A dynamic purchasing system (DPS) is a list of pre-qualified suppliers who provide services commonly available on the market from which the Scottish public sector can invite tenders. Our experience overall has been very
positive, we’ve been able to bid for more opportunities with the Scottish public sector. We had to do something that was
different we had to look at ways to get access to more innovative suppliers. Certainly the experience that I’ve had using the DPS, it has provided access to more innovation. It provides access to those niche players within the marketplace. The attraction of a dynamic purchasing system to the supplier market is the accessibility to Scottish public sector contracts. The process to register from
a standing start so to speak will first of all be making sure that you are
registered on Public Contracts Scotland. All suppliers have to do is complete the European Single Procurement Document, answer a couple of selection criteria questions, and if they have capability in this space then they will be on-boarded to the system. Which then allows them to engage with organisations within the Scottish public sector. I think DPSs are good for businesses. One of the main realised benefits of dynamic purchasing systems so far has been SMEs getting acces to Scottish public sector contracts. The ability to put your requirements out to market, and receive responses within a shorter timeframe is very attractive to us as a buyer. The main benefit of a DPS compared to a traditional framework is the fact that a supplier can apply at any time. Everyone benefits from a dynamic purchasing system – buyers, suppliers, Scottish public sector organisations. Our first dynamic purchasing system was for digital services and since then we’ve put a second dynamic purchasing system in place for digital technology services. It was launched this year on 18 March. Within the ICT team we also have another three DPSs. We have one for telephony, one for
network advice, and we’re currently working on one for internet of things.

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