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100 thoughts on “Donald Trump Grapples With Self-Inflicted Economic Wounds As Markets Plunge | The Last Word | MSNBC”

  1. Notice how the liberal left libturds behave like a moronic temper tantrum idiots. They cant argue with facts instead they scream hates and verbal abuse.

  2. that guy who prayed to pelossi should have done what the usa does all the time, should have destroyed the dow jones, nasdaq and snp. they do not like a country they destroy it.

  3. 💁🏿‍♂️"Every country has the government it deserves" and "In a democracy people get the leaders they deserve." – Joseph de Maistre👏🏿👏🏿👏🏿


  5. Here it comes America. Obama spent two terms rebuilding the economy, Trump has taken less than one to bring it down. You were told, you were warned yet you still voted this turd into office. Now you get to deal with it.

  6. Trump failed as a president no matter how much his supporters sugar coat his performance. His failing base will not be enough to win 2020. Sit down Trump and let real policies repair your damage.

  7. An inverted yield curve is irrelevant. The central bank can buy the securities with yields "too high," which will drive the price up and the yield down. It can fund those purchases by SELLING the securities with yields "too low." Trump is too stupid to understand that most Treasury Securities have set rates of interest, i.e. nominal yields, and there's nothing the central bank can do about that. And he's also too stupid to understand that no one will buy them, or hold them, if the yields are too low.

  8. Donald Trump, bless his heart, is the reason we should never vote for someone, who has no experience in politics. We, the American people, do not have the time to wait, while he learns how to be a good president.

  9. Get pelosi out of there. She gave that money to the banks then those idiots in the gop took power again. That money should have been given to people forgiving student loan debt and stimulating it from the bottom up. So sick of the investor class acting like the market is relevant to normal peoples lives.

  10. Trump will simply tell his base that these indicators are fake news and debt is good and they will just go with it , like the way my dog chases a frisbee…he needn’t know anything about frisbees and my be happier that way…just like a trumpster

  11. i cant stand trump, but this is a very disingenuous argument, as the last time the dow lost 800 points, it was at half the value it is today, therefore, comparing the two the way you did is dishonest..

  12. Welcome to World War III – Manipulate the USA into putting Trump in the White House – Then collapse our economy – tada not one bullet and your enemy is no longer a threat

  13. I really don’t watch much news I just stay really busy running my small business. Is this really happening?

  14. Forget lying traitor rump! O'Donnell, why don't you cover something helpful, like RIP Medical Debt, which has helped thousands of families with their crippling medical debt, especially veterans? The Damage Report on TYT has a great video on it.
    Also, O'Donnell WHERE IS BERNIE? Don't be afraid of losing your job. If fired by msnbc for following Bernie, you could find many other jobs. they may not pay as well, but huge amount of money is not that important, is it?

  15. screw the top 1%—give us our money back you pretentious carpetbaggers,,,Walton fortune alone could wipe out the national debt and give us a surplus,,no more welfare for the top 1% and robber baron monopolist socialist.

  16. Anyone raised by a Narcissist could of predicted how disastrous it could get if Poster Child Narc Daddy was elected.
    It can still get much much worst actually.

  17. Now that sotero's COUP has failed, WHEN do the trials for Treason begin? The U.S Constitution has a cure for Treason. Love of country Trumps hate for Donald. MAGA

  18. Games with Taxpayer money. Ban Trump and Vote out sitting Republicans.
    We have Impossible's in our White House, Senate, and major banks!!!

  19. Funny how the banking industry was bailed out & they turn around and screwed the American people. Donald Trump cutting back policies from the Obama administration continue to castrate us as consumers. How soon we forget.

  20. “I wonder how many times you have to be hit on the head before you find out who’s hitting you? It’s about time that the people of America realized what the Republicans have been doing to them.”

    ~Harry Truman

  21. … Have yourself a Merry Little Christmas … Election year's on it's way … Inverted Yield Curves are gonna screw your Holiday … So have yourself, a Merry Little Christmas, anyway …

  22. What a moron. This dude takes idiocy to a new level. I am SOOOOOOO glad I know the truth. Others can keep drinking the kool-aide.

  23. So you think a purchased degree makes you an expert? What a joke. A Master Plumber once told me that only 1 in 10 licensed plumbers are actually good plumbers. I quickly realized that statement could easily be applied to any profession. Just to be eligible to take my master test, I had to achieve 10,000 apprenticeship hours and 10 years of service. So you can't tell me some 'D' student getting a PHD is some sort of expert. Get real. Oh yea, this is fake news.

  24. I hadn't realised that there was an "election season". I thought it was a straight 4 year cycle that just didn't stop – ever.

  25. Fraud Trump is reaping the financial rewards for the US whiich will bring our country down. All due to Fraud Trump, Fraud Trump, Fraud Trump.

  26. Which country saved US in 2008? China. Why China? China considered US as a customer. China doesn't want to see US to go down. Trump has no clue about the history. This time, China is not going to help US because Trump hurt China's feeling and economy. You're on your own, buddy!

  27. Quit listening to 45's stupid economic statements. Isn't he the one that had SIX business ventures go bankrupt? Now here is a genius.

  28. It just goes to show you. That the world may be coming to its last days if you are someone who knows the Bible you have to save yourself my God. What is up should be down what is down should be up thank God for Donald Trump he's our only hope fake news you're done if you were in California. The reason why I say if it's because he will sweep the rest of the states as God is my witness please vote President Trump there is no one else Godspeed go President Trump we love you we love your family

  29. The USA gets what it deserves for picking such a POS for president and THEN continue to let the fool run amok. Oh, but hey, on the bright side, apathy and racism is still alive!

  30. Darkness (empty numbers) exist so that stars (hearts, poets, artists, musicians and mystics) have a place to "be". Not the other way around.

  31. So, now that we're phasing out China as our source of cheap consumer products, which tin-pot dictatorship are we going to feed next?

  32. oh please…. msnbc wastes our time with the dance around a recession…ffs… it will be timed exactly as it ALWAYS is…the day the dem's take control, America will suffer the results of the repulsican gorging on our economy…..

  33. There's a respectful way and a disrespectful way to speak about our president. A classy way and an un-classy way.

  34. There is no grappling on trump's part. He only cares that he is loved by all. So long as he appeals to his racist base and they love him, he is content that he is doing a great job. The emperor fiddles while America burns.

  35. People who voted for this unqualified, inept and narcissist knew this before hand . He couldn't manage his own money or businesses. He then in turn hired other unqualified people to be in his cabinet.

  36. Every time that the ultra rich get their huge tax cuts from the republicans the economy tanks and the Democrats have to save their sorry derrières F.D.R.,Obama,and whoever’s the Democrat in 2020.

  37. Obama made a great speech about the Repugnicans and the economy. Something like, "The Republicans drove the car into the ditch. The Democrats got it back out and now the Republicans want the keys back". "No, you can't have them".

  38. It seems as though Trump is intentionally trying to destroy this country- economically, socially, environmentally, constitutionally. He is terrifying and I fear for this country, it's people and the whole world because of this man and the cowards around him.

  39. we should not have bailed out goldman sachs. the people going bankrupt was worse than goldman sachs going bankrupt would have been, and we would have been rid of that giant parasite.

  40. Fake News lies! Djia bounce-back 9600 points and the last 2 days and the economy strong with good GDP and strong jobs growth just a bunch of left hard socialist fear-mongering.

  41. How is he not impeached and fired already!? He publicly lied, he is unable, and unfit to hold the Office of the President. This should be the end of politics and democracy as you know it.

  42. Is it bad to hope for a long sustained crash if it would take out the tRUMP presidency in 2020?
    Cause I'm not thinking it's not that bad of a thing if we could get rid of tRUMP.

  43. Trump didn't realize as long as the middle class of society were evolving the American economy would be okay, but he had to give tax cuts to 1% of society. Make them richer, oh well! It's all over, the fat lady can sing!!
    One Nation under God!

  44. He thinks this is all a game with winners and losers. This is peoples lives hes "playing" with. Hes tanked the whole world economy with his economy of chaos!

  45. And today… 26300… Lawrence O’Donnell cannot be trusted not because he isn’t intelligent. But because he takes whatever situation is available and slants it… the yield curve is not inverted one day later. And now Lawrence won’t talk about why he was wrong… he will find the next thing. Sometimes trump is wrong, sometimes he’s right… news people should analyze news

  46. let the world economy crash and make Trump own it. Trump must be stopped at all costs to prevent his alt-right fascist coup of his swamp monsters and deep state operativeS. THE USA CAN SURVIVE A CRASH, BUT NOT A TRUMP TYRANT SUPPORTED BY RACIST SYCHOPHANTS (GOP) WHO WANT A DICTATORSHIP

  47. Let’s all agree that after a Democratic president once again cleans up another Republican’s mess, we are done electing Republican presidents. Deal?

  48. WOW. This is the biggest echo chamber I have ever seen!!! Y'all know those aren't windows, right? They're painted on.

  49. I might have heard you wrong, but did you say Neanderthal? That would refer to the largest brained known variant of our species.

  50. Lawrence O'Donnell laid out some grim facts. America is doomed because Trump and his cabinet is too incompetent to prevent, or, deal with a financial crisis.

  51. "No one will bring Donald Trump bad news"…sounds like another historical crazy moron who brought his country to the brink of destruction and who's staff were afraid to bring him bad news and that person was Adolph Hitler, the similarities are frightening,

  52. Will youtube PLEASE stop adding mainstream media to my autoplay? I've NEVER purposefully clicked these channels, why does it always try to push it on me?! I watch TYT and Secular Talk

  53. this raporter is a manipulator of information and data ' a scam , liar i cant believe you those people on tv in amercia

  54. He didn't lie, but really believe what he avocated. That make him to most stupid president in the history of mankind.

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