It’ moves. It’s not easy man. How to Roll a Joint, with OCB. How to roll a joint, for dummies. How to roll a joint, reefer, jay, spliff… a doobie… in USA. Doink, jeffrey, blunt. No, wait, that’s another thing. Anyway, How to roll a marihuana cigarette. Step 1, marihuana. Call your local dealer. Ok… Half an hour..- Ingredients: Cannabis Sativa. OCB rolling papers. (♪ Simón making a jingle on the go♪) Rolling Papers. These include: Ultra thin paper, unbleached. Healthier. Pre-creased cardboard filters. A rolling tray. Hopefully, with weed, so we don’t waste any of our flowers. A grinder. And a lighter. With these ingredients, we’ll procede to roll our cannabis joint. Our Pito (Name for joint in Chile, penis in Argentina) For the Argentinians who found that funny, For you it’s porro, or faso. Marihuana cigarette. First, prepare your paper. Check that the glue is facing up and inwards. That’s how papers come from fabric, but,
if you’re not shure, You can moist your finger, and check this way. I don’t know how to call this. Then, grab your pre-creased filter, and fold it into… I, at least, prefer folding it in a zig-zag motion. Go one way, and then the other way. Repeat. This one is pre-creased so the format
is pretty much set. So, this is how I do it. There’s many other ways.
I’ll leave this one ready here on the side… Then, take your flowers, and take the amount
of flower you see fit. Important to have a tray below, because some small pieces will fall. You don’t want to lose that. Now that our flowers have been ground,
we’ll fill the paper. The idea is to nicely spread it, so it gets a conical shape, which better suit for rolling later on. So we put a small amount at the beginning , and we increase as we come closer to the end. We will later press the end side of the joint, so it’s not important that it’s completely filled. Now we press the paper on the sides, we cake it, like making a dough. Slowly. Until you feel it gets a little harder, more dense inside. And now, the hard part when rolling a joint. We need to hook the lower part of the joint, the filter, to the inside of the paper. So push the paper into the interior, you can fold it here. And I normally help myself like this,
with my other finger, i’ll fit it inside. Then, once it’s locked there, with my index finger,
I’ll flatten the end of the joint, and then turn it from the outside in
and make shure it’s nice and tidy. And now we lick it. Should I bend? Want me to spit on it? Imagine that. On camera. Like this? Now we roll it up, starting from the bottom
and moving forward. Softly. And then, if you have a Clipper lighter,
it has a very handy tool, you can take the spark wheel out, and easily tamp down the the end of the joint with it. Do this softly, to tamp down the plant mass a bit. Did you hear how I called weed “plant mass”? Don’t over do this, we don’t want it
too tight, just consistent. And something that I personally like to do,
is to press up here. Just like that. And then turn it like a candy wrapper. Then we press down, on the border of the end side of the joint to make it flat. So press towards the center and down, but around this little tip. So now we have a flat end. We’ll burn the borders around the circle,
really easy, so we don’t burn it. Barely touching the paper. We go around the whole border. And now we have a small cap, that we can take out. So, our joint is ready to be lighted up. We can also do a dry tasting now. Like this. Check it out. How to roll a cannabis cigarette. So this is a conventional way of rolling a joint. There’s many other ways. I invite you to try and experiment and see which one fits you the most. The fun part is to innovate. This one has no innovation. Lame. So I’ll just light it up. Can I smoke? Now, let’s enjoy. Where’s the lig– Nice. Why are you..? It’s hot dude.
Why are you dressed like that?

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100 thoughts on “CÓMO ENROLAR MARIHUANA”

  1. Es cuatico entrar al vídeo y darle like altiro porque es de en volá.

    PD. Está comunidad culiá que es linda, todos se aman

  2. Me encantan de verdad , es increible como hemos crecido con. Ustedes aprendiendo el consumo responsable y desaceer ese tabu hacia la marihuana y consientizar a la socidad que fumar marihuana no te hace una mala persona, ni te define como tal, hay mejores razones para su consumo que las q la sociedad cree en realidad. Pd. La tapita es lo mas pro ajajaja en reunion con amigos presumi su programa ahora todos son fans jajaja

  3. Consulta: los filtros de algodón (los que utilizan los cigarrillos) son recomendables?, ya que supuestamente debiese ser mas sano, ya que evita la transferencia de material pesado al organismo, pero dicen por ahí que rebaja los efectos de la marihuana.
    Y sobre los papelillos de celulosa, que tanto se sabe de si son mejores que los normales?.

  4. que pasa? queremos videos de 30min para que nos de tiempo a volarnos y disfrutar aun mas estos videos de en volá!!! jajaja

  5. quien xuxa los 25 que le dieron no me gusta al video, es michell angeroll y su familia? jajajaja
    simon, esta expoweed mi mision sera verte aunque sea de lejos kaakakaka

  6. Puta madre q wea este museo.
    Primero el simón
    Y segundo esa maravilla de caño
    Dos obras de arte no homo kslglskgk

  7. En un carrete un wn me dijo, ¿cachai que los Clipper tienen un coso pa presionar la weed en los pitos? ME EXPLOTÓ LA CABEZA POS WEON, TABA VOLAO Y NO SABIA.

  8. Buen video, estaría bueno con ese kitt de ocb y el moledor slx simón enseñara a enrolar de varias formas y entretenidad, saludo de temuco

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