dr barger welcome back to the program tied to the tropical art i’d i wish you
lived closer we can have a beer once in awhile suck but i think that there would
be nice uh… any handgun i wanted to get your cake on the
this so uh… don and and and i i think john
sent you the link the the uh… this blog by uh… fellow bloggers unlawful
combatant and uh… his suggestion that but he’s got to really spot on economic
analysis it seems to me anyway new suggesting that did he says there was no real new growth
engine the brunt of the great depression other than time and any says there’s
been no cause there was no cause for g_d_p_ to expand the way i did since two
thousand he was driven by adept finance penning
overvalued homes in derivatives and so therefore the crash really just kind of took us back down to where
we normally would have been but because we had all re calibrated ourselves for the what we thought was the new
normal about you know great growth frenzy in the bubble when the bubble
popped enter this back down to the normal line it seems so bad that we freaked out
seized up stop spending that was just below the normal i know that that kind
of depression tappan and you are going to get that out of the best time unless unless we do something radical like
change structural stop watching their trade policies in and uh… our trade you know i did
change my government spends things as we do the great depression i business
making any sense to you yet and i would make a lot of and uh…
i i uh… that that uh… dictators admittedly it yesterday detective purdy or a good engine that
could not have to dialect bilang uh… there are no other good ended in
the economy that good for the heart of their profession and uh… and the government borrowing is not a
good thing to have their doctor media backline for the economy so unless we have baking kitty form that i
mentioned uh… alone will be forwarded my email to charlotte today good morning i’d like to add a reform that we are not
going to come out of the three fashionable okay i’ve missed the email account that
you can afford to me what what are the reforms that your suggestion sir well i i i would have been record-low
although i work for you that had been interviewer nineteen eighty i’d like to be one hundred and took a
look so basically it’s a home run during the
reagan revolution dot in another part of the park were great create greater trying out electric and
magnetic fabric figured trial attorney bed then leading media is trying to a company more than i read
them they’ll probably more people uh… then not letting them then it
would be a good idea of the things that have been following the purchasing power
company limited either that or not id photo the remember coming that we have to get
to know i’ll quote and i let me go that uh… but we are
not going to come out of there it sounds to me like what you’re saying
and boiler our listeners know if you if you have a question for doctor batra eight six six nine seven two chilam as
our telephone number will be taking calls for him uh… after the after the
break it’s only what you’re saying is rollback
reaganomics theflydrifter lag reaganomics rollback
comply trying to go on the richter linda program complied articulated
clearly cut to pick up another economically but
uh… that uh… we have to do it all back all that not that one little thing uh… they’re trying to do a provided
that that that now and if you’re going to be if they did
after by that time but they’re far enough a whether that fit that looked at me economical economy life support now and
it should withdraw that life-support well collected right well is speaking to you you don’t do politics uh… but the dot i do in
from from where i’m sitting what it looks like if the republicans are doing
everything they can to freeze up and end and destroyed the economy the
united states between now and november so that the the voters will blame the
president ford you won’t get re-elected uh… without asking you to comment on
the political uh… motivation a bad uh… used the economic reality of that
in fact the policies that are being promoted right now by largely republicans although there
are some democrats and for that matter the president is talking about cutting
spending are these by these policies going to
lead to i hate double-dip recession to a l curve
like nouriel roubini was ingesting the new york times back in march uh… you know flat out uh… you know a decade of
no-growth whatsoever disaster uh… you know i i i know the great depression and
where are we going i think we are if you’re going to a double-dip but
maybe even worse because remember god i let him perform without blind at the
end of the economy in a normal economy employees i’m really glad that applies
equally demand event everybody know that supply should
be part of the mandate to have imbalance are deeply hidden in the economy batman the economy of the book you have
it in the advantage of government spending now narcotics far right at the front
that i would be good demand black dialect abiotic val impropriety but i think that after
you and because of that include inkatha kennedy and you know i did not have any problem
we have no doubt not going up north of bangkok thailand for it looked like a thriving you or
making that link windshield with bala the temporary economy you’d academic
spending time with that if it had to keep writing erotic it took me a copy of the u_n_ bad
we lose now they’re talking about cutting the
government spending probably cutting the garment that’s perfect that means we’re going to have and that
allowed off nearly double a_ off and i think that we could never in the
profession right now we’ve seen uh… as a result of m of uh… the procession in part but uh… in twenty five states that our basic that are republican
controlled we have seen taxes cut since obama came into office spending-cut and massive job layoffs of
government sector employees and in those twenty five states we have
also seen g_d_p_ good down and unemployment go up in twenty four states
that are predominately democratically-controlled we’ve seen
tax-increases spending increases g_d_p_ co-op unemployment go down it seems like a fairly straightforward
laboratory and and and for that matter yeah when
you say give government debt i who could be just be government spending have
taxes if taxes go up and at that particular they go up on
money that otherwise wouldn’t be circulate in the economy there are other
wise be stashed in swiss bank to bank accounts they’ve been can’t government spending
play a role in this uh… i don’t began attending can’t deliver all the
fact that we have to think about grief as well as grief and portugal that uh… i mean look at what what’s
happening there it cannot people are going indefinitely uh… and uh… throw it that cannot
happen that can’t happen then eggplant color that yukon bar anymore and at that time
interest rates showed up bender tornado fighter economy full i wrote the
depth of that thing would be too conduct and ethics of sharply animated backfire and then gradually uh… interdepartmental forms like raising the minimum wage uh… also cutting the budget deficit rarely doctor crap warily the threat we can bring our economy or
other defects in the equity i could be american economy problem our liberty media football group have been a problem have not had a parent company that but that didn’t happen we’re talking about here on the other
hand sailors said they were talking about her doctor are you going to be
right back deep robert and baltimore maryland
brother you are on the doctor robin patrick you have a question for him we’ll come back we’ll talk about drugs uh… book talk about re you recommend
to the past uh… t to uh… that she was gold a corporate personal finances
or hate it and uh… i’m wearing uh… uncommitted
jittery about the stock market now and uh… if i had a few bucks a night that i do uh… irene i’m thinking about uh… uh… solar panels for my house uh… actually where do you remember
that so solution goals uh… and uh… that way i can take a classic
rates of wealth accused of palm springs and uh… a different time uh… uh… group people expenses uh… would you recommend that as as as
a way to uh… stamped with a personal finance regular
and then ill keep in mind the doctor boxer is an economist he doesn’t do
personal finance counseling kind of things it’s a very different thing but
or doctor barbut thoughts on that if he lost a western money to have full
of single that uh… the honor’s house yeah i would like a good idea of the
causa it’s good for all of the for economy
provided in in in that area that i have to get the attack it as well so that’s why i think with a pretty good
idea we we’ve talked over the years and
you’ve been doing of regular on this program for a further well over half a
decade and uh… apologists how uh… there are there are times it seems one
commodities are going up and there are times when when equities are going up in
commodities are going down like this kind of cycles uh… yet any quick thoughts on that
we’ve got about a minute happy we’re going to
use to have had been a very good in a restaurant no and uh… that have been declining
that for a long time but not by friday that it you should buy panetta called
maybe fifty fifty dollar that at least ah… they’re not going to find out about and
i know that you you had your goals positions so you talked about that yeah
i really really divided well that’s what i i i do in hindi you can buy d_o_d_ start with you to do
that goal word and then you can cancel option ligated pleaded for a monthly
income as rose right and and if the crashes you you do you get you don’t get
hung out to dry that’ll happen protection uh… binu do you think the would just be
parenthetical here do you think that that commodities in general go away all
these other things are are at an all-time picker and are they going to
continue with our week and then are we seeing crew inflation what one thurgood uh… we don’t know about this budget
deficit debate going to be my until that day but they’re going to
be exactly kat in government spending even if lowly
dual pat v and expedient mhm and to approve it that the carbon by that i mean
company-wide attendant a fifty billion dollar drug
two hundred and fifty two hundred billion dollars every year bag that economy than leave you double the profession then all of
the collapse although a little bit nervous because in
order to have a different doctor i would like your hands that will
rejoin our commercial radio station saying

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17 thoughts on “Dr. Ravi Batra: When Will The Recession End? Pt 1”

  1. My 5 point plan (in this particular order):

    1. Put the FULL Glass-Steagall firewall back up IMMEDIATELY so the states can balance their books rather than austerity. 2. Withdraw from the WTO and repeal ALL of our "free trade" agreements with dictators (also tax the shit out of offshorers). 3. Place a 1% Tobin Tax on all securities and repeal the income tax. 4. Force all bankrupt zombie banks through Chapter 7 liquidation and triage all of the derivatives.

  2. 5. Sieze the Federal Reserve and put it back in the hands of Congress. Offer 0%-1% credit to manufacturers, supermarkets, auto shops, small business, etc. NOT TO HEDGE FUNDS, ETC.

  3. Thom believes that all money from billionaires is stashed away in Swiss bank accounts. While some of their money may be there, they do invest the money back into the economy through purchasing their own stocks, investing in other companies and growing their businesses. A good portfolio would have about 1/4 in currencies, 1/4 in precious metals, 1/4 in bonds and 1/4 in stocks. My point is that money is typically diversified, not just in a bank making 0% every year.

  4. @ggadguy It isn't some, it's most. & the small portion of their stockpiles of cash that they do use to buy back "their own" stock helps only their bottom line, not the country's. The methods that they invest in their businesses doesn't translate into adding jobs, which doesn't help the part of our economy that desperately needs the help. I wouldn't doubt that diversifying is nice but the majority of this country isn't in position to because they're struggling to keep up w/their essentials.

  5. @MrGnarus The Chinese manufacture solar for us suckers. Actually 80% of the green stimulus money ended up outside this country, mostly in China. The Chinese use coal powered plants and put plenty of sulphur in the air. That's cheap energy. Solar energy costs about 40x that per kwh. Subsidies and tax breaks are the only thing that makes solar marginally cost efficient, but that's just hiding the costs, putting the burden on taxpayers.

  6. @megagagnon1 how come every time the minimum wage is increased employment goes up? Facts don't back up your belief

  7. @jeslyfirefox We're not seeing the demise of capitalism, we're seeing the demise of crony capitalism with a huge socialist kicker. Out of control spending (the federal budget has doubled over the past ten years) and multinational corporation rule have destroyed this country.

  8. @megagagnon1 why crony capitalism?? it is the capitalist principle that they applied and put in practice. capitalism is a principle of greed it only support the selfish interest of a few people. it creates unbalances bet. haves and have's not.

  9. Capitalism is about trade. I value your hot dog more than i value the two bucks in my pocket, and you value the two bucks in my pocket more than you value your hot dog, so i trade you my two bucks for your hot dog.It's a win/win, we've both perceived gain. Crony capitalism is when a multinational corp has distorted the hot dog business, has paid politicians to write regulations which makes it impossible for you to sell the hot dog for a reasonable price, so all that biz goes to the multinational

  10. If you imagine a football game to be capitalism, then crony capitalism would be when there's a football game where one team bought off the refs.

  11. @megagagnon1 a good analogy, and further the team that bought off the refs called everyone socialists living off of everyone else's money whenever they cried foul.

  12. @megagagnon1 I think you are talking about business. I understand capitalism to be making money on money. Once I have enough capital, I don't have to work, I provide the capital for various business ventures to get started and once started, by contract I am guaranteed income from the profits. There are very wealthy people who inherited their wealth and were guaranteed never to face financial insecurity so long as a government was in place designed to honor and defend their capital.

  13. @megagagnon1 How do yo define "socialism" ? I certainly agree that to just give everyone a flat paycheck wouldn't work nor does allowing a few to have all of the wealth work, the latter is absolutely un-American. We don't bow to monarchs. A major quality lacking in the debate is the wise mind. Seeing that there is truth in both extremes the wise mind can tolerate the polarity of the extremes and not judge them as good or bad but rather derive balanced thinking by integrating them.

  14. So now that 3 billion new (India, China, Russian) capitalist workers are now competing for our "white collar" educated high skilled jobs, will the American middle class ever get out of this hole? Where are the new middle class jobs supposed to come from (now that they're rushing abroad for lower wages)? Do corporations create jobs or do small entrepenurial businesses create more jobs?

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