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35 thoughts on “Democrat tax plans will destroy the economy: Rep. Andy Biggs”

  1. I know how to get Congress's heads out of their A&&'s DEFUND Democrat members of CONGRESS until these people pay back all of the money squandered on the FAKE WITCH HUNTS and IMPEACHMENT FARCE. If this is not OPEN and FAIR then SHIFTY should be charged with TREASON for attempting a COUP.

  2. WAKE THE HELL UP!!!!!!!




  3. Democrat strategy….lose, lose, lose…then, in the end, cry victimhood. This way they can score public opinion points and radicalize their base. They'll lose and have everyone convinced that the republicans were so thick with corruption that they had every angle covered. So much so that even with a sham hearing they couldn't get him, thereby setting off massive rebellion.

  4. The problem for Taylor is the president sets foreign policy. They don’t have to like to. They are sou chefs not the chef

  5. the tax everyone should worry about is the tax that Trump is pushing with the FED when they do quantitative easing print funny money to give to big Banks it dilutes the rest of our money which is a tax this is the biggest tax hike in history on the lower levels of the population by diluting this money they make our money worthless it is the biggest tax they were schemed since 2008 the FED no longer has to ask Congress to bail out these Banks and they are printing money at high speed every night this is the true text that everyone should worry about the socialist tax of corporatism

  6. Just love the fact that Fox has the hearing chat on for "select invitations only". In lock-step with the Dems. You're shady Fox👎P.S. I see you're listening Fox, and now opened the hearing chat for We The People.

  7. Trump wants to weaken the US dollar so they print funny money to dilute our money but the thing is if you make $15 an hour as a diluted pretty soon you're buying power is $7 an hour it's the people on the lower end of the working scale that this new tax is going to hit the hardest and it is a tax the bailout the very rich corporations that can't get enough

  8. Elizabeth Warren is another Obama she is nothing but corporatism as soon as she gets in there he wants to turn everything over to private government partnerships just like Trump and what this does is give certain people and unfair advantage in our economy is socialism folks the government's picking the winners and the losers when the government teams up with somebody and monopolizes things like energy railroads things like that with government subsidies that's socialism folks this is not free open markets poor people can't open a lemonade stand outside their house without asking the government

  9. It was Trump's tax plan that has exploded the deficit and brought us to the brink of a recession.
    They are lowering interest rates and spending billions on stimulus to prop us up.

    Reagan started the big deficits
    Clinton left us with a surplus
    Bush left us with a collapsing economy with 15% unemployment and a 1.4 trillion deficit
    Obama got us down to 4.5% unemployment and 400 billion deficit
    Trump has us back to 1 trillion deficit, and on the brink of another collapse.

    The conservatives have been failing on the economy for DECADES
    now our infrastructure is failing
    our justice system is a disaster
    our school system is failing, except for in football
    we have 40,000 people a year dying for no healthcare

    Conservatives have proven they worship Ayn Rand, and are working hard to turn our nation into an Oligarch paradise.

  10. Adam Schiff and Nancy Pelosi's SHAM impeachment is TREASONOUS and extremely costly. They are attempting to OBLITERATE OUR AMERICAN VOTES!

  11. Don't watch Fake impeachment. The Coup planned BS! Refuse to give any legitimacy to networks trying to profit. Unless FOX. Of course. Just don't buy in… Wait for IG report. If that fails.. I guess we should support demise of Law & wall street in fell swoop.

  12. I heard it from a friend that heard it from a friend that Trump will serve a second term!

  13. if the economy is doing so great. Why did the FED just inject 112 billion dollars into the stock market? And why do we have the biggest national debt in history?

  14. I doubt the hype.
    We’ve had plenty of democratic presidents and still managed to retain the title of The World’s #1 economy.
    If anything, Reaganomics and both the Bush’s administration were pretty rough.

  15. Dems will not give one thing to Trump. They have went over the edge and they know they can't come back. There will be no agreements or policies made. The democrats or should I say the deep state is in control and taking their orders from the dark side. Until the Republicans can see what's ahead of America they will continue to make their talking points and never hold them accountable. Graham needs to focus only on the President and open up another inquiry on Biden/son, Clapper, Brennan Etc, Etc, Etc.

  16. Every Republican swore the Clinton tax plan which increased tax on rich people would crash the stock market and cause a recession. In fact the stock market tripled, a huge number of new jobs were created, and the national debt was almost completely paid off.

  17. Let's hope that Schiff gets caught in the criminal investigation. We know that he's been dishonest all along. Certainly he's violated his oath to support the government, and he's certainly not focused on the conduct of government. He should be removed immediately.

  18. Tell us again how many times a republican admin bloats the budget and tanks the economy and a Democrat had to come in and try and clean it up…..right…..what did the Republicans do for america when they had power…..gave millions to corporations and crumbs to americans per usual.

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