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18 thoughts on “Coronavirus Concerns May Lead To New Travel Restrictions | NBC Nightly News”

  1. if Trump does it …it will be the first right move he made…should of contained it at the source weeks ago in China. Americans quarietined inchina with American doctors!

  2. its sad when something like this happens and we have to depend on these moron politicians, all clueless and liying

  3. This a lie trump told them to let the market and stock Take my go up because he was afraid of looking bad longer than a day. The stock market is still lowest in history probably.

  4. Here is my thought ,they don't know what they are doing. We are going to lose people we love. While they are all in a fk bubble , away from covid 19. What they should of done ,was cut off all travel in to the united states and out of the united states. We were doom from the beginning. Thanks fking world you fk us. One more thing china is Fking lieing about what's going on, I see what they are doing welding doors and fking their people. May god have mercy on there souls. Have you seen what the virus will do to you? Think about this?
    1. China was covering it up, and a doctor sound the alarm, wait they had him sign a paper saying he wasn't going to do that again. Now he is dead , because they don't care.
    2. They shouldn't have let anyone out of china , and the princess diamond fk us too. The reason is the so call people who picked up the American, didn't have a fk clue , of what they were doing. Just like the American government.
    3. Trump no clue either, because they are afraid off him. Like Arnold says your fired go to the chopper lol.
    4 What the United states government should be saying is every american will have the best mask money can buy. They should be free .
    5. The virus will not die off, in the warmer temperatures, look at Florida they are warm and everyone is getting covid 19.
    6 . I believe they are trying to depopulated the world because they have scientist that say we are over populated, and we are fk.
    7 .Do you think if some one would say we are all going to die, and be honest? No then the world would panic and go crazy.
    8. Let's get this straight, if you wake up and the one you love is gone , then what?
    9. Here is the deal , pray everyday to god and Jesus that they will find a cure.
    This isn't a common cold or what ever it is, this is chemical warfare. Yes world hide all your missles, while each and every strong country can make a new weapon.
    10. Steven would say, we are all done for and if you dont get rid of this you are done.
    Give me the Ai take over at least I can destroy them some how with a gun.

    The last word is pray every day every night every min of your life, because your love one will have the last breath.
    Life is a gift , not a given. God bless and stay safe. Peace on earth.

  5. 20,000 have already died this year from ordinary flu. This BS is Internet sensationalism and to be blamed for the already collapsing western financial system. GROW UP.

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  7. Democrats are so evil. I don't want to live in my home country of the USA anymore. They make the coronavirus a political tool. Very pathetic.

  8. Those tax cuts for the rich have done nothing for we, the people! We are in a Health crisis…..first thing you turn your attention to…..MONEY!

  9. A germ-a-phobe. Didn't Donald Trump once declare that he was a germ-a-phobe. ( I believe he made that statement when the "golden shower" situation came up.)
    However, POTUS Trump stated at a recent rally that it was safe to be in the large crowd (even though the coronavirus is spreading everywhere ).
    The virus will definitely attend his rallies, in the large gatherings of thousands of people from all walks of life and from all parts of the USA.
    I wonder if any one informed germ-a-phobe POTUS Trump of this?
    Perhaps they did but he disregarded their warnings since , as he has always claimed, he knows better.
    BUT will he take the RISK to expose himself to the invisible coronavirus brought in, if by only one Trump supporter who has not been tested?
    Do you think that, being a germ-a-phobe, he will cancel the rallies or start doing them via video screen.

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