Subtitles by fignyafsyakaya Soulcube: Use us! Commando: RAWR! DIE! Soulcube: Use us! Soulcube: Use us! Interesting… Ah! You surprised me! I’m glad to see you. I would have hoped they would have sent more than one guy, though. I’ve been studying one of the specimens we brought back, to see if there’s something physiological that would be a weakness, a way to stop them. I’ve found nothing so far. Haven’t had enough time. I’m going to stay here and keep looking. It’s the only thing I can do. There are combat supplies in the storage cabinet in the next room. The code is 624. I hope you can use it. Commando: RAWR! Commando: YOU WILL DIE! Welcome to the Delta Complex Stasis Chambers. This facility was constructed to house and study the extra dimensional beings which were recovered during some of the first teleporter tests originating from Delta Level 3. While little is known about their native environment, the specimens appear to be carbon based lifeforms, with extremely high heat tolerances. The epidermal tissue is extremely resilient to abrasion or incision which has complicated internal studies. Observational studies have shown incredible strength and agility, as well as the ability for some specimens to manifest and control cohesive plasma masses. The method by which these plasma masses are created is yet unknown. It is believed that the specimens possess a rudimentary intelligence and social structure, as was demonstrated during the first tragic expeditions through the portal. While the cost in human life has been great in acquiring these specimens We hope to one day complete genomic mapping and begin to answer the many questions we have about these entities. *You’ve already watched this* Hello? Is anyone there? Hello? Is someone up there? Please, unlock the service hatch! What!? No, NO! OH, GOD, NO! OH, GOD! AH! AAAAAH…! Soulcube: Use us! *We’ll see this video a bit later* Uhh, this is the audio log of Research Director Larry Bullman, October 19th, 2145. I’ve been examining the glyphs on the cube-shaped artifact, which some are calling the “Soul Cube” and, combined with previous research data, it is my conclusion the device is some sort of weapon. If the power fluctuations would stop long enough for me to get the linguistics CPU online, then I am sure my theory would be verified. You know, I’ll take this opportunity to lodge yet another complaint about the continual power problems living in this god-forsaken base is bad enough without having to watch the lights flicker constantly, it’s just… …well, never mind, back to the task at hand. What I’ve deciphered so far is a bit, I must say, disturbing. It seems that when one has possession of the artifact, if one inflicts damage or possibly kills another being, it extracts power from that event somehow, and once a certain threshold has been reached, the artifact has the ability to kill anything you attack with it. How you attack with it, I’m frankly not certain, indicating that the artifact is autonomous in some way. To date, I’ve only deciphered about, hmm… 2/3, give or take of the markings, but… my initial glance at the rest of them indicates it harbors some far greater power. As you know, at this time we have not seen any reaction from the cube, and it has withstood any; scanning, abrasion, or other test beyond picking it up and examining it. I suspect that just like the civilization that constructed it, its capabilities are diminished to the point of being useful… only as a paperweight. End of log. What you see before you is a relic code-named U1 or simply, Soul Cube. It was discovered in 2104, located in a geographic region where UAC researches have unearthed evidence of a long lost civilization. We know nothing of this civilization, other than they existed and that they were all wiped out in some type of cataclismic event according to what we’ve been able to decode from stone tablets found throughout the ruins. What clues we have been able to piece together reveal a culturally advanced society whose technology can only be described as mystic, as evidenced by U1 strange characteristics. Efforts to further examine U1 have been futile. Mass spectrometer and radiation scanning methods have failed to provide reliable identification of the molecular make up of this artifact. The object cannot be weighed and in all tests we’ve been unable to determine its mass. All attempts to physically manipulate or open the artifact have been met with no success. We also have had no success in deciphering the symbols adorning U1. What we do know is that the thermographic readings are constant, unwavering temperature of 98.8 °F. Our research continues and we hope that with continued investment and research we can one day soon, learn to exploit the technologies that make up U1. Dr. Betruger: I have the “Soul Cube” in hell, and you will never find it! Soulcube: Use us!

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