there all the new york city you are on
your doctor ali basha yellow ravi batra carol can turn in new
york our group good to talk to you again my brother i’m calling in the congratulations on
all the work into uh… bowed and to uh… hartman for what he’s doing um… i’m wondering of with the
situation your thinking probs and so forth and a signature book you wrote the
great depression of nineteen ninety i wonder do you think didn’t alice’s
still holding we may not be just heading for a mere double-dip but we may be heading for a
great depression i wonder how you think i met grand large-scale of thinking
you’re thinking is now thank you depriving them of that is section of the
precedent that america themandate about like that what we are prepared to
do right now it being bad and that uh… it directly he compared to a reminder
depression might be if we keep on going wagner for another four or five years number put out to be
called the great depression a of morale and confirm that but where the
victim and confrontational without car the a depression and that exactly what we have that we
have an extreme confrontation abrupt end getting there back when i feel that we are not going
to come out of the evenly iraq blue evaluation indy colony until friday at going back to tell you that i have indicating that we are going to have a
revolution in america for over five years than erika her chair and everything
would be required for being and back i would we would then have big resumes speculate calling the new
agreement is because it would be trapped where they live in the united
pick is sore you’re predicting basically is that people will realize how corrupt reaganomics is and supply-side economics and these
these insane policies we’ve been pursuing for thirty years and bridges throw the bums out bring some people in who will do go back to rational trade policies the
bachlorette rational taxation policies brought a strong social safety net and
and our country will work that that dragon pat buchanan demand
they be highway the elderly driving the planting when the where they are and then that badly but i have hype and living in by top high
unemployment care of that people are very angry it’d cedergren topic all in lucerne california ramirez doctor
alma mater yahoo darla doug your question for doctor dr i would imagine that you really thinks
we took action group doctor units tax break and political documentaries trach
tube wrote batata i didn’t i didn’t get the he was asking
if it if it’s conceivable all it would be you know a good idea or
a possible i’m not sure which uh… or maybe both to just simply roll back literally roll
back the reagan tax cuts and go back to the same tax rates and essentially the
same tax code that we had in nineteen eighty and definitely that’s why i have to do
to you by article cardinal that conduct nethercutt patient addict and editing including the beef i
d o going back to you both packed court so that this is the so we should go back to seventy four
percent top income tax rate on the rich and an average rather lacking was around
twenty three twenty four percent importer of fun imported goods and for those that was a source of
considerable income to the united states as well as scattered jobs here well i i i i don’t remember what director and i mean you will get on
a per child we should bendigo eliminating depression
figured attack from the minimum wage yet deduct up there should not be paying that pack rodolfo they do at the pentagon intact beguiling flattering to the creek lot of
jobs butler rather than the people are self-employed pro compact production but
noreply include taxing taxable and without the and news
corporation luther will soon jackie in napa county year-on-year was
uh… with uh… c we talked about the connecting here talk about that they
will keep my question is and people covered the
first part of the when you get that we missed it the people but that’s waiting
on october thirty years to bring up into the situation and like it that we can
tell and teaching help our children to understand that they don’t end up in
this country chu a shit fluids and that boat more productive people do you
understand europe and want to do it yesterday i got an american diplomatic
location profile thirty long article with little inside again i looked at the
plight of the economy we would totally set in the daily status player and it’ll
be all right around eight sisters in our newsletter is a folks are signed
up for a newsletter will be a sling to that but if you could pretty out many people
won’t be able to do that the other driving a car right now ur whatever i
think they have some people it facile with the web you want to
summarize a very quickly forced was dilute planner that had been a bit you and have avenue broke up demand productivity is an important part supply for a healthy economy supplier not being
required to demand richmond would not be in proportion to
productivity now over time character to grab a couple of newer
technology like the internet to computer than for all baboon learn about how do i will defend
oppression so demand and i would like to approach into supply in the past early bird on the diamond pilot who had entirely
having good productivity bacteria cognitive they’ve added director
playwright nodding and and to promote supply demand draft the damage had been to get a lot of
black and you know that i’m rather proud garlic bread on the other product that
had been married artificial added to the level of supply but that cannot good i’m glad i read because the time com interview about desktop driving because
bank would not allow anybody anywhere around
here out right here and i’ve got her
undergraduate right and i think i have heard that the other hand aggregate that worked out that way then the government had to include the
steps where a lot medical it couldn’t be sheehan uh… the buttoned into davenport the diamond network seven trillion according to the ingestion of ectopic
seven-year divert located that and that the jury said we should not be remembered them and
that we should call the pilot group that to you and we’ll go to the level of
productivity that the bullet that and and as simple
ways star status by raising the minimum wage the group and uh… uh… eliminating the record i
think they’re getting it up did not mention they cannot be archived being there that yagi known to have a better through
budget better that that uh… budget the deductibility gillooly one can have a lot are on the parenting plan of action
right but the wound up at a crime option buddha debt management program
said the good going to do and i wouldn’t be
here right that’s that’s that’s the stats x
the securities transaction excise tax that we had of
united states from from uh… what nineteen seventeen or
something like that until nineteen the nineteen sixties eighty four sixty thousand that night
and i’ve been trying to go back to that formality rebuild america rocket company per group two hundred billion dollar per two
hundred billion dollars and dump truck bomb entitlement sent
that well annually unit doing better than an accident and i’ll
do anything about income taxes and then the letter that led to believe that the
budget interestingly enough national as united is out promoting that
aggressively janet uh… janet on in the city for his two children erica uh… that unpacking holds in and you’re on the
receptor documents allen thank you doctor dr i want at or what would what would you think if
ireland grief particle uh… said no to the william f_ at
argentina did argentina came to recover rather quickly after that and that that that will be uh… that when uh… uh… it can happen but shotgun but in
the long island in the end of the better off of the cold right now and beyond that can be and and if you’re
around and acting new countries that dr approved by the party and uh… wario well that didn’t add to that i mean
human infection and they are going to a depression though so i’d argue that did the right thing regarding the hand you have been drafted
up although benefited under daryl lol with the united states we have just half a minute left here uh… is there a parallel with the united
states uh… blair underwood evolution are
limited and and and and that the current in that envelope and uh… he are admit
the big difference nato that kept the dent the silk road is called what it
would be the disaster tim geithner sign but dr dr ravi batra with him uh… always we we are fifteen seconds outright
static yeah okay direct that may have been prime time live here polytechnic stuff up file is part of the
day that week and we can get together in person doctor ali basha ravi batra dot
com is the website so thank you so much for being with us his request

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7 thoughts on “Dr. Ravi Batra: When Will The Recession End? Pt 2”

  1. in 1996 i read the Great American Deception: What policians wont tell you about the economy and your future…my high school teacher saw me reading that and her eyeballs almost popped out! lol.

  2. @optionsupdate Ravi Batra base hes concept of PROUT economy.. pls check its about time PROUT is the answer.. PROUT means.. progressive utilization theory.. its the anti thesis bet. capitalism and communism..

  3. @captcrais101 yeahh batra is well qualified for that position. hes kind of person who are different from mainstream economist. he's thinking was inspired by great pschic p. r sarkar

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