Hong Kong’s Hang Seng index for example was
down today after official data showed that China’s Exports dropped by more than 4% in
December, compared to the same period a year earlier. It’s the biggest drop in two years. China’s global trade surplus also sank last
year, according to Chinese customs figures. But, crucially China’s trade surplus with
the US jumped by more than 17% – prompting fears that US president Donald Trump might
feel the need to crank upt the heat in the simmering trade conflict between the world’s
two biggest economies. China’s weaker imports also worry analysts,
raising concerns the world economy might be on track for a slowdown. Signs of an economic slowdown in China have
been hard to miss. And since the beginning of the year, the effects
are being felt elsewhere, too. In Britain last week , Jaguar LandRover said
it’s cutting 4,500 jobs, due to a dramatic drop off in sales in China. There was also a sharp sell off on global
equity markets when Apple issued a profit warning due to
flagging Iphone sales in the world’s second largest economy. Shares in other companies heavily invested
in China also dropped after word got out that demand is softening. The global economy only now seems to be waking
up to the fact that growth is slowing fast in China. GDP growth by some accounts will drop to just
over six percent by next year. China will remain a fast growing economy compared
to many other nations. But a slowdown now means a lot more than
it would have a couple of decades ago. That’s because back then, China’s surging
economy accounted for only a small part of .. global economic performance. But today, it’s nearly twenty percent. That means China’s growth doesn’t have to
cool too much, before things get really hot in the countries who do business with it.

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19 thoughts on “China’s slowdown drags down global economy | DW News”

  1. China and the world (very very reach people) take huge advantage of the poor Chinese people who work all day long for a miserable salary, and this isn’t fair!!

  2. I am so confused … The official Chinese media is saying In 2018, Chinese import/export volume hits a record high https://youtu.be/meuEZVfh64Y

  3. China nowadays becomes more and more the most important economy in the world, while the US and Europe become a Pilar of stagnation.

  4. China drags down global economy? China imported growth 15% year over year, China exported slowing down to 8%. it's world economy is slowing down not China, western people don't have a logical sense

  5. 西方人越看越傻,自己经济不行各种怪别人,对于被资本利益集团控制的新闻媒体还是逃不了被洗脑的命运!自以为掌握世界真理,面对中国各方面崛起,一脸懵逼,活在媒体具有价值观意识形态导向谎言编造的世界里!

  6. So hard to be China,

    When you are doing well, the west says you are a threat competing for global domination

    When you are not doing well, the west blame you for global economic slowdown lol

    There is no winning for China with western media

  7. It is ridiculous that China contributed 30% of the world's growth in the financial crisis, driving the global economy. Westerners, have you ever given any help to China? China still has 6.5% growth. Does your country have it? Why complain about China? Don't blame China for your own poor economy. China owes you nothing.

  8. It's interesting to see DW shows video clips for China from 10-20 years ago when it's talking about the slowdown of China's economy. Trying to show the poor image of China as possible as you can? Don't even dare to show any clips from the year 2018 or 2017?

  9. Why does everyone consider discussing China’s economy always have to be about the West complaining. China is interconnected with the global economy. If they go down, the effects are global. It’s critical to discuss these issues. It’s not complaining, it’s discussing the data…

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