Okay. So, hello guys. This is Jhazel de Vera. Welcome back to my channel. So if you’re new to this channel, click on the subscribe button and the notification bell so that you can watch all types of videos about home-based jobs and anything from which you can earn online So, for today’s video guys, we have an update regarding Hashingadspace and also Waves Dex platform since a lot of things changed Because some of you watched my older video about Hashingadspace and a lot has changed since then but the way of earning has remained the same you can earn through ads, stuff like that But there have been some changes with the rating because before the rating was higher but as of now, it looks like they had some problem with their site regarding the multiple accounts issue There’s a lot of drama there was a lot of drama before I even made a live stream about Hashingadspace regardings the cheaters, mainly the Filipinos who have a bad reputation with the multiple accounts issue Let’s not tolerate this kind of action But still, Hashingadspace went through it And now guys in this video I’ll show you the changes We’ll visit our account and I’ll see again how to withdraw here at Hashingadspace because as of right now there’s no more Waves Dex, it’s gone This will be a video tutorial So, now let’s begin Let’s go straight to our computer and let’s see how our Hashingadspace is looking now Alright. It’s been a while since I last visited Hashingadspace like my latest withdrawal was two months ago As of now, this is our balance We have 2654 asimi Alright Good thing that asimi’s rate got higher and if you ask me how I earned 2654 asimi It is true that they’re an affiliate program Everyone can join their affiliate program guys Just go to the sales affiliate center Here you can register for a username that’ll be added to your referral link I’d like to withdraw this, only that when I visited Waves Dex let’s visit Waves Dex It still appears on Google search Only that this is what appears Look. Waves Dex. We’re no longer operating this service. Here it says “To offer users a better experience and wider range of tools, the exchange has moved from Waves DEX to Waves.Exchange” So let’s go to that platform So this is new guys. Also, the logo is new. She changed. Okay. It still looks the same, it still reminds me of Waves Dex. Only that she now acquired a dark side Shoutout to dark side Let’s check it out I think you can log in your Waves dex account here and transfer it here That’s why I advised you to save your seed phrase because it’s your way to log in to your Waves dex account Right now let’s try I already tried to access this platform before How annoying I already set my password and right now I’m going to input it All you have to do is click on get started and then you log in using your seed phrase As you saw before I input the password Well, if it’s your first time clicking the get started button they’ll ask you a password and that’s what you’ll always need to input to enter this platform And here guys if you want to create a new account like if you didn’t save your seed phrase it’s time for you to create a new account So, unfortunately, you won’t be able to get its content It really is our responsibility to save the seed phrase They warned us to save the seed phrase when we logged in And also I’ve told many times in my Waves dex tutorial that you really need to save it Also for future use. Like, for example, you’ve changed device and you need to log in to your Waves dex account It’s the same here guys they changed platform and we need to log in our Waves dex account right here Now, if you already own a Waves dex account and you’d like to import it in this Exchange platform Let’s go here to import accounts via seed or private key Okay. Here, we’ll choose. On my tutorial we used seed phrase Right here you need to input your seed. Okay. That is 15 words. Different English words that you need to type in order Once you’ve input your seed phrase, you can’t show it to anyone because if someone gets to know it, they can access your Exchange platform Okay. So, right here they require the account name Alright. So, right now guys I accessed my new Exchange platform It’ still the same The only thing that changed is that it got darker So it’s time for us to add some cryptocurrencies that we want to bookmark to our portfolio Most commonly we use bitcoin Okay. We need to search for bitcoin Why can’t it find it? Asimi Okay. What happened? Why can’t it find it? Waves support There. Let’ go here. support.wavesplatform.com Here we go guys Why am I so shocked? We are also moving Visit our new support service They only moved Okay. So, right now I’ve already logged in here at our new support service So this is my letter for them Now, I’m going to submit my concern Usually, they reply very fast but as of now I’m not sure because it’s pretty late So, as you can see right now we fixed the problem regarding the platform And as you can see all the assets appeared I’m really thankful for their support guys very very active guys They advised me to disable the browser’s extension, the AdBlock because I use the Brave browser So that’s what caused some conflicts with our platform I’m using Explorer Now, it’s fine. Our portfolio finally appeared And now, it’s time for us to add our asset Asimi There you go Let’s pin it here We still have some Asimi left. This is what I was talking about Also our Waves are here This is the new Exchange platform It’s nice. Now, let’s go to our trading The navigation with Explorer is fine It’s good trading Waves now because the price is getting higher Yes So this is Asimi’s graph, as of now I really like Asimi’s performance because it’s high It got higher here 0.0008 Oh! It arrived at that kind of value 0.000008 Its previous performance was really good November 26 and it still is getting higher It’s a good time for us to trade our Asimi So guys let’s check our wallet our Asimi wallet address, let’s see if it changed If something changed with our wallet address Receive Nothing changed So nothing changed Your address will remain the same Okay Right now, it’s time for me to process my withdrawal Let’s go to wallet So here, guys. Let’s withdraw the funds Okay, we’re here after how many years These are the Asimi available for withdrawal Let’s all just copy it You already know about the secondary pin When you edited your profile that’s your secondary pin it’s one of the things you filled out Okay. We have sent a one time password So we have 2628 and this is my withdrawal history I’ve withdrawn several times during September And this is the good thing about Hashingadspace And my most recent withdrawal is in October and today is December 17 I usually receive my withdrawals within 5 working days and I’ll receive it I’ll do a part 2 full tutorial regarding our new plaform Waves.Exchange Good thing that it works on Internet Explorer Just don’t use the Brave browser because it’s not supported with the AdBlock So, that’s all guys Hopefully this video was helpful regarding Hashingadspace update and our new platform called Waves.Exchange Waves dex is gone and she moved here at Wavex.Exchange Regarding our givaway for this video guys because I don’t know what to ask I don’t know what to ask you regarding this video Maybe let’s just make this video reach 200 likes and comment down below anything you want to say and we’ll draw a random winner This is not a race, don’t worry Thank you so much for watching this video And if you’ve enjoyed it, give this video a like and subscribe to my channel, click on the notification bell so that you’ll get notified whenever I upload Don’t forget to subscribe to my second channel JhazeldeVera VLOGS. Okay. So, have a nice day, God bless and goodbye!

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  1. Hello po mam jhazel paano po malalaman kung update pa po yung account ko sa hashingadspace kc prang d po nadadagdagan yung asimi ko po.. pero na open ko po account ko nkakapag view po ako pero ganun pa din po yung asimi ko

  2. Ms. Jhazel, thank you po sa update. Ask co Lang po how how does Sales Affiliate work po and how we can earn from that po. Thank you and Godbless po ☺️

  3. Small youtuber here! 😍 Hug mo ko, hug din kita!😍 Lets support each other! 🤗May 200 ML diamonds giveaway po aq sa Channel ko, pavisit na lang po. 😍

  4. Hi! I have an account sa HashingAdSpace, and I started with a limit of 10ads/day then 25ads/day, tapos ang baba pa ng asimi rewards sa V2E.. took me 6 days to even make 1 asimi.. grabe.. how do you really earn from this kase even by minting, e dapat may asimi ka muna..

  5. Ms. Jhazel pa lagay ako dito ref link ko sa hashingAdspace..tnxs po.😊😘
    👇 https://www.hashingadspace.com/register.php?ref=JoanMHashingAds

  6. Nakakamiss yung naka tayo ka tapos colored background lang. Mas modern yung dating nun tska mas maganda ka po kasi wala kang headset. 🙂

  7. Maam, baka po pwede i promote tong pagkakakitaan ng ating mga kababayan. Sana po ay makatulong. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year po. https://ref.sharecash.co/enricomreyes

  8. How to sell asimi to waves new platform….
    This is the toturial that gives me a good idea and good earnings among i saw in youtube…love it ate so cool sana more blessing for you and for us that listen and love your type of sharing earnings anu daw balibaliktad na ata engles ko xoxoxoxox

  9. Hello my ask ko po how to fix this.Hindi po ako maka proceed sa next ads kahit na click ko yung Click 2E☹️

  10. Hashing Ad Space does not accept direct registrations. Please get back in contact with the sales affiliate that referred you to Hashing Ad Space and request their affiliate link

  11. Hello po maam @jhazeldeVera , ask ko lang po kung pwede ko po icopy yung URL nyo po para dyan ko po redirect yung mga magiging affiliates ko po para malaman po nila kung papaano gawin ang HashAds?

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