This is demonstrated by the saying referred
to the banking giants, Too big to fail. Your retail banker at home will never tell you
these things, because he doesn’t want to lose you as a customer. Your banker at home will
tell you rather than money in Switzerland involves negative interest rates. Fear of
negative interests is unfounded. Only liquid invested cash positions that exceed one million
Swiss francs will cause a negative interest rate. A good asset manager always keeps liquid
investments in money-market funds to avoid negative interests. Protecting your assets
in Switzerland is equivalent to investing your money in an economically healthy nation.
As soon as the money is invested in Switzerland, you have no negative interests. In Switzerland,
asset management is an art with a long tradition lasting for centuries. Some Swiss banks formed
in the times of the Napoleonic wars survived more than 40 economic crisis. The money invested
is protected by the banking system in Switzerland. Investing in your bank account in Switzerland
will never be part of the bankruptcy estate. If a Swiss bank goes bankrupt, your assets
are 100% protected by law. The investor has the right to take out his investments from
the bankruptcy estate. Under Swiss law, capital investments always belong to the client and
not to the bank. Why don’t Swiss banks go bankrupt? Past experience shows that a troubled
Swiss bank is purchased by a strong bank in good time. The very powerful Swiss Bankers
Association will never tolerate a Swiss bank approaching a possible bankruptcy. The reputation
of the Swiss financial centre is far too important. Bankruptcy will never be tolerated but will
be resolved in the utmost confidence and discretion among Swiss bankers. One of the strategies
to protect assets from the upcoming economic crisis and bankruptcies of banks in the EU
or in the USA is to park their assets in a well-capitalized Swiss safe bank. The banks
that I choose for my clients have a Tier One Capital Ratio that exceeds 20%, do not have
a portfolio of high risk loans like European banks, are not exposed to derivatives and
do not make risky investment banking activities. One of the classic strategies to survive an
economic crisis is to invest one third in physical gold, one third in selected safe
properties and one third in high quality shares suitable to survive a depression. This triangular
investment strategy is subsequently further refined by asset managers in line with the
specific needs of the investor. Diversification of investments is very important. To ensure
suitable diversification, minimum savings of up to EUR half a million are required.
There are many techniques you can use for asset protection, including offshore companies,
offshore asset protection trusts, insurance plans, annuities, physical gold in a private
vault out of the banking system etc.. Internationally, Switzerland is considered as the best country
for asset protection. The possession of physical gold in maximum secrecy is legally possible
only in Switzerland in accordance with the laws in force. There is still no cash ban
in Switzerland. Cash is deeply rooted in the Swiss population. However, times have also
changed here in Switzerland. If someone arrives today with a suitcase full of cash in Switzerland
and wants to open an account by paying cash, he risks a report from the Swiss bank on suspicion
of money laundering with the so called SAR, the suspicious activity report. There is no
ban on cash, but cash transactions must be well prepared before being presented to the
bank. Otherwise, the adventure with cash is likely to end up in front of the public prosecutor.
The good old days are gone for ever, when one of the big Swiss banks, whose name I can’t
reveal, opened 50 accounts a day with dozens of suitcases full of cash money, and in every
corner there were machines to count the money. Insider information such as this is not found
in universities, libraries or on the Internet. If you like this information, don’t miss the
new videos. Make sure to subscribe to my YouTube channel now. There are more than 250 educational
videos. Click the subscribe button and ring the bell. If you want to protect your assets
from the next financial collapse 2020, you must act immediately. You should transfer
your assets legally to Switzerland, before the export of capital abroad becomes illegal.
We will help you to do everything the legal way. Take your cell phone and call me immediately.
Here is the phone number +41442124404 or send an email to [email protected]
Remember. It is never too early to save your assets, but often be too late. Be rich and
remain rich. I wish you a beautiful day.

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  1. Happy new year Herr Caputo.

    Timely video. The next economic collapse will be far far worse than the one in 2008 due to the Trillions and Trillions of extra debt created since then. We are overdue the recession. Governments will clamp down.

    One should prepare now. As you say "it is never too early but often too late."
    I look forward to your up coming videos.

  2. Where are the most secure places for global asset protection 👉
    I am not in a position to disclose in the public all of my secrets on wealth protection.
    If you like to discuss with me how to find better wealth protection strategies, do not hesitate to call me +41 44 212 44 04

  3. All respect to your work and insights you provide. Being the devils advocate here, how can anyone really anticipate where things are heading and what legislations will come out. Here am not necessarily questioning the signs that we might be seeing a crisis around the corner but questioning the over confidence in the Swiss system and the true hidden exposure of the Swiss banks. Again am not claiming I know any information about the banking system there but are the statements in this video fully supported by the due analysis and diligence?

    Still a valuable video.

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