Deku is a person that’s so real and lovable
that you would have to be a straight up bitch to be mean to him or wanna do harm to him. He has the look of a typical shonen character
with the same type of motivations but his path is quite different. I think we all agree as fans of the anime
and manga that Deku ignites this spark in all of us that makes us want to be better
and help others. There’s some things that we can learn from
the shy Detroit smashing green haired superhero. The next symbol of peace. Deku was born without a quirk(superpower)
in a society where more than half of the population has one. All he wanted to be was a hero just like his
idol “All Might” the number one hero in the world. He sees his peers acquire their quirks over
time while he doesn’t and he finds out he will be quirkless. You see his world shatter into pieces. Then to make matters worse his mother and
his idol All Might tell him he will never be a hero. Not only does IDeku get a quirk but he becomes
the greatest hero of all time. In a situation where no one believed, he was
the only one that did. Remember the episode of “Boy Meets World”
Where Topanga broke up with Cory and she went out on this great date with another guy and
Angela told Shawn that the relationship had no chance of happening again? Shawn told Cory what Angela said and Cory
said something interesting in response to Shawn. He said “It’s weird” and Shawn replied
“It’s weird that it’s over?” And Cory replied “It’s weird being the
only one that knows that it’s not.” Izuku was the only one who believed it wasn’t
over for his dream. Fuck limitations. If you look for excuses you always find them. Deku didn’t look for an excuse he looked for
his destiny instead. The power of “One For All” takes a serious
toll on Deku’s body when he uses it. He doesn’t know how to control the quirk
yet. Physically as the series goes on Deku’s
body changes. He’s in super muscular shape but that isn’t
enough. Although his body can withstand the punishment
of overusing the quirk it’s only so long he can keep that up. Deku is an intelligent kid so he turns to
his intellect to get through the obstacles in front of him instead of relying just on
the quirk itself. You can have all the talent in the world but
if you don’t have the work ethic, discipline, or intellect to add to the talent then you
will limit yourself and never reach your true potential. I can workout at the gym 5 days a week and
have the talent to lift everything in it but if I eat poorly 4 outta 7 days a week I’m
limiting myself and none of the work I do in the gym matters. The results I want won’t show. I’ll still be outta shape. My weightlifting talent wouldn’t be enough
to get the body I want. It’s a mental workout also. Your mind has to accompany your talent also. Deku had a mentor out the gate. All Might just didn’t know he was that mentor
yet. I tell creatives all the time that they don’t
need a mentor in front of them to have a mentor. Pharrell Williams is my mentor he just don’t
know it yet but until that day comes I’m learning from him from a distance because
it’s the only option I have. Deku did the same thing with All Might. All might was always his mentor even before
they met. Izuku embraced apprenticeship. He enjoys being the student. All Might brought Izuku to his calling which
is being a superhero. We all need help in finding our calling which
is why it’s important to embrace apprenticeship. Don’t just admire people. Go out and practice what they do and preach
if you feel it’s right. The people who put their independence and
ego to the side are the ones who achieve greatness. Nothing timeless is built alone. Izuku didn’t get to where he’s at alone. Embrace apprenticeship. Deku is very polite and helpful. He was constantly bullied as a child and instead
of trying to get revenge he always would come back around and still try to hang out. Bakugou was a little bitch towards Izuku and
Izuku STILL considers that asshole as his friend. He has greater powers than Bakugou now and
could literally knock his face off but he doesn’t. He kills him with kindness. Midoriya goes out his way to help everyone
even people who are mean to him. All that shows us is that he’s the most
mature kid out of the group. I love taking notes. I cannot function or write anything without
notes. It’s a habit of mine. Deku note taking is probably his most underrated
power because the note taking allows him to analyze his opponents and have a strategy
before the battle is even fought. He knows the pros and cons of hundreds maybe
even thousands of heroes quirks. It shows that he loves what he does. It’s that kind of discipline that will take
him far. He’s ahead of his peers and it’s mainly
because he studies the game. You probably hear this everyday in some way,
shape, or form. No risk. No reward. If you don’t take a risk then nothing is
going to change. Opportunity not coming to you. You have to go to it. Izuku took a huge risk by attempting to save
Bakugou despite not having a quirk. If Izuku never did this then All Might would
have never saw him and give him “One For All.” The risk Midoriya took was huge because he
put his life on the line and that risk changed his life and helped him start his dream. He knew that there would be pain involved
but he took the risk anyway and it paid off. Izuku is unsure of himself. It’s why he’s the most relatable anime
character. Even though he has this amazing quirk he still
has doubts, fears, and insecurities. He’s not a headstrong guy. He’s timid and sometimes has very poor self
esteem issues despite being the strongest. We all have insecurities but it’s how we
confront and deal with them that makes the difference. Midoriya is different from all the other Shonen
main characters. The big difference is that he’s not making
a declaration every episode. Luffy said he will be King of The Pirates. Naruto said he will be Hokage. Midoriya just wanted to be a hero just like
All Might. He never talks about how great he will be
or he will be the best. He’s a quiet dude. If he talks about being the best it’s always
on the battlefield while in action. He let his actions speak. Talk is cheap. Declarations can be shackles. Don’t declare anything if you’re not disciplined
enough to hold yourself to it. Stop telling everyone your goals and dreams. Tell yourself those things and work towards
them. The people who constantly make declarations
publicly are the ones who are always full of shit. They’re all talk. I see the same cycle. Person makes a declaration on social media,
then they don’t deliver and people hold them to that declaration and now they feel like
a failure because they didn’t keep their word, they get inspired again from their idols and
then make another public declaration, fail again and the cycle continues. The reason they’re failing because they’re
doing it for the wrong reasons. Shut the fuck up and make the declaration
to yourself. Stop trying to prove shit to people who wouldn’t
bail you out of jail. Set the goal in your mind and start working. No one needs to know your progress. No one needs to know your happiness or sadness. It’s YOUR journey. Not ours. You’re not obligated to share anything with
anyone but yourself. I’m sure everyone was cutting onions in their
house after Episode 4 in Season 3 where Deku fought Muscular. It gave us all the feels and the soundtrack
to the moment definitely helped also but that moment is why Izuku Midoriya is so inspiring. He put his life on the line for a kid that
hated him. Izuku cared just as much about Kota’s feelings
about his parents as if they were his parents too. Izuku took that emotion along with his beliefs
into battle with him and that’s how he was able to overcome that battle. He simply cared more than his opponent did. He fought with a purpose versus fighting just
for the sake of fighting. Izuku greatest strength is that he cares more
than anyone that’s in front of him and he cares about the right shit. That’s why he will be the greatest hero. He’s selfless. He wouldn’t get to where he is now without
caring. The villain “Stain” respected him because
of this. He seen that Izuku cares about the right things
and is not about attention or recognition. He saw that he genuinely cares. It’s cool to care about things I promise. Care as much as possible because that’s where
our strength resides. That’s where you can find your version of
your Detroit or Delaware smash at 1,000,000,000%

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