hello from KLIA today I’m flying home
with Cathay dragon KA732 Airbus A330 before check-in can I please kindly ask
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check in with Cathay dragon at KLIA can be a little bit of a pain if you’re
flying in economy but if you have a one world elite status like my mum and I
you can use the business class check-in after that my mum and I went straight
through immigration and security check I always find this procedures really quick
easy and efficient at KLIA and those plane models are always welcoming all
long-haul flights and most wide-body Jets departing from KLIA departs from
the satellite building you have to take a train or the lesser-known bus to
that place as we have quite a bit of time to run around the airport we
decided to take a short walk in the tropical Southeast Asian jungle I’ve never seen anything like this in an
airport before singapore changi might have something better than this I don’t
know because I’ve never been there but this actually looks so cool and if I do
have a connection here with horrible jet lag i would definitely spend some
time here getting some fresh air and sunlight it is now time to get back into
the terminal and let’s explore the relatively new Malaysia Airlines
satellite being in golden lounge and today thanks to mums one world emerald
card we’re gonna use the first-class section once you enter the first-class
section you’ll see the dining room on your right we’re both really surprised
that we’re the only passengers not just in the dining room but in the whole
bloody lounge which is so cool right now it’s breakfast time and by the
time I hid my excitement for being in this lounge and finishing showing you
this brekkey many it’s officially lunch time so here’s another menu the waiters have just set our table and
given us a basket of bread mum ordered prawn cocktail for appetizer and also
soup of the day which was some kind of curry myself I ordered seasonal greens
later on mum decided to order the only appetizer which we haven’t ordered
Caesar salad for main course mum ordered laksa which is something you can’t miss
them Malaysia I ordered ayam perchik sorry if I
pronounced that incorrectly basically it’s chicken rice mom’s already full and
I ordered chocolate tart for dessert which was amazing overall a very
delightful meal here in the Malaysia Airlines Garden first-class lounge with
great great service now it’s time to explore more we walked into the gallery
which frankly looks perfect for decoration and not a place to seat for
some great tarmac view you should walk down further and you’ll see a long line
of comfy chairs behind all those chairs you’ve got a
tiny buffet area which is great if you don’t have enough time to sit in the
dining room all you prefer serving yourself if you would like to take a nap
they are six beds available personally I’m not a big fan of those beds because
I’ll be afraid that my stuff will get stolen now of course we didn’t take a
nap but we did decide to take a shower after all Malaysia is a very hot country
and we got sweaty you on the way to the airport the shower suite looks quite
nice it’s big enough for you to move around and do some yoga you can even
sit down and think about life while taking a shower which is a very nice
little touch that body lotion there you can bring it on the plane with you as
it’s under a hundred millimetres so mom’s never been to the business class
section and we’ve got some time left before boarding so we decided to go
there once you enter the business class side you’ll find a bar on your left and
right there it’s our Cathay plane to Hong Kong this is the signature noodle bar
where something like laksa and wonton noodles can be ordered further down is a
buffet area there’s an excellent selection of Western the Malaysian food
it’s something special include nasi lemak
and chicken rendang we’ve spent quite a bit of time in the golden lounge and so
now it’s time for Hong Kong this is a four year old Cathay dragon
Airbus a330-300 B-LBE the exact same plane which I flew from
Hong Kong to KL a few days ago this is my seat 38A some quick information
about the seats every seat is 18 inches wide and has a seat pitch on 32 inches
this is the newest type of seats you can get on Cathay dragon wide-body Jets but
this on Cathay Pacific is one of their oldest one thing that I love about low
seats is that headrests exceptionally soft and of course it can be adjusted now the seat features the TV’s
touchscreen under it you get a USB port next to it a coat hook a literature
pocket here which I’m a big big fan of I usually put my pen my charging phone in
it the tray table is foldable but it’s not very sturdy and your meal tray can
slide off easily this is the cup holder with a fidget spinner in it just in case
your TV’s broken so you’ve got something to play with
that’s very considerate of Cathay another fantastic thing about this seat is that
the seat pocket plus 30 little pouches we can put even more stuff in it make a
room is great for this short flight in terms of storage this particular plane
is the best in the world for economy class in my opinion before takeoff a supervisor in economy
class came and said hi to mom because she has a one world emerald status
she also informed her of the meal choices for this flight and let her
order it immediately option one is chicken rice option two is beef rice now that we’re in the air it’s time to
watch for some movies there are plenty of good movies on Cathay planes some
up-to-date ones include crazy rich Asians searching and Deadpool
the flight map unfortunately it’s not interactive and it takes quite a while
for the slides to change the screen is very responsive the lavatory is right behind my seat
it’s a little bit small but practical and clean we are looking forward to make you a Pleasant and
comfortable journey sounds like that we’re in safe hands with two captains the
in-flight service manager came later after the announcement and gave mom her
personal welcome then gave her a bottle of water two packs of nuts plus wet
towel that’s everything in the seat pocket a head phone an emporium
shopping catalogue Silk Road magazine a safety card and a airsickness bag lunch
service began very shortly after takeoff strangely they ran out of what my mum
pre-ordered before takeoff which was chicken rice but the crew promised
they’ll get her one later so while she waits I’ve got my delicious beef rice a
little bit spicy but it was so good the flavor was strong and on point my meal
also comes with a chocolate muffin and salad the crew walked around the cabin
later the distribution HaagenDazs ice cream shout out at a fantastic set of crew on
kA732 the ice cream wasn’t rocky hard meanwhile we’re going through some
terrible turbulence and mum is still waiting for her chicken rice after around 15 minutes mom got her
chicken rice mum said it was worth the wait
as the chicken was juicy and the sauce with it goes really well with the
rice we both enjoyed our lunch on board it’s about time to relax here’s just to
show you how much my seat can recline this is what a love back row you can
recline anytime you want during the flight without disturbing the person
behind you maximizing your comfort and privacy too the flight is now coming to an end let’s
conclude this short flight right here right now
the Cathay Dragon ground staff at KLIA are friendly and have smiles on their
faces which made our journey a little happier
Crew on board this flight are hardworking and welcoming they made it
the ice cream perfect food on board was very good especially for a short haul flight
like this one my mom is totally impressed with the food and excellent
service it was like first class in economy class you know a bit like BA
business class but one thing tonight mom and I got a bottle of water after
takeoff but everybody else had to wait until the crew served the meals so
people were kept thirsty for about an hour since boarding as KLIA does a second
security check at the gate it would be nicer if Cathay actually offer everybody a
bottle of water maybe leave it on the seat so people can drink it once on
board but anyway a great experience with ka welcome to my home Hong Kong thank you
very much for watching this video I hope you enjoyed this one and see you again
next week please don’t forget to subscribe
bye bye

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68 thoughts on “CATHAY Dragon A330 ECONOMY Class: KA732 Kuala Lumpur to Hong Kong”

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  2. Jayden, good job as usual. In the future, would you comment on how clean the cabin and restrooms were overall. Not enough attention is given in this area.

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    Nice video!

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    If i not mistaken, MH first class will be re branded into something else they no longer offer First Class as one of the product. The existing first class hard product will be rebranded as Business Suites.

    That second checkpoint do caught many unsuspecting traveler carrying water bottles and beverages where once i saw few pax have to dispose their Starbucks before they went on board lol. Do they do second checkpoint in HKIA or other places you visited?

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