Hi friends, Vikrant Tongad here. Right now I am in Noida sector 91, where people are protesting the ongoing deforestation. The general perception is that only eucalyptus (safeda) trees are being cut down, which isn’t totally wrong, since the deplete us of of groundwater. But I want you to understand that eucalyptus is not the only plant/tree being cut down here. You can have a look of this Neem Tree. Many such trees are being cut here in the name of eucalyptus. The issue of eucalyptus is debatable, its removal or transplantation might still be sustainable, looking at groundwater depletion in Noida and Greater Noida. But what about the other trees? Other trees such as Neem, Badh, Peepal, Pilkhan are being cut down too. The authorities promise that only three to four thousand Kikar and other unsustainable trees will being cut down, which is misinformation. Most other trees are being cut down as well, for which they don’t have any permission. The Forest Department has also admitted that other trees, such as Neem have been cut down. Please join this movement, this is a people’s movement. Your cooperation is highly essential, since trees that can save us, are being cut as well. Thanks!

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