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80 thoughts on “Dow Drops As China Trade War Escalates | Velshi & Ruhle | MSNBC”

  1. 'Trade wars are easy to win.' – Donald Trump

    Guy can't even comb his own hair, talking about trade wars….Jesus Christ.

  2. The world economy is going to hurt as we get into a trade war with China…but China will hurt a lot more then we will. They been ripping us off for years and they must be stopped before it's too late. Billions of dollars are already moving out of China, China's worst nightmare…BRAVO TRUMP.

  3. The Trump Slump Is Now In Full Effect. Those Of You Who Choose To Support This Maniac Deserve The Result. Less & Less 💸 Unless , You Are Ultra Rich Like Donald. Then You Make Money. That's , MAGA.

  4. Find out which Trump Family and Associates played a major Market Short today and watch how they pay back Donald Trump and/or his family for talking the Markets down.

  5. lol check that DGP chart, do you see Obama years compered to Trump ? durrrfffff of course you don't because MSNBC wants to keep their viewers uninformed

  6. 23 trillion in debt
    Think Americans are being conned everywhere
    You need to support that bill somehow
    How is the question?
    I know steal somebody's oil like the last time

  7. And I thought that Loony Tunes was cancelled in 1969, but here's trump:


  9. Trump is a fools heron. I’ve said over and over China is not a real estate deal. Trump is trying to bait and tariff tactics which has come to pass. China is not Mexico sorry it’s going to get crazy. Trump is a darn fool. I wonder how long would it take the American people to figure this out.

  10. During the last recession I watched Velshi everyday on CNn as I was unemployed. Totally trust him…he's a rockstar

  11. Always Great time to buy when the market drops.. China is going to pay dearly for their espionage against the USA the LAST 20 yrs .. I want you all to know where the heatwarped and melted steel went that was pulled from the rubble at ground zero on 9-11. I'm sorry for the people of CHINA whpo are going to bear the pain that is coming for failing to stop their evil government

  12. Xi picked today today to threaten a tariff escalation, because he wanted Trump to go off the the G-7 in the biggest possible dither. He seems to have succeeded. We will have to wait til next week to see if he goes through with it or not.

  13. And on cue , msnb🤡 playing right into China’s hand , by trying to convince stupid people that America is doomed to lose this battle
    China needs our economy , we don’t need the Chinese economy
    Pull your big boy pants up , pay a little extra , and start backing America , instead of China !

  14. I dont believe it that this is happening? China will never back down… they are good at waiting out for very long time… its people are used to living with minimum needs… Finally mr Trump has got into a powerful nation.. China is not Iran or NK or Iraq or Russia… now we will see the match…

  15. Since Bill Clinton, the globalists rob the American people by moving the manufacturing in China and then selling back the goods in USA tax free, because China (and other countries as well) were exempt from taxes. Go in the mall and check the labels, everything is made in China. When Trump said China robbed usa about 500 billions, that only the Chinese share, no the globalists one. that's the reason the media "hate" Trump, they are paid by the globalists!

  16. China is used to dealing and surviving in hard times. The people know how to survive on the very bare-bones minimum. Unlike the people of America. And Trump, doesn't know how to form a proper and complete sentence as of late.

  17. SAME OLE THING!! Usually the press don't like GOP administrations per say, so usually they invent the "sky is falling economic scare tactic" until they get a democrat as President …

  18. I hope 40% of all Americans lose their jobs. The 40% who voted for Trump and who still support him. Now that would be karma.

  19. DJT is an addicted doubling-down, all or nothing gambler. He said "all my life has been a bet". Few such people win in life. Actually there are many of those among them who live in ruin, wretched lives. DJT is nearing his end. A pathological liar and racist, there is now blood in his hands. His rise to hold power of a superpower nation appears to have been the end of the line. Mueller said he can be tried after he is in the WH. And, of course he may be impeached before. Certainly his fall will be spectacular on world stage. And, that could be an example in human history and all societies. It will be well known around the world at in this easy and fast communication… serving a clear example of how to get rid of dictators through a fair and legal process applying the laws within the Constitution peacefully, under the rule of law, to get rid of DJT. A spectacular fall seems only appropriate for the criminal acts of a doubling-down gambler whose questionable and Machiavelli power grab was equally notorious and ominous, and unseen, in the USA.

  20. "China is hurting more than America"
    Yes, because America paying more tax for 200 billion dollars worth of goods is definitely less painful than China paying more for 75 billion.

    Great maths right there.

  21. Why have Rogoff on? Colbert Report summary of Rogoff findings? http://www.cc.com/video-clips/dcyvro/the-colbert-report-austerity-s-spreadsheet-error

  22. I wonder how many trips into the bush would it have taken before lieutenant Trump would have been fragged? I'm going to say 2.

  23. He "TRUMP" is a LOOSER and finally all you farmers, coal miners , steel workers , auto manufacturer's , religious fanatics , gun enthusiasts, all who hoped he was the chosen one , now know he isn't , he didn't only screw you all he screwed All of America and may be the single most reason that we lose the battle to be able to survive on this plant. Get him out !

  24. Stop talking recession. trump just broke the world economy. And as long as he is named trump, China will not be dealing with him at all.

  25. Ha there's many consequences for having trump lead the free world from Agriculture to Vladimir Xi ohhh Zillions of reasons

  26. …If this is some attempt to return jobs to America, companies will just go to India, if they leave China at all.

  27. No, China is not losing more than the US. The massive decline in the US's global standing is priceless, it's something they've always wanted, and they're getting it for next to nothing.

  28. America is screwed.. Thanks a lot Trump supporters.. We better pray that China doesn't call in the loan this country has with them.. This is just really messed up… I have a 401k and an IUL and it's not good!! He blames everyone but himself! This is all on TRUMP!!

  29. The Harvard guy is very short sighted n is talking based only from the view point of the US. Yes, thing's have slowed in China, but they are hardly suffering bcoz the fact is, they REALLY don't need the US. They're doing trade AND investing in so many countries around the world – from South America to Africa, India n Europe to Australia n New Zealand, the US is nothing more than just one slice of a really big cake. China has been investing heavily in infrastructure not just in China itself but even in the countries I've mentioned AND farming too! Listening to this guy shows me that even so called experts in the US can be dumb.

    The only way u can even begin to get a clue of the vastness of China's real strength n power is to travel extensively there to survey the cities, the economic systems n idealogies n maybe then u can start to understand what a giant China is. This video is white talk by white fools. Sorry, I don't mean to be racist but that's the truth. Americans don't travel much n their perspective of the rest of the world n how the rest of the world operates is very narrow bcoz they're looking at the rest of the world through a keyhole. Time to wake up n get real … If u don't, u won't be able to get smart.

  30. Trump is really really smart… This is a three birds with one stone move. 1. teach China a lesson, eventually force them to get in bed with American business and give US companies the ability to penetrate 2. Get stocks depressed now to pump them up next year before elections, controlled explosion (a.k.a. fireworks before elections) 3. Look tough (appreciated by his core base)…

  31. No Velshi, your show is promoting recession propaganda. That's what you're doing. Ain't gonna be a recession. Bet on it. Ooooh 30% chance. Ooooh, I'm so worried.

  32. Trump still doesn't understand what a trade deficit is and he still thinks that a trade deficit is what China steals from the US each year.
    He still says that China is paying for the tariffs on Chinese goods coming into the US and brags about how much tariffs have been collected to bailout the farmers. Can someone please explain to him that is dangerously wrong economics guided by backdoor economists. Trump is being laughed at by the world business community as being helplessly stupid.

  33. Speaking of the recession, the Energy sector of Western Canada is in the middle of another recession. We understand the pain of the rest of the world.

  34. You mean The Obama Recovery is ending, as the 1% puppet drumpf transfer our wealth to his 1% masters. Sadly they were only able to grab $2 Trillion before things started turning, wonder why. That's ok, your 1% owners are not done with us yet, we still have pennies!

  35. Sorry we don't need China who Ripped off America for DECADES because past presidents let them get away with it and did O to stop them because America was supposed to fall into a THIRD WORLD COUNTRY but our great WINNING President Trump saved America and he will be REELECTED IN 2020 MINUS THE CORRUPT DEMOCRATS IN CONGRESS WHO WILL NEVER AGAIN BE IN POWER GAME ,SET, MATCH GOD WINS= TRUMP WINS=THE AMERICAN CITIZENS WIN.DRAINING THE SWAMP

  36. What people should be investigating is who is benefiting from the market changes each time Trump pulls a stunt that throws Wall Street into a panic, and their relation to Trump. THERE you will find your smoking gun.

  37. I can give you the number one reason for this recession we are in today that is Donald Trump's tax cuts to the billionaires and corporate overlords get them back you could also go to cut the military defense complex funds, they don't need a 20th of what they get.. The recessions gone.

  38. Trump, who played a successful businessman on TV, has been taking advice from a TV economist. What could go wrong? Putting a tax cut on the nation's credit card was a terrible idea in the Bush 43 administration and it has not improved with age in the time of the Trump team.

  39. Trump dun even know yet what he want to tweet ..not until he and his cronies get a fix on their positions in the stock market.. whether they are in long or short positions …then the tweets will come accordingly 🤣🤣🤣

  40. When economic downturn hit, those already in debt will always be hardest hit.
    So what US debt now..26trillion.?
    Americans cant survive through the next month. Most of you guys are just $400 away from $0 in the bank.
    Good luck to most of you.
    Your high calorie burger is about to get much costlier.🤣🤣

  41. The only way for Trump is down anytime you take from the poor and give money to the rich God will punish the country look out more hurricane and tornadoes and Fire taking money from the rich that is evil money

  42. Trump’s strategy is totally based on bluff. His assumptions about China is history of 20 years ago. The truth is US cannot take the pain that China can. China is playing a long game, they plan 20, 30, 50 years ahead, unlike the US on every quarter and 4-year, max 8-year term. Like the Vietnam war, US will lose even with overwhelming military might because it is fighting with the Chinese human spirit of resilience and nationalistic sacrifice. US cannot even stand not being able to buy Christmas gifts such that Trump has to shift the tariff start date to December.

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