In the latest Cyberpunk 2077 News, we have
some very interesting lore updates and essentially confirmation that Michiko Arasaka will be
a character in Cyberpunk 2077. Currently little is known about Michiko, aside from being Saburo
Arasaka’s granddaughter. During the time of the Red, it was revealed that Arasaka had
broken into three warring factions. The Bakafu Faction, headed by Hanako Arasaka; the Princess
Faction, headed by Michiko Arasaka, Kei’s youngest daughter, who as a US citizen, allies
with the new US Government and the Rebel Faction, headed by Kei’s rebel son Yorinobu.
Mike Pondsmith revealed some new lore updates. Firstly, Michiko’s body guard is Kenichi
Zaburo, whom Mike considers to be Morgan Blackhand’s main rival in the entire Arasaka corporation,
in fact referring to him as a Super Solo, which is high praise indeed. Secondly when
bar hopping in Night City, Michiko apparently has a fling with Adam Smasher, the Cyborg.
Mike did not provide intimate details how she managed to interface with a 6”6 borderline
Cyberpsycho killing machine, so I will leave that one to your imagination. This lore is
part of Mike’s non-published content so, until its in print, it should be treated accordingly
as things might change. Mike describes Michiko as somewhat similar
to Battle Angel Alita combined with a mad girl genius. While you will meet her in Cyberpunk
Red, Mike strongly hinted she might also be showing up in 2077.
In case you missed it, Mike also wished everyone a happy new year via the message: “About
Frackin time you guys got here. I’ve been waiting for you for the last thirty years!”

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