Hello I am Dr. Dhananjay Chavan dermatologist hair transplant surgeon HairMD and ClearSkin Pune dear friend today we are discuss about dermaroller and microneedling this is helpful treatment modality while treating hair loss and male or female
pattern alopecia or androgenetic alopecia every age and patients are taking treatment
for this with various expectations mainly in alopecia
hair loss male pattern and female pattern hair loss patient expectation is to maintain what is there whatever hair are there they wants to maintain that
second important thing they want new hair growth
on their scalp whenever they are feeling there hair was lost there was lost Devansh
new hair growth and they won’t improve thickness of
their hair and density should be improved this much expectation they keep every patient
keep whether it is possible yes with the help of
the traditional modalityin the sense finasteride and
minoxidil which is traditionally used to control androgenetic alopecia male pattern and
female pattern hair loss this treatment modalities only useful in 40 to 60% of patients remaining
patients do not disturb response to this traditional line of treatment do not fulfill whatever
Expectations patients having why it is occurring yes when we are going to pathogenesis of hair
loss alopecia male or female pattern hair loss
it is found that multifactorial exact etiology not known
it is multifactorial genes then genetic tendency not only hormones inflammation various types
of deficiency of growth factor new hairs are
not properly form thinning is occurring stress nutritional deficiencies Lifestyle pollution
everything is contributing in hair loss or this pattern hair loss so not a single treatment
only finasteride or minoxidil is able to control all these treatments with
this treatments are able to control this able to control
the hair loss that’s why along with the traditional treatment there are various supportive
treatment which are that and out of that important treatment modalities you know it is platelet
rich plasma or PRP microneedling or dermaroller
low level laser light therapy is there Mesotherapy is
there these are the few too names today we are going how Derma roller supporting this
traditional treatment modalities or how it is going to
give response aur supportive treatment modality for traditional
line of treatment in today’s video we are going to see how Derma Roller is done why
it is done are there any scientific proof or
study to support this whether it is useful how much it is useful
why it is useful and when you can do or when you cannot do
we see all these things in detail in nutshell if you can want you can use this supportive
treatment microneedling dermaroller who support your traditional line of treatment finasteride
minoxidil or whatever your doctor treating doctor suggest it is useful it is useful but
what next we are going to see why you are using
this why you should concentrate why you should do it
under supervision of your treating doctor or your treating dermatologist or hair specialist
who suggest you to go for Derma Roller it is not 100% FDA approved treatment but it
is evidence based scientific lot of research is going on this
this is useful our Indian doctors and Indian researchers scientist those have publish
lot of papers on this and it is finding very very much supportive to routine life of treatment
around 40 to 60 % patient respond to finasteride and minoxidil but remaining don’t respond
in such patients how this is useful first we will see how dermaroller might be
acting to support to treatment how it is acting dermaroller is a simple procedure first
we will see how it is a done it is a very simple
procedure dermaroller multiple stainless steel medical grade needles are put on roller and
those roller they are rolled on the skin surface
we are using non scalp we are using non scalp epidermal minor trauma are there done this
minor trauma is useful why it is useful in giving and stimulated stimulating hair
growth or making hair strong how it is happening after doing Derma Roller
there are minor injuries minor microchannels are form through these
minor micro channels when skin healing starts at that time
lot of growth factors comes there platelets comes in that area and all these things cascade
wound healing what is does it is bring their growth
factor start stimulating newer vascularization or new capillaries are formed in that area
blood flow in that area are increases important things with this Derma Roller whenever
wound healing starts that time we can see stimulation of various stemcells
which are present On hair bulb and buldge area
those stemcells are stimulated those stemcells try to form new hair
those hairs in dormant phase those hair which are in continuous long term telogen phase
those hairs stimulated or those hairs are very thin which are not growing to them also
with these Derma rollers improved vascularization excess growth factor comes there and stimulation
of Buldge bulb it start growing those villus hair thin hair and slowaly those villus hair
thin hair comes out and those villus hair thin hair
become thick and they become terminal hair and these things
occur and that’s why I say with the help of Derma Roller Many hairs grows density starts
improving hair thickness start improving hair loss
usually gets control along with traditional line of treatment whenever we do treatment
with dermaroller then surely we will see the improvement and we can augment
effect traditional line of treatment show with the
help of Derma Roller there is a stimulation of newer hair growth improved thickness of
hair and it is supportive treatment of the routine
and traditional line of treatment this thing is important then how it is done
already I will show you instrument this is DermaRoller this is having the rolls over
the skin of the scalp and these are the medical grade stainless
steel needle and this is rolled over the scalp especially you want better result then you
have to get it done in systematic way at the Dermatologist or treating doctors clinic if
it is done under sitting under guidance of doctor then it is really good
really helpful because in doctor’s clinic more than 1.5 up
to 2.5 millimetres dermaroller they are use but when you do at home when it is given for
home treatment then only 0.25 to 2.5 millimetre dermarollers
are given to you those are not much useful that much good
for to stimulate the hair growth so these to get the dermaroller done what precautions
you should do you should have hair which have trimmed very
thin otherwise hair may tangle in this rolling rolling rolling should be done in
all 4 directions it is done in Star shape fashion it is done there are different types
of protocol which are used by different clinic usually
what protocol we are using every every weekly for
one month we do then every 15 days for another 2 month we do then every month will do for
another 3 to 6 months so with this very good results
are there and while doing Derma Roller we take precaution
that those patients who are having scalp folliculitis we do not do those patients which are much
sensitive for pain usually there is no pain bearable bearable is uneasiness on the Scalp
if those patients are too much pain sensitive we try to avoid this dermaroller or we give
0.25 to 0.5 millimeter Derma Roller so such a newel non-surgical
non invasive very simple procedure gives you a supportive treatment modality
to treat your hair loss especially pattern hair loss it is one of the important treatment
modality demanding treatment modality in case of hair
loss or alopecia one more thing about this all these
treatment modalities they are supporting because exact pathogenesis exact etiology of pattern
baldness female or male pattern hair loss it is not
known it is complex Still there is no single drug or
single treatment modality which can give you 100% result another important thing when there
is a grade 6 grade 7 or when there is slit baldness no
treatment can regenerate hair back or they will not be make hair
thick dense or no no hair will come once hair become totally slit baldness so no treatment
can stimulate hair again so it is better to treat it whenever
there are hair loss but few hairs are present on your scalp
especially Grade 2 grade 3 grade 4 up to grade 5 you can treat it or you can regrow hair
with the help of traditional treatment modality and
supportive treatment modality like Derma Roller Derma Roller can be combined with any other
treatment modalities which is available especially it can combine with PRP
Mesotherapy or low level laser light modality can be combined so it is one of the simple
and effective treatment modality you can do under supervision
of your doctor then you can do it your home also
so if you are doctor suggest try to do it because it will give you best possible result
which are available you do it you do it under supervision
of your a doctor after knowing it is your hair
loss is pattern hair loss androgenetic hair loss then you can do safely with the guidance
of your dermatologist I think have to try to clear
majority of doubts about use of Derma Roller still if
you got any type of difficulty any query you can ask this below
video link you can ask us or you can go to our website
you can ask for given mail also second important thing whenever with our whichever your friend
or any family or family friend if they are suffering
from hair loss you can share this educational channel link to your
friend and your relative also if you can like you can comment it and all the best for treating
your hair loss thank you thank you very much

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