Here at NPR’s Life Kit Parenting Podcast
we’ve been looking into different strategies to help kids learn
self-regulation, which experts say is an essential skill for success in school
and in life, and today we’re joined by a very special
guest from Sesame Street who has a interesting relationship to self-control. Hey Cookie! Hi Cory! Hi. Yeah me, me self-control expert. Expert, really? Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah yeah me control meself all the time. Yeah, me told me feet
to walk to studio. Me told me hands to brush me hair for important interview.
Self-control! Cookie that – that’s not really what I meant by self-control. Oh. What, uh, what you mean? Well, I’m talking about self-regulation, like, staying calm and resisting impulses even when there’s something we really, really
want to do like, um, eating these cookies! Not eat cookies! Why wouldn’t me want to
do that? Well lots of reasons. So self-regulation helps us learn. It helps us stay healthy. It helps us get along with other people, so, for example,
we have these beautiful, fresh, warm cookies, but what’s missing? Um, they’re not in me tummy? No. Our friend, Anya! Oh, Anya. Wouldn’t it be nice if we waited to
enjoy them with her? Yeah, me see what you mean. Me going to give it try. Where Anya? Don’t worry. It’s just gonna be a couple of minutes; she’s stuck
in traffic. OK, me can do this. Me can wait. Wait for Anya. Oh. Oh. Ohhh! This not easy for Monster! OK, stop. Think. (Think.) OK. What could we do to
distract ourselves? Me have no idea just give me stra-te-gy. OK, OK. I know! I know! Let’s take a nice deep belly breath. (Belly breath.) But not by the cookies. Yeah thank you. Because they smell really … Me gonna back away from the cookies.
Here we go. Ready? (Yeah.) Hey! It’s pretty good, huh?
Yeah, yeah, me try it again. Yeah – Oh boy! Me tummy’s got other ideas. It grumbling. OK, OK. Wait. Wait. I have another idea. I have another… Have you read anything interesting
lately? Actually me have, yeah. Doctor Zhivago. What did you think of it? – a little dry actually. A little dry. Could use some milk … for some dunking. Oh! Cookie!
(… would be better in the long run.) Milk! (Milk.) We don’t have milk! No! No milk!
oh there’s milk in the kitchen I know There’s milk in the kitchen. OK, I’m gonna go get the milk.
Please. Wait.
What? (Oh!) Is it OK if I leave these here? You gonna be OK?
Yeah. Yeah, yeah, yeah. Me, me, me got this. I believe in you. Me got this. You can do this. Hurry. Go. You’re dragging it out too long already. Hurry Cory! Run like the wind! Oh boy. Me need another strategy how about me sing song? Yeah, yeah, yeah. What song me know? Oh, oh, oh! C is for cookie! That good enough – no! That a terrible song to sing now! Me look away! Oh hey Cookie! I’m so sorry I’m late for the interview.
Hi Anya. Are these cookies? Can we chow down?
Yes! Cookie! Ah! Wait a minute!
What? Anya. Me no can believe me saying
this, but we have to wait. We have to wait for Cory to come back with milk.
Oh right! Because it would be really kind to wait for our friend. Yes. But Anya. me struggling. Oh really?
This no easy for Monster. Well did you try your strategies? Did you try deep belly breath? Yeah, me did that. Um. Did you try singing a song? (Yeah, yeah, yeah …) How about um, talking about a book that you’ve read? Me did the book thing, yeah. Me try all strategies to stay
calm. and resist cookies.
Oh I think I hear something Hey Cory!
Hey you made it! And you waited! Thank you. Oh, but we still need to talk about self-regulation. You know, Cory, I think we already learned quite a bit about it.
Yea, me agree with her. Cookie! Oh, I’m so sorry. I forgot. Are these gluten-free? More waiting? That worth the wait. That was worth the wait.

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44 thoughts on “Cookie Monster Practices Self-Regulation | Life Kit Parenting | NPR”

  1. Wow, they're just killing fun at every level of a kids' development. Make Cookie Monster Cookie Monster again!

  2. This is completely disgusting! This man, for keeping the cookies away from Cookie Monster, is the real monster in the story. That is more of a robot than a man. Filthy and disgusting.

  3. When you are forced to use up your willpower dealing with the constant stream of crap life is throwing at you, it can be hard to say no to that "cookie".

  4. … is this for kids or adults? If its for kids, your audience wont be interested at all. If it's for adults, you just insulted your entire audience. What happened to you NPR? You used to have pride and standards. Now you look like a crack addict wandering the streets of youtube. I think it's time you peacefully sunsetted yourselves.

  5. In adulthood, you don't only need to put off good things until later. Usually, you have to exclude them all together.

  6. Isn't Cookie called the vegi monster now. Kinda like when a heroin addict says they'll get clean tomorrow. We all know they won't do it.

  7. Dr Zhivago….is a little dry! That's very funny. In both meanings of the word, Cookie eating the book and the book itself!

  8. Cookie Monster should not be changed like that. Leave him like he was Cookie Monster learning self regulation with cookies? Wtf? No!

  9. My kids don't need npr or pbs. If they want to learn life's lessons they'll learn from me and their mother and grandparents. We are all Christians oh my ! They They'll learn in our Baptist Church. And at our private Christian school they attend !

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