as I shared before self-regulation develops over an extended period of time from birth through young adulthood how the skills of self-regulation look changes at each stage of development one constant across those ages is the essential role of caring adults and supporting self-regulation development that support what we call Co regulation is comprised of three overlapping strategies building a warm responsive relationship structuring the environment and coaching self-regulation skills by using the word overlap I mean to emphasize that caring adults use these three strategies together to support self-regulation similar to how self-regulation skills may look different as we grow the ways that caring adults enact these three components of Co regulation will look different over time as an example let’s focus on structure the environment when a child is in preschool caring adults structure the environment by providing a consistent routine creating a predictable environment communicating clear expectations and enacting calm consistent consequences as a child moves into elementary school and then through high school caring adults gradually modify these strategies for structuring the environment to reflect the increasing freedom and responsibility of Children and Youth by the time someone is a young adult the co-regulation strategies of structuring the environment shift to being about collaborative identification and creation of supportive environments for example a caring adult may help a young adult to identify people in places that encourage well-being a caring adult may also help a young adult to create routines that build self sufficiency as a parent aunt and youth group leader I must say it’s pretty cool to see how I can keep using the same three key strategies as my children my nieces and nephews and youth group members grow into young adults it’s been quite a relief to realize that knowing the basics helps me to flex to where they are you [Music]

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