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100 thoughts on “Coronavirus Outbreak Continues With Two New Cases In Washington State | MSNBC”

  1. This is why you do not strip down the CDC because of political games and this is why you do not strip down the FBI and other Intel agencies of the US because of political posturing. We need the FBI and the CIA to tell us the specifics about this virus was it because of foods that were eaten or was it created as a germ warfare unit? This is not a game, stop playing with the lives of Americans.

  2. Another real threat to public safety are those who actively avoid news reports because they just do not want to be informed – so no changes in behavior or safety precautions.

  3. We needed to shut Washington down the day we had the first case, by now it’s already spread to Illinois’s, and they are spreading it to the west coast. People need to be hung for bringing g these people home. Starting with William A Walters who thought he could override the president and bring infected people home, they should be placed at his deep state home

  4. Where did the damned corona virus come from, how China covered up truth last DEC.?
    <NTDTV> or <The Epoch Times> give you a shocking answer.

  5. https://www.breitbart.com/radio/2020/03/01/dr-marc-siegel-on-coronavirus-ive-never-seen-an-emerging-contagion-handled-better/

    Dr. Marc Siegel on Coronavirus: I’ve Never Seen an Emerging Contagion Handled Better

  6. This started because of the unknown pneumonia infection back in Sept

  7. This is exactly what happens when you bring sick people home from China and spread them all around the country if people don't see this was done by Design than people just don't see

  8. This is my opinion, I believe that Trump had something to do with it. Doesn't matter what it is. That could be us paying alot of medical debt so it can pay off their debt etc. PERIOD!!

  9. NIH/CDC: "Not IF the COV19 pandemic reaches the U.S.–it is WHEN. One to one-and-a-half years for a COV19 vaccine, soonest!" Meanwhile, Trump and Trumpettes: "Everything's fine, situation under control, carry on! We severely cut the budgets for NIH and CDC, got rid of the top health experts in this administration."

  10. Trump Has Sabotaged America’s Coronavirus Response
    by Laura Garrett

    In 2018, the Trump administration fired the government’s entire pandemic response chain of command, including the White House management infrastructure. In numerous phone calls and emails with key agencies across the U.S. government, the only consistent response I encountered was distressed confusion.


    White House efforts included reducing $15 billion in national health spending and cutting the global disease-fighting operational budgets of the CDC, NSC, DHS, and HHS. And the government’s $30 million Complex Crises Fund was eliminated.

    In May 2018, Trump ordered the NSC’s entire global health security unit shut down, calling for reassignment of Rear Adm. Timothy Ziemer and dissolution of his team inside the agency. The month before, then-White House National Security Advisor John Bolton pressured Ziemer’s DHS counterpart, Tom Bossert, to resign along with his team. Neither the NSC nor DHS epidemic teams have been replaced. The global health section of the CDC was so drastically cut in 2018 that much of its staff was laid off and the number of countries it was working in was reduced from 49 to merely 10. Meanwhile, throughout 2018, the U.S. Agency for International Development and its director, Mark Green, came repeatedly under fire from both the White House and Secretary of State Mike Pompeo. And though Congress has so far managed to block Trump administration plans to cut the U.S. Public Health Service Commissioned Corps by 40 percent, the disease-fighting cadres have steadily eroded as retiring officers go unreplaced.

    Public health advocates have been ringing alarm bells to no avail.

    Ronald Klain, who directed U.S. efforts on Ebola, has been warning for two years that the United States was in grave danger should a pandemic emerge. In 2017 and 2018, the philanthropist billionaire Bill Gates met repeatedly with Bolton and his predecessor, H.R. McMaster, warning that ongoing cuts to the global health disease infrastructure would render the United States vulnerable to, as he put it, the “significant probability of a large and lethal modern-day pandemic occurring in our lifetimes.” And an independent, bipartisan panel formed by the Center for Strategic and International Studies concluded that lack of preparedness was so acute in the Trump administration that the “United States must either pay now and gain protection and security or wait for the next epidemic and pay a much greater price in human and economic costs.”


  11. As of 03/02/20 in the U.S.A., we still don't have the testing kits we need yet; just announced yesterday that test kits for 75,000 will be released over the next two weeks, with 50,000 more following. Reported 15,000 sent out over weekend. Reliable testing protocol absolutely vital to assessing and containment of COVID-19! Health experts and American public both in the dark without massive testing about which Americans, how many Americans have COVID-19–and where–so they can be isolated and treated before infecting others. Health experts have criticized Trump administraiton for inexplicably not adopting W.H.O. test much earlier. In the U.S. the CDC has conducted just 500 tests for COVID-19 to date, with 88 cases now known in the U.S. For perspective, compare to the U.K., with a much smaller population, who already tested 10,400 people, finding 23 COVID-19 cases.
    ~03/02/20 Stock future drop 110 points on volatile overnight trading, indicating another rough week for Wall St. There are now new confirmed cases of novel coronavirus or presumptive cases in California, Massachusetts, Washington state, Arizona, Illinois, Wisconsin, Oregon, Rhode Island, New York and Florida.

    ~State of Washington announes sencond death from COVID-19 in U.S. 03/01/20. First presumptive death in U.S. also from King County on 02/29/20; a 50-year-old man with health conditions. Deceased had unknown origin of contact with virus. Long-term health care facility there with many sick elderly residents suspected to have outbreak of COVID-19. In response, Trump finally vows to screen travelers entering the U.S., but only from certain areas in a few select nations. No details as to when screening will begin, what the screening process is or how effective, or how many travelers will be affected.

    ~Number of confirmed and presumptive COVID-19 cases in U.S. has jumped from 64, to 71 reported morning of 03/01/20, now 88 reported morning of 03/02/20. Business and individuals starting to cancel travel plans due to COVID-19, both global and domestic, impacting airlines, hotels and many other businesses in a cascading effect.

    ~First case in NY state confirmed. Three new cases in Oregon reported 02/28/20, one believed to be from community spread. Now three from community spread in California; one in Washington, and one in Oregon state. Third case in Illinois announced in Chicago 02/29/20, first two have recovered.

    ~03/01/20 Two new cases were confirmed in Washington state in King County on Sunday, bringing that state’s total to ten. Governor declares state emergency. Rhode Island also announced its first probable case. Florida announced two cases.

    ~03/01/20 The White House has scrambled to gain control of a rudderless response defined by bureaucratic infighting, confusion and misinformation. “It’s complete chaos,” one senior administration official said.

    ~03/01/20 The FDA expanded coronavirus testing by speeding up hospitals’ abilities to test, though some worried that the changes fell short. The number of confirmed cases is likely to increase given the expansion in testing. Health and Human Services Secretary Alex Azar said Sunday that the administration is watching for possible drug shortages from disruptions to the pharmaceutical supply chain in China.

    ~03/01/20 Coronavirus has also caused significant supply-chain disruptions affecting toys, medical equipment, auto parts and smartphones from China, none of which will be easy to smooth out, even if the virus ebbs within a month or two. The twin blows to consumer confidence and supply chains have significantly raised the chance of a recession, according to economists.

    ~Trump administration ignored and went against the advice of CDC top medical experts, brought infected patients back to the U.S. from Wuhan, China on the same plane as uninfected evacuees.

    ~U.S. workers WITHOUT protective gear assisted coronavirus evacuees, HHS whistleblower report states. Workers received Wuhan evacuees at two military bases in California without proper training or appropriate protective gear, alongside CDC in full hazmat attire. Whistleblower claims they were potentially exposed to COVID-19.

    ~First suspected community-spread case in N. California was untested for DAYS after disease contracted. CDC acknowledged Thursday that a California woman with coronavirus was made to wait days before she was tested for the disease because of the agency’s restrictive criteria about who may get tested. As a result of this case, CDC announces a whole new testing criteria is needed.

    ~On 02/28/20, we learned that there is a second SEPARATE COVID-19 case identified in California. Indications are that we have community spread from the unprotected government workers Trump administration sent to receive the Wuhan evacuees–once again, against the advice of medical experts.

    ~On 02/29/20, two new cases of COVID-19 in California and Oregon announced. Total cases in U.S. now stands at 64. Trump continues to lie about the epidemic, insisting only 15 Americans are infected.

    ~Trump places science-denier V.P. Pence–who also has no medical expertise–in charge of Federal response to COVID-19.

    ~Trump continues spreading misinformation on COVID-19, overly downplaying risk and danger, contradicting his own administration's health experts.

    ~DOW loses almost 1,200 in biggest single day loss EVER. Follows two previous day market losses around 1,000–$3.6 TRILLION from the American stock market ERASED for the week.. After the week, total market loss now stands at over 12%, ERASING all gains made in the market under Trump over three years in just one WEEK..

    ~Face masks–which unless surgical-grade N95–have limited effectiveness and are impractical for extended wear. Recommended for those exhibiting any flu or cold-like symptoms; not yet recommended for those healthy at this point.

    ~CDC: "People should understand that their lives may be significantly disrupted."

    ~The American workplace isn't ready for an epidemic. Many Americans have no insurance, many others can ill-afford deductibles, still more can't afford to take off work when not feeling well; more than a third of jobs don't offer sick days, and even where available, they may have been already used, or employees try saving them for more serious illness–all making us extremely vulnerable to epidemics such as COVID-19. Many jobs in America involve low-paying work in the service industry, where employees are in constant contact with, and exposed to, a huge swath of the public on a daily basis. These folks typically don't get sick days or insurance benefits, and can ill-afford to miss any work because of loss of money and the threat of losing their job. Many are ill-educated, and may not pay sufficient heed to health warnings, further exacerbating the spread of the epidemic facing us all.

    ~In plausible worst-case-scenarios given the pattern of the outbreak thus far, the country could experience acute shortages not just in ventilators but also health workers to operate them and care for patients; hospital beds; and masks and other protective equipment. Trump administration facing increasing criticism for not using these many weeks after learning of COVID-19 to prepare increased hospital capacity, stockpile medications, obtain adequate amounts of respirators and other equipment that will be vitally needed in the U.S..

    “Even during mild flu pandemics, most of our I.C.U.s are filled to the brim with severely ill patients on mechanical ventilation,” said Dr. Eric Toner, a senior scholar at the Johns Hopkins Center for Health Security and an expert on health care preparedness. “I hope and pray Covid-19 turns out to be a moderate pandemic, but if not, we’re in serious trouble,” he said, referring to the name given the disease caused by the virus.

    ~“The Chinese bought us a month of time to prepare ourselves by imposing these astonishing and draconian measures,” said J. Stephen Morrison, senior vice president at the Center for Strategic and International Studies, which last year issued a report that identified flaws in the nation’s health security. “Unfortunately, we didn’t make good use of that time and now we’re heading into a very dangerous situation.”

  12. Got one American dead and more Americans dying from COVID-19, and who knows how many infected because this administration can't get its act together, still can't provide the requisite testing kits to keep the American people safe, still spreading extremely dangerous disinformation, dismissing a very real threat to public health as a "hoax."
    But all that's important to Trump and his ilk are getting laughs with vituperative, vindictive partisan demagoguery at their annual gala of gluttony CPAC conference–sticking it to the other side to assuage insecurities, so these losers can claim to be "winning." Pathetic, sickening, shocking, enraging, and highly alarming. BTW, the Presidency shouldn't be a stand-up comedian routine. We got a bad joke played upon us, instead of a real President. Big trouble is, Republicans just don't have what it takes to admit their mistakes–prefer to be yellow weasels bringing the whole nation down.

  13. Market drops over 3,000 in just three days, wiping out $3.6 TRILLION from our accounts and economy in one WEEK–setting records for biggest losses EVER in the stock market for a day and for a week. Trump, dismissing COVID-19 as a "hoax": "Our Big Pharma, Big Med, and disinfectant companies are prospering!"

  14. Yo Pence, don't you think you're leader is getting ready to dump you like trash. That's why people have to go through you..What a dummy

  15. This virus is airborne and very contagious. If a infected person coughs , sneezes or even breathes hard, the germs go into the air and float in the wind. The ONLY way to slow it down is to stay away from people and try to breathe clean air. Not everyone can or will do this. There will be people who are sick and contaminated who will go in public and cough with no regard for anyone’s life. Remember this, the Spanish flu lasted one season. SARS lasted one season. Every flu virus in the past has come and gone and so will this one. This is literally a game of survivor island now. Stay away from people because that is how this virus spreads, and you will be fine. The people in this news report dont understand this. If you notice the reporter is standing outside without goggles and a face mask. It is possible he was breathing contaminated air. The people pushing the sick to the ambulance didnt have full contamination suits . The virus in the air can enter your body through your eyes. Be smart if you want to stay alive. Stay away from people until this virus burns itself out next year.

  16. More people die from the Ebola outbreak, under Barack Obama's administration the mainstream media is weaponizing the coronavirus..

  17. Why don’t they close the boreder to China so we don’t get infection because I live in Seattle 😭😭😭😭😢

  18. If you confess with your mouth, "Jesus Is Lord" and believe in your heart that God has raised Him from the dead, you will be saved. Romans 10:9

  19. It is so disturbing that third world countries are more prepared for an epidemic than our country. I don't understand why anyone would cut back on the funds of the CDC when this department is the most important of all. Mean time we're told to stop buying protective gear like mask while all you see on TV are foreign countries trying to take care of their citizens. Than too, what's so disturbing is you have a female doctor on TV trying to tell people about different masks and not giving complete information on the different types for one's safety. This outbreak seems like it's an airborne virus and no one is even addressing this type of virus, and you need a different type of mask, the thin ones want really protect anyone from an airborne virus. That could be a reason it has affected people that hasn't been in contact with anyone that's known to have been affected. These people aren't giving all possibilities that will help our citizens. I don't think we can really rely on them, it seems as if they aren't willing to tell us the truth and protect us. We need someone that cares about our citizens like the other countries does, not only caring about themselves.🤔👪🙄

  20. It's so sad but God is punishing the entire world because of the pride and lack of compassion. Imagine no politicians, military etc can match up with this virus. This is sad but God gave the world so much time be to change from selfishness etc but no one wanted to do then right things and look now no one is tough enough for this!!! The Bible says if my People shall humble themselves, seek my face….. Then shall I hear from heaven and heal their land. Repent everyone repent. I live the experience of helping a lot of people around the country who coldly abandoned me in my time of struggles that even they caused. No President or world leaders have the power to protect us only God can but we must all repent and ask God to forgive mankind for evil hearts!
    Ken Ramnath
    Celine Int'l
    Wall Street, NYC
    [email protected]

  21. Significant number of floaters who are spreader of virus can exponentially contaminate a large population. The most vulnerable and those with underlying medical conditions are usually compromised, gets complication and finally pneumonia sets in. The body struggle to fight off several complications until they are overwhelmed by the shutdown of their vital organs and death will follow. Prevention and containment is the key word here. Please take every precaution everybody. Be safe and protect yourself. May God protect us.

  22. This what happen when USA fools mix with these FOREIGNER'S. ALL THEIR TOXIC DISEASED in& out this COUNTRY NOT SUPRISED so this world lives pay's for nasty diseased toxic CHINA they get what deserved eating all/any kind of diseased SPECIES.

  23. Damage control in effect. This comes several weeks too darn late. Remain calm. Vent on YouTube…it helps us all……Lets make CDC great again!

  24. This is all apart of their plan.

    Fake news, to scare everyone into letting them marshal law and start busting down doors to take whoever they want

  25. The message being potrayed or covered up is "everything is fine." Truth is the virus has been in effect since November of 2019. Did Trump administration know about this then???????

  26. this is thanks to all the asians that be eating any animal/insect that crawls, walks, runs, hopes, flys, swims and moves.

  27. I got. Extremely sick in December to Jan …. I had two fever within two weeks and the most extreme coughing with horrible chest pain I honestly think I had it . Unfortunately I couldn’t afford to go to the hospital 🏥 but I was able to recover after a month. . I know there are hundreds of people sick that like me haven’t gone to Seek medical help 😩

  28. Trumpy lies, pence lies, the whole GOP lies, so what's new?  God forgive me but I hope they all contract the disease.  But then again it's only a Democratic hoax right?

  29. President Thomas J. Whitmore: Good morning. In less than an hour, aircraft from here will join others from around the world. And you will be launching the largest aerial battle in the history of mankind. "Mankind." That word should have new meaning for all of us today. We can't be consumed by our petty differences anymore. We will be united in our common interests. Perhaps it's fate that today is the Fourth of July, and you will once again be fighting for our freedom… Not from tyranny, oppression, or persecution… but from annihilation. We are fighting for our right to live. To exist. And should we win the day, the Fourth of July will no longer be known as an American holiday, but as the day the world declared in one voice: "We will not go quietly into the night!" We will not vanish without a fight! We're going to live on! We're going to survive! Today we celebrate our Independence Day!

  30. I don’t believe trump or pence, I’m just gonna watch the cdc site, news. Can’t believe that admin.

  31. My mom said I might have the coronavirus because I was sick sense their coronavirus started and then I started crying because she said that I might die and I didn't want to die and I'm only 7 I'm Too Young To Die

  32. And it's going to be spreading soon in your studio and throughout your buildings. I will througjly enjoy watching the Liberal Media getting more and more infected.

  33. Remember Kendall Geiger was put in the system for the terrisom acts from 1976 well well well look who got the upper hand now

  34. No one is recovering in WA. 25 firefighters in quarantine, 20 + healthcare workers, a high school student, all those in the home…
    CDC announced they had no testing kits, or they were flawed. So this is already uncontainable.

  35. In my opinion
    I do see alot of information coming out all at once right before it hit here.
    I believe the virus is bigger then all is letting on.
    Take charge of your own future

    Zika Virus,
    West Nile virus , Ebola Virus
    Swine Flu, Bird Flu, just more DEMOCRATIC NONSENSE!

  37. Why don't these officials ask the sick people for permission to access the location history from their cell phones so they can cross-reference with each other and known locations of infection? This is why you need someone who actually knows about science and technology in charge of all this, not Mike Pence.

  38. Patient Zero…This is where the first passenger from Wuhan hit the ground with the Virus……https://www.cnn.com/2020/03/03/health/life-care-center-nursing-home-coronavirus/index.html

  39. CDC Its time to go in to Disaster Recovery Mode.. Every Airport all Levels , Baggage Claims, Carts, Cars, Transport, Shuttle buses, Every Airline All Planes, Gangways, Stairs , Boarding Areas needs to be Sterilized and Decontaminated / Disinfected inside and out thoroughly . Pilots and Flight Attendants typically leave one plane and go to Another plane through out their work day they could have multiple destination and Hotel Overnight Stays. The spread can come from movement to movement when changing flights Unknowingly. The Cleanup Process need to be put in place across the Country Immediately.

  40. Sounds like Pence is using the same strategy he used in Indiana when he “led” the state into the worst HIV outbreak in their history! Lie, deny, and pray the scourge away!

  41. We know that children have responded really well to coronavirus and I think this has to do with the recent vaccination. What else could it be ?

  42. Our immune system's stored memory of keeping antibody becomes less responsive over a long period of time, I suggest we carry out trials on elderly people after giving them all the vaccination yet again.

  43. Good news there only 22 cases ,glad they are reporting the number of cases, an at least the report says they are recovering,


  45. There are …as of today..only 223 deaths world wide…if you exclude the China numbers…only 223 …that's it…If you don't believe me…go look at the stats on
    worldometers . info coronavirus…..

  46. Can,t we prevent from this virus by increasing city temperature through artificial sun in earth orbit and using room heater

  47. Is it not a coincidence this virus is popping up all over after we bombed and killed a terrorist leader? It's quite clear it's being purposely spread as people with no travel history are becoming infected.

  48. Wuhan Virus (CoVID-19). .
    It consists of multiple clusters of pneumonia virus as the main stem. It uses a mixture to turn AiDS and Ebola viruses into tentacles, thereby facilitating the spread and expansion of the virus. Aerosol airborne infection is a biological warfare mixed strain virus developed by the Chinese People's Liberation Army p4 and p3 laboratories. (This is the focus of European and American issues and investigations.) China has denied the crime. The Russian Ministry of Health has reported a virus artificially synthesized by different viruses that barred Chinese from entering Russia.
    There is no complete detox method. Due to the leakage of the virus in China, the current virus infection in China is serious. The virus-infected cities and towns are strictly closed. Roads are forbidden for people to enter and exit to avoid being infected by the virus. Now the preparation of bags for the deceased is accelerated for millions People use. Wuhan, Hubei Province, China. This is the worst affected area.
    Currently, the use of anti-AIDS and Ebola virus drugs, how to mix and use anti-pneumovirus drugs remains to be studied. Scientists are working hard. At present, the virus has a vector of a super viral vector (super communicator), and it is impossible to determine whether it is a patient by measuring temperature, and the body has no abnormal appearance. The spread is fast, but the main method to establish a quick screening virus is to establish a virus screening.
    Scientists suspect that artificially implanted mixed strains, non-naturally variable strains will directly invade the internal organs of humans and animals, become the source of host infectious diseases, and are mixed strains of biological warfare viruses. Bats and other wildlife are not the main source of the virus, but most types of human pneumonia virus strains. After rigorous screening of various virus strains, experimentally implanted virus strains in patient specimens were tested and successfully screened for extremely strong toxicity. It is suitable for human parasitism to become a host, which can achieve the ability and purpose of human infection.
    The research direction shows that governments around the world are integrating virus isolation technology from all over the world to find suitable antigens, and first understand the virus variability and the formation of mixed viruses. Can AIDS and Ebola antigens be mixed with pneumonia antigens and used in the body? Whether a vaccine can be made is for further study.
    Currently, anti-AIDS and Ebola virus drugs are being used, and how to mix and use anti-pneumonia virus drugs remains to be studied.
    Prevention methods: 1. Isolate and observe, seal and disinfect to prevent virus transmission. 2. Inject hypochlorous water into the sprayer to spray the virus. The spray device has a good disinfection effect, and hypochlorous acid water is made of water and brine. And no side effects.
    3. Individuals should carry out self-management health education, wash their hands frequently, and people with illness or respiratory diseases should wear masks and isolate them at home. Do not enter or leave public clusters. Pay attention to personal hygiene education. 4. Public agencies and airport terminals, stations, port customs, hospitals, parks and schools must establish temperature monitoring instruments and strengthen the establishment of pressurized spray hypochlorous water disinfection devices to enhance the ability to block and isolate viruses. 5. Buses, planes, ships and yachts should be disinfected daily with disinfectant water. 6. Everyone has a responsibility to prevent epidemics, and you and I must protect the family. 7. Taiwan has rich anti-SARS experience, has strong medical research institutions and medical researchers, has strong ability to develop and produce viral vaccines, has the ability to quickly screen scientific detection agents, and has good medical management and virus Monitoring capabilities. It is be leader of another countries in the world to prevent the spread of the virus. The World Health Organization should not give up. To have enough energy to regulate the virus globally. This will be a tragedy for all mankind. Taiwan should be allowed to join the World Health Organization. 8. Countries should ban or temporarily suspend various large-scale collective movements, assemblies, cars, religions, political parties and dinners in each country to prevent the spread and spread of the virus. It is recommended that all social activities be postponed at central epidemiological centers in all countries, as epidemics spread rapidly around the world and the spread of the virus in Korean churches has caused a high number of people infected with the virus. Countries should suspend closed space activities, and epidemic prevention operations are no exception. The government will receive the support and cooperation of the entire people and appreciate the hard work of medical personnel across the country.
    If the epidemic situation intensifies and worsens, it is recommended to deploy in advance, and local medical staff is advised to conduct on-site consultation and treatment to avoid consultation and treatment in narrow and confined places to reduce infection and casualties of medical personnel. Local township offices provide outdoor space for medical staff. Actively deployed to reduce medical casualties and maintain combat effectiveness. For severe and highly infectious cases, a mobile capsule negative pressure chamber tube bed can be provided, similar to the experimental diagnosis and treatment bed type of a childcare box, allowing individual treatment of severely diagnosed patients. The device is used for static sterilization, irradiation and sterilization of high temperature and ultraviolet catalysts, and the central government will study emergency treatment. When major infections occur in the community, people throughout the country should wear masks as much as possible to reduce outings and parties.
    In the future, the government is advised to study the vaccine as soon as possible, and to conduct the research before the first transmission of infectious diseases in the community. Preparations for universal virus inspections and rapid virus screening tests can quickly grasp the biggest weapon of the epidemic, and strengthen the protection and inspection of the entire population to ensure national health, the arrival of the government and our support.

  49. How are you doing? Would this be nice if we were all able to ask this question – to one another.

    Could someone write “How are you doing ? “in another language and pass it on- let’s show each other we care during this unpredictable time.

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