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100 thoughts on “Collins reacts to being named to represent Trump in Senate impeachment trial”

  1. This is the first time in almost a decade the House has the majority and as soon as they get power, they plot to impeach the President.

  2. Trump got caught with his paints down and his hands in the cookie jar….
    Impeached means damaged goods…..
    Brilliant gambit by Nancy and the Democrats……
    The shitstain of impeachment WILL make many independent and Republican voters think twice about voting for HERRN TRUMP in 2020……..

  3. If Pelosi won't take the Articles of impeachment to the Senate Doug Collins should do it. As far as I know absolutely nothing in Constitution says Pelosi can withhold them nor does it say any other House member can't deliver them.

  4. Congressman Collins, you may call it what you may on the part of Speaker Pelosi, but I call it "bull hocky"! (If it's not "Audacity" left over from Obama's Failed Legacy).

  5. They say it’s all about the American people .its all about the constitution.. well where’s our rights ? We the people elected Donald J Trump & we the people would like to keep it that way .. TRUMP 2020

  6. Rep. Collins is an intelligent stand-up type of man; a no-nonsense, hard-nosed advocate of Trump and the president couldn't find a better legal representative. Well-versed and experienced in the practice of law, he is going to wipe the floor with any attorney stupid enough to represent the Democrats flimsy manufactured case and their articles of impeachment.

  7. Look at how they threatened their rep Jeff Van Drew? Great to see a fine congressman being endorsed by POTUS….TRUMP 2020!!!

  8. Look at how they threatened their rep Jeff Van Drew? Great to see a fine congressman being endorsed by POTUS….TRUMP 2020!!!

  9. Pelosi, lady, please do me a favor. . Lady you’re too old for the position of the spiker of the house, you do not know what you’re doing. Your brain doesn’t work correctly. Let someone younger to do that job. Please go to retirement. You need lots of rest.

  10. I posted this on a segment of The Five and I'll do so here as well. It's
    a challenge and I submit it respectfully. For those who wish to reply, all I
    ask is respect in return. Disagreement, or facts that I may have misconstrued,
    anything at all is fine, just not vulgarity and mistruths. Thanks.

    The Trump/Ukraine controversy is a political tempest. Given our degree of

    polarization I have rendered the facts as I see them to as simple a set as I can.

    So, I ask you to give the following your attention for a brief few minutes.

    It will not be wasted; I promise.

    Regarding the quid pro quo debate, Trump defenders argue that Biden

    pressed for the same consideration in Ukraine as VPOTUS. In essence,

    what's good for the goose is good for the gander? The truth is, however, that

    they are not at all the same. The prosecutor at the time, Viktor
    Shokin, was stonewalling investigations into corruption, i.e., he was
    in bed with looters, crooks and grifters. Obama sent Biden to Ukraine
    to assure President Proshenko that U.S. aid would be withheld until
    Shokin was removed and investigations into corruption began in earnest.

    It is true that Biden vulgarized his mission by not objecting to

    Hunter's business dealings. Joe may have parlayed his influence to
    assist Hunter. I believe he did; it strikes me as completely absurd
    that Joe had no idea what Hunter was doing while they were in Ukraine
    together. I mean, WTH was Hunter doing jetting around the world on
    Air Force Two anyway?

    In delivering the Obama Administration's message to the Ukraine

    government Biden was arrogant and crass and he sat back and polished
    his teeth while his kid scored a big-dollar deal. It was immoral
    political influence, times 10. I am as disgusted by it today every
    bit as much as I was disgusted by it when it happened. He did a
    similar thing in China. Biden is no favorite of mine, no sir. Joe Biden

    is a wrinkled suit, imho. That said, nothing illegal, or unconstitutional

    was done. The appearance of wrongdoing was startling, but we do not

    convict people on appearances. The Bidens broke no laws, or mandates.

    Now, if you'll patronize me just a little further, I would like to

    point-out a fact that, to me, discredits Trump's defense, argument,
    rationale, or whatever it might be called. Trump argues that he asked
    Zelensky "for a favor, though," simply because he wanted an
    assurance from Zelensky that he was genuine in his pledge to root-out
    corruption in Ukraine.

    Okay, I'd be more than good with that, except for one glaring contradiction:

    given Trump's interest in anti corruption in Ukraine and that he (Trump)

    was safeguarding "hard-earned, taxpayer dollars," why, then, did he release

    U.S. aid — no questions asked or stipulations of any kind — in 2017 and 2018,

    when Ukraine was fully immersed in corruption? He asked for no favors then!

    Isn't it odd that in 2019, with Biden his main political rival, he wanted

    Zelensky to investigate corruption, focusing specifically on Hunter and Joe?

    Another thing: Ukraine is a huge country with opportunities for corruption in

    every nook and cranny, yet Trump named only the Bidens and Burisma.
    There was a plethora of individuals and companies he could have noted
    in his conversation with Zelensky, but he chose only Joe and Hunter
    Biden viz-a-viz Burisma.

    The Biden/Ukraine affair stunk to high heaven. It was scandalous and

    morally disgraceful, but it was not illegal. Again, not illegal.
    Back-scratching happens all the time in politics, but Joe Biden, in his capacity
    as Vice President of the United States, of all people on Earth,
    should have had infinitely better judgment.

    I have posited this conundrum multiple times, but I have yet to receive

    a single, credible response. Perhaps you have one. If so, please
    share it with me. I would be grateful. I mean that sincerely. If your
    response is sensible, thoughtful and if facts are included,
    verifiable, I will be humbled. Furthermore, I will say so in writing.
    I'm looking forward to it.

  11. Had to come over here for refuge after reading some of the bilge on CNN and MSNBC. Man, these crazy libs are frothing at the mouth for Trump to be removed from office. I try to reason with them that he's going to get re-elected but they've got themselves convinced that it's just a matter of time before he's handcuffed while sitting in the oval office. The meltdown in November, should he in fact win, which I believe he will, will be epic.

  12. Who believes this rubbish? You don’t have to like the dems to know Trump needs to go. Surely the Republicans are better than this? They sure used to be.

  13. Republicans, think! You’re America may be great again if you put its interest last. You may just be able to get what you want from the world by pushing for what is good for those you so much wnat to adore you, or at least, by appearing to have only the most altruistic of motives, just as you have been doing for centuries. In other words, elect a leader who can put up the pretense of caring for others.

  14. Bag Lady is waiting for Don McGahn's subpoena to come through. She has hopes McGahn will provide additional articles of impeachment. That's why she is holding them back from the Senate. But, Mueller already interviewed McGahn and pretty much found zilch.

  15. Please Please the TAG Team we need is Jim Jordan and Doug Collins. That would be Classic. And it will be Great to watch and for dying places like CNN MSNBC PBS it would get great ratings even though FOX Would win again because FOX would have them on every night after the Trial

  16. How can people who claim to be Christian support trump and the republican party after reading the
    bible, like Matthew chapter 25 where Christ when he returns he will divide the people from those that will stand on the right going to heaven and those on the left going to hell? Christ said I was hungry and you fed me not, trump and republicans cut food stamps for millions, I was sick and you helped not, republicans have tried non stop to cut millions off of healthcare, I was a stranger and you did not take me in, no locking kids in cages away from their parents is just evil and very
    bad fruit in God's eyes, he said to those that didn't help those in need depart from me and they were thrown into hell fire forever!! Christ said there will be people come to me and say but I done this and that in your name, but he told them I never knew you, if we let bad things happen to people in need, if we vote for people that hurts the most in need by cutting programs just to give the rich more tax breaks, if we sit back and do nothing while children are locked in cages and are left to die, then we deserve to be thrown into hell!!! So how can you support such people but yet call yourself a follower of Christ? Tell me because
    I don't understand how you can unless you are just as fake, as much of a hypocrite as they are!!!

  17. I just hope ‘Doug Collins’ does represent President Trump. Mr. Collins is an intelligent, reasonable, well qualified ‘Representative’. He spoke so well during the ‘Impeachment Inquiry’ sessions. 😊👍

  18. We should hand out rolls of toilet paper at Bernie Sanders rallies. I have a feeling his supporters are going to need it

  19. Misleading title of the video. Whether intentional or unintentional. Better said, "Doug Collins Reacts to Kevin McCarthy reccomending Trump appoint him to represent him in the Senate trial".

    Fox news, terrible idea to appoint a liberal to your board…

  20. What the Democrats are doing is illegal, it's a smear campaign and we can't wait to vote in the election next year and fix this tragedy.

  21. Collins has a degree in, "divinity?" Hocus pocus voo-doo BS. Ain't nothing like a gaggle of bitchy evangelical men politicking loudly for Trump; a thief, a liar, a cheater, a misogynist, a bullying scoundrel who has poor frightened babes in jail right now and then professing their obsessive practically sexual passion for Jesus. What a basket of closeted misguided hateful fucks. And I'm a republican!

  22. @Doug Collins, Doesn't Nancy Pelosi holding back sending the articles of impeachment to the Senate constitute "Obstruction of the Senate" by Pelosi? Is that a similar crime as what she and the Demonic-rats are trying in vain to charge Trump with, Obstruction of Congress? She is almost as innocent as OJ Simpson!

  23. Nancy wants a fair trial in the Senate. WHAT!!! Where is the fairness for Donald J Trump? They want fairness for the Democrats, but NO FAIRNESS WAS GIVEN TO DONALD TRUMP? What low life people the DO NOTHING DEMOCRATS are for the country! Lets vote them out permanently…

  24. Collins is a master of redirection. Not once has he proven innocence. He's like Obewan Kinobe: "These are not the facts you are looking for". Then he starts talking real fast and agitated to make it seems he is saying something. Brilliant.

  25. Signs of a False Shepherd

    The image of a shepherd is used to portray a spiritual leader in Scripture, sometimes even a ruler. Shepherds are supposed to look out for their sheep. Sheep are especially vulnerable to attacks from predators. If a shepherd is good, the sheep will be protected. If the shepherd is bad, the sheep are as good as dead. 

    It is no mistake that Jesus and the early church referred to the leader of the church as a shepherd. Jesus and the early church also warned against false shepherds, those who were wolves in sheep’s clothing.

    In Zechariah 10 and 11, there are 5 Signs of a false shepherd that are listed.

    1. The false shepherd is signified by false doctrine (10:1-2a).

    2. The false shepherd is signified by self-exaltation  (10:2b, 3).

    3.  The false shepherd is signified by blind acceptance…from his flock (10:2c).

    4. The false shepherd is signified by uncaring devastation (11:15-17).

    5. The false shepherd is signified by divine judgment  (10:4; 11:1-3).
    False shepherds should be corrected and avoided from being placed in leadership at all costs.

  26. The Trump disciples in their blind hatred are inaccessible to facts, evidence and the truth. Shouting fake news media and listen to a "Hassprediger" who spreads more than 15,000 "false claims".. This is called indoctrination. Poor USA

  27. Trump's Own Words are the Most
    Damning Evidence Against Him! To anyone who believes in hearing the truth Republicans
    look pathetic defending this POTUS! By his own words there is undisputed
    evidence that he abused his power!! Trump is a crook, and he’s a bully and
    everyone knows that about him, even the Republicans and his supporters know
    this about him! Hopefully he gets the the big foot of Congress up his backside and
    twisted it for full effect!! 🤣🤣🤣

  28. Collins calling anybody a partisan political hack is a perfect example of the pot calling the kettle black. That's why he's saying this on Fox and not one of the multitude of other networks.

  29. The agenda driven MSM lie continually to "We The People." They have subverted facts in favor of a bought and paid for false narrative. Those who are against the President now…would side 100% with him if they had the "log" removed from their eyes. Please seek the truth rather than swallowing the lies of the hating MSM who are totally in the bag for the power hungry Dem's who are really trying to stop the exposure of their own corruption…SO OBVIOUS AND SICKENING!

  30. American auditors need to go to Ukraine and find out where that 12 billion dollars of missing American money went. Maybe then we will see if Trump was abusing his powers. I don't think the Democrats care to know where all that money went.

  31. Yea, just what the Knuckledragger needs. More people that yell.
    Between Collins and the 'Fixer,' what could go wrong?

  32. I don't give a crap what any whack liberal thinks about our President Trump….

  33. Collins seems nice this is WAY over his head.Jordan!Gowdy!Ratcliffe.Anyone but Collins!!!!!!!! Not a pitbull. He needs to sloooow his speech and add the southern drawl…rarely understand a word he says. Much better if he spoke SLOWER!

  34. -"Dems are holding secret hearings behind closed doors" (reps storm room in which they were allowed to attend)

    -"Dems are not letting us participate and make our case and it's all hear say second hand information" (President cries Presidential Privilege and stops key first-hand witnesses from testifying)

    -"Dems are rushing things it's all about a calendar and a clock" (Pelosi witholds articles of impeachment for a few days, reps start whining because she's taking too long)

    Look, regardless if you're a Democrat, Republican, or independent, no one is more accountable for any slight indication of wrong doing than the POTUS. It's not wheather you like him or not (stop assuming we don't like the individual) it's his character and morals that do not represent the US as a nation. As a businessman he treats the US take a guess… Exactly! Like a business. Some people don't understand that our president should have at least some experience in the politic world. You don't call a fireman to fly a plane, or a lawyer to build a house. You need someone with proper etiquette, proficient English grammar, and enough self control to not attack and bully critics and 16 year old activists. We need an adult in the Whitehouse not a big spoiled baby. I'm ok if a Democrat doesn't win next year's election, I just hope it's an honest and brave republican who us willing to stand for our core values and actually puts America first. Merry Christmas to you all who have read until the end. May the Gods bless you all regardless of religion.

    A US resident looking forward to citizenship and better times.

  35. This guy is shameful. Even if he thinks there's not enough evidence, there's enough for it to be considered properly and not dismissed as a sham and a hoax. We're talking about a president who looks like he's attempt to bribe a foreign country to aid the outcome of an election. This strikes at the very heart of democracy, such as it is in the US.

  36. Regardless if how impeachment turns out doug Collins and the new fighting patriotic Republicans have done an awesome job defending the constitution our people and President Trump, so I'm proud of doug Collins and definitely happy to hear he's still on board

  37. American traitors don't belong in Congress,,,Pelosi, Schiff, Nadler,,,these are conspirators against a dully elected President, sue these corrupt COWARDS for their abuse of Power, their corrupt payments to their Lobbyist Press and Media, for obstructing the United States Senate, MAKE THEM PAY FOR ALL THE LIES THEY TRY TO DECEIVE THE AMERICAN PEOPLE WITH.

  38. Congratulations D Collins…….tear the Dems a new one. Ummmm on second thought everyone except Nadler……I'm pretty sure his already torn…..

  39. Doug Collins is goofy as hell, and he sounds just like the cartoon character, Boomhauer, a character in the old "King of the Hill." He needs professional help to learn to speak English properly. But, he is goddamned stupid as he sounds!

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