We have been spoon-fed the notion that
creativity is the province of genius, to those few that have experienced
unpredictable flashes of insight in moments of divine inspiration. And that’s
just simply not true. “You cannot provide insights on things you do not know
anything about.” Listen, you don’t have to take my word for it; it’s all in this
amazing book The Creative Curve by Allen Gannett. And if there’s anything that’s
really amazing in the book that really stuck out was Allen talked about how he’s
interviewed hundreds of people in different industries creative artists,
chefs, painters, you name it and he talked about consumption and we look at
sometimes consumption as a bad thing like “we can’t consume too much”, but he
talked about how some of the best people in the world some of the most creative
people in the world consume about three to four hours a day that is about 20% of
their waking hours on consumption in their industry. Now, if you want to get
better at something if you want to know something to the best degree that you
possibly can, you’re gonna spend some time on it at the same time these
creative artists, these chefs these amazing people that are “creative
geniuses” actually spent so much time in their industry learning, putting
themselves in creative environments. Artists went to art shows and art exhibits,
chefs; they sat down at the best restaurants and tried food themselves
learned about the experience for themselves learning, consuming and seeing how that they could then do better themselves by putting them in other
creative environments and building off of that. But, they would not know that if
they didn’t put themselves in those creative environments and it really
rings true I remember actually a couple of years ago we were really spending a
lot of focus on our customer experience and I really truly remember its it
wasn’t about getting into the room with a whole bunch of people with a whole
bunch of whiteboards and coming up with ideas and seeing what sticks. I
really remember and it really stuck to me starting out going out to places so
we put ourselves in creative environments of those that were already
doing it really well. We went to Starbucks, we went to Chapters/Indigo we went to all these great places that had a stellar customer experiences
and we just watched. We just watched restaurants in action, we just watched
the experience unfold at Chapters and Starbucks and we just watched and
learned. We just consumed and saw what are other people doing and how can we
apply that to our business and it’s amazing what you can do when you truly
just sit, observe and learn. So there you have it “You cannot provide insights on
things you do not know anything about.” So yes, continue to create. Yes, start; but
keep learning and in order to provide the best possible ideas for your
industry, you kind of have to consume you have to learn you have to understand
first. If you want more of those insights check out The Creative Curve by Allen Gannett. Have a good one guys. #StayFab

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