bastrop says i don’t think our economic models work do tell but didn’t say i feel like them apples after like years not producing a new car i mean they’re in
a car passed in nineteen thirty nine in cuba and so was the best thing they got going over
there the whole country needs a new coat of paint and fidel castro in the year twenty ten cotton
applying that his economic model didn’t really worked out and i could have told you that decades ago i didn’t believe that fifty years
old their goal alone thirty years ago but it is an interesting intended in my mind
it was a little shocking revelation they told jeffrey goldberg from the atlantic with the
witness there saying yeah communism they should a work it out who said that they are looking to privatize
now of course fidel castro’s no longer the leader the country but he’s still the leader
of the communist party in cuba soviet union went down that generally phase
them they just kept on going but now him in his brother who of course the does run the
country pressing yet you know what and then we’re not going to go to western-style
capitalism but maybe we should depart prone to like private industry will be seen after i’ll tell you what though it is somewhat encouraging that apparently fifty years of a mistake is finally beginning to be enough you know we have been stupid embargo yes the
for fifty years and that didn’t work they’ve been op center for fifty years as a prime
isn’t going to cut of magically turn around and work and finally it looks like we’re headed in
the right direction even if it’s a tiny tiny step in the right direction and i honestly
thought in my life and a fidel castro would never say that castro’s on a roll by the way he also of spoke
out against opportunity seo actors dash or make its says hold some in this world
is really upside down these uh… not jobs for the republican party
or about that well possibly when the house and behave in
the senate ed ect and castro’s now is saying other leaders are crazy and am i going to
ever he might go to ever devils crazy world

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