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16 thoughts on “Debunking The Crowdstrike Conspiracy Theory | NBC News Now”

  1. "Low IQ & Conservative Beliefs Linked to Prejudice"

  2. Looking into this now. It seems like what is missing hear is that the F.B.I. based their findings on Crowdstrike's report which wasn't independently verified because the DNC fought sharing their servers and physical evidence. Or so the theory goes. The claim is that Crowdstrike isn't impartial because it is serving the DNC who are invested in linking Trump to Russia.
    Trying to find info on this seems to show how much the internet is getting locked down.

  3. Trump the server was at trump tower and the other at Russian bank in new York which intelligence agencies said ya'll server was connected at all times during elections campaign. Traitor trump, new tee shirts and clothes, with Putin and trump on front.

  4. Are these guys reporters or disinformation agents? Kinda bold to make such claims when the IG report on Fisa abuse is going to be released soon. Seth Rich was Wikileaks source and he had hands on the server..Not investigating and researching such claims borders on obstruction of the truth. Some simple searches can lead to a great deal of questions that we need answers on like "CroudStrike" and "FusionGps" in the 2016 election meddling. We need Reporters! Not another obstructionist. How about William Binney? or https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4G48P1cTK-E&list=PLWkx8ELrX9IIg5xHnA7J13TcXWa22XT9C&index=25&t=0s

  5. Who wants to bet me that not only does the server exist but that its in the hands of the justice dept and they have ALL of lil Hillary’s deleted emails. Keep playing it up MSNBC! Itll be that much better when you have egg on your face yet again!

  6. How can our president be so clearly stupid and people still chose to follow him anyway? Unbelievable.
    It's about time we have this clear and respectable reporting. Since half our representatives in congress will not believe their own intelligence information. maybe they will believe this? Should I hold my breath?

  7. Huh… its almost like some random 20 year old just knows more than the person that has access to all of the US Intelligence.. not..

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