*Music* Timothy Monahan: You Know, I came to the thought of going to law school late in my life. I had moved out from Minnesota to Idaho to go to school and I was interested in natural resource management and so ultimately I ended up taking the LSAT and applying to CU and I knew that the school was highly ranked for what I wanted to do I wanted Natural Resources and Environmental Law. Ken Salazar: Tim has been an incredible part of the last 30 years in the legacy of Colorado and the celebration of our public land and our great spaces. The quality of life in Colorado is truly dependent on our mountains, our rivers our parks, our wildlife areas Those things that make Colorado a very special place and as a leader in the Attorney General’s office including being the first assistant to natural resources Tim has left an indelible mark on the state of Colorado that will benefit not only today’s generations, but generations for many to come Monahan: I like public service because I’m working for the public good and collectively, it just makes me feel good. Salazar: Tim Monahan is one of the outstanding public servants of our lifetime, in my lifetime. and Tim’s contribution to the natural resources and to our public lands, our environment here in colorado is second to none. *Music*

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