In other words: Can we have Amazon …and the Amazon? What about if the boxes doubled as levies? Pleeaase! I’m Francesca Fiorentini, and in this episode we’re looking at the failures of profit-driven climate change solutions, and why the cooking of our planet is becoming a recipe for socialism. Once again we’ve broken global temperature records with July being the hottest month recorded since the invention of recording temperatures. Which if you’re a right-winger sounds like very biased framing. “The libs never want to talk about the Hadean Age when the earth was molten lava. Typical.” It’s so hot that Greenland is losing ice that wasn’t supposed to melt until 2070, the Arctic is on fire, and I’m pretending I belong at random pool parties. “Oh who my friends with? Oh, Derek. Uh, Michael. Matt. You’re telling me there’s no Matt here?” So now seems like as good a time as… …every other moment prior till now to talk about climate change. The planet has already warmed by one degrees Celsius since the time we started burning all these fossil fuels. And we’re on track to warm by four degrees possibly as soon as 2060. According to the most recent UN study even two degrees of warming would mean millions more refugees, double the loss of food harvests, 10 centimeters of sea level rise and an obliteration of all coral reefs, which means we’ve got 12 years to have a shot at keeping the temperature to a still-bad but manageably terrifying 1.5 degrees Celsius of warming. So yeah, banning plastic straws ain’t gonna cut it. Even though it’s fun to watch so-called liberal paper straws trigger our president into doing this: His campaign started selling Trump-themed plastic straws so you can buy a pack of 10 for $15. $15 for 10 straws? That’s $1.50 per straw. If that’s how much Trump thinks straws cost, how much is his dealer charging him for Adderall? “Yeah, that’ll be uh seven hundred… …thousand… …dollars.” Part of the reason we’re at such a breaking point is thanks to years of shallow solutions— solutions often devised by the same corporate interests that got us into this mess in the first place. One of those solutions is carbon cap and trade, which tries to get polluters to pollute less by limiting the amount of carbon any corporation can emit, but also by allowing them to purchase carbon limits from other companies who haven’t used theirs up. Cap and trade has already been implemented in countries around the world and in a number of US states, but many say that it doesn’t actually stop the emissions; It just spreads them around and creates a speculative market for carbon. Like, imagine if you could buy and sell Weight Watchers points to keep eating pizza. Someone would be making money, but no one’s losing weight. Plus we’d see the rise of a frightening thin-people mafia who control the whole racket. Just listen to one researcher who says cap and trade pushes us in the opposite direction of where we need to be going: We need to overcome our addiction to fossil fuels, and the problem with cap-and-trade is that it stands in the way of doing that. And in many ways, it’s it’s it’s a way of providing pollution rights to some of the worst polluters so that they can delay the kind of structural change that’s necessary. He’s right. That’s not how you fight an addiction. If you want to get your brother off heroin, you don’t split up his stash between your mom and dad like, “Let’s all just do a little bit of heroin to keep Brad from doing a lot a bit of heroin.” At this point cap and trade isn’t even a relevant solution anymore because it’s too slow to be viable. California—the second largest carbon polluter in the nation, but first in my heart— reduced its emissions by almost 9% in three years, which is not bad, but do the math: It’s not nearly enough if we’ve got only 12 years to get to zero. Silicon Valley is still going to be underwater, and then we’ll have to deal with a whole bunch of Flotation device startups and that just seems exhausting. So cap and trade won’t get us there. What about innovation? We’ll just ask the science nerds to come up with something. I mean, other than the ones telling us to stop burning fossil fuels. Innovation has been the aim of private companies also looking to get rich off the climate crisis, floating ideas like geoengineering, which includes one plan to spray reflective aerosols into the stratosphere to block the Sun. Yeah. Aerosol. If only our climate change denying president knew that this whole time the answer has been hairspray. Turns out though that that scheme, like many others, has too many unforeseen side effects to be feasible— Things like stopping rain and totally vindicating chemtrail conspiracists. Even if wacky inventions or cap and trade worked, they’re still too slow. Meanwhile, the U.S. continues to subsidize the fossil fuel industry to the tune of $649 billion a year. So not only are they making the planet uninhabitable, they’re getting a goddamn discount. These faux solutions have come and gone all while climate change has been getting worse, which means now we need to do far more in way less time. The longer we wait, the more that the response challenges our economic system because we need to cut so much and so deeply. What does she mean that the response will challenge our economic system? Well, that’s because our economic system is currently based on using up all of Earth’s natural resources with no regard for the actual earth. All to turn a profit and create economic growth, or GDP. You remember GDP from our video on the economy, which you should totally watch. And while you’re at it, subscribe. GDP is that phantom number that many agree is useless but is actually incredibly harmful when it comes to climate change. Since when was GDP a sensible measure of human welfare? And yet everything that governments want to do is to try to boost GDP. Now, people at the OECD or the World Bank, they say “Oh, we’re not asking for a lot of growth— Just three percent a year.” That means doubling in twenty four years. Yeah, we’re bursting through all the environmental boundaries and screwing the planet already— You want to double it? We have to overthrow this system, which is eating the planet with perpetual growth. I love how blown this host’s mind is. Rarely do you see the precise moment that someone gets woke. “You it’s not about plastic straws?” Slowing down economic growth has actually been the only thing that has drastically stopped greenhouse gas emissions. The only thing in the last 40 years that has measurably reduced global greenhouse gas emissions is reductions in economic growth. When the Eastern Bloc collapsed in the early 90s that led to global emissions reductions. He’s right. After the collapse of the Soviet Union greenhouse gas emissions dropped by about 40 percent. Apparently people not eating meat because of the high prices had a lot to do with it. It was nothing but veggie borscht for them. And to think, now it’s way less painful to avoid eating meat with things like the Impossible Whopper, which I will try as soon as I stop being afraid of it. How does it bleed? The evidence is there that unless we’re willing to rethink capitalism we might have to rethink life itself because we can’t have infinite growth on a finite planet. We’ve been obsessed with doing more to stop climate change making even more money when the answer is actually keeping fossil fuels in the ground. Doing less. like Disney live-action reboots: Do less. Less extraction of oil, less production, fewer-or-no yachts for the DeVos family. Renewable energy, solar and wind, can replace coal, gas and oil, but we still can’t keep endlessly producing and consuming. Even a UN official back in 2015 said as much, and that got the attention of Fox News’s Greg Gutfeld who quoted her on his show: This is probably the most difficult task to intentionally transform the economic development model for the first time in human history. And predictably that was met with red-baiting: Well, she’s wrong. See Mao and the 50 million dead or Stalin—hell, look at Venezuela right now— It’s a crap show without toilet paper. Seriously, they don’t have toilet paper in Venezuela. Oh, where we’re going, Greg, you won’t need toilet paper because the whole world will be one giant bidet. You can wash your face-ass wherever you want. Beyond the red-baiting, there’s an honest question: If we slow down production, will there be jobs? Enter the Green New Deal, a plan introduced by representative Alexandria Ocasio Cortez and that other guy. The Green New Deal is a blueprint for a ten-year mobilization to get to net-zero greenhouse gas emissions by taking major steps like moving to renewable energy and building public transportation, all with the labor of millions of newly created jobs. This is a call to reorganize and to make sure that we are fighting for a just economy, for a just society, a just environment and a just future for the United States of America and the world. Mmm! Sorry. Having an ASMR moment. And whenever there’s a plan for massive public investment and putting people over profit, it scares the 1 percent—and their mouthpieces—a whole lot: They went looking for an issue that would justify a hostile takeover of the economy. Climate change seems scary so they went with that. Oh my god. Tucker Carlson would rather human civilization die than live in a more equal country. Also, note what’s going on just to his right. Yeah, those are updates on an abnormally large hurricane off the Gulf Coast. I love how there’s an infiltrator at Fox fighting the machine from the inside, and it’s the weather. It will be hard to rein in emissions and capitalism for that matter, but it is possible. We must try. With your help, with your insistence, with your organizing, with your demands, with your voting, with your mobilizing a broader electorate than we have ever seen before in American history, we do not have to go down that path. It’s too late to stop some climate chaos: We’re living it, but are we going to die from the things we love no matter how humiliating? Will we be the David Carradine of civilizations? Or are we going to get real about real solutions? There’s time, but we can’t do it by just pissing around at the margins of the problem. We’ve got to go straight to the heart of capitalism and overthrow it. In other words: Wouldn’t we rather be red than dead? Thanks so much for watching Newsbroke. Follow me @Franifio, and follow AJ+ and Newsbroke on Facebook, YouTube, Instagram, all the things. Do you guys think that the U.S. has what it takes to transform to a new economic model? Could we—could we do it? Let me know in the comments below, and we will see you next week.

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100 thoughts on “Can Our Planet Survive Capitalism?”

  1. Socialism makes people equally poor. It doesn't do anyone good.

    Also given this woman looks up to AOC is completely laughable, given the fact that she has the IQ of about 30.

    Being right is the right way to go. Being blue always keeps you down.

  2. Capitalism is horrible! And the world needs to know! And it is our duty as citizens of the United States of America to stop immigrants from coming to the United States of America, only to suffer because of capitalism! Why do people from all over the world want to come here to the United States of America and subject themselves to the horrors of a Capitalist America? The United States of America must build a wall to keep people from coming here and suffering from our Capitalist society and to help keep Capitalism from spreading!!! 🤭🤭😁😂😂😂

  3. If socialism is the answer to our problems, show me one "socialistic" country that we can use as an example of what the US can be like if we adopt socialism? I think we can do better than socialism.

  4. We should have less GDP, less growth and consume less. Good for Americans, but tell that to the people of India or Central African Republic.

  5. Oh! Hello! It's little AOC!
    A watermelon-red. Green on the outside and red on the inside.
    She doesn't even know that she's a capitalist, but not a free-enterprize capitalist. She's a fascist and a socialist. She clearly pushes the greenie vernacular of "sustainability", a nice trigger word provided by the Insider-elitist controlled think tanks and pumped by the United Nations and all their affiliated "environmental" drug dealers.
    Do you even know that there IS such a thing as monopoly-capitalism?
    If you don't, you are significantly uninformed.

  6. 1:42 Profits aside, I think the petroleum industry wants to kill everybody on the planet Earth.
    (Heck I'm dead might as well take everybody else with me.)
    Starvation, drowning to death and triminal asthma and if we keep going the way we are all that and more will happen.

  7. 5:25
    A basic tenant of capitalism is: expand, grow or die.
    That's good in all. But when you're pulling your resources from a finite planet and trying to have a never-ending growth cycle, yeah it just doesn't work.

  8. No no and no. Listen there are at least 3 feedback loops nobody ,including mainstream climate scientists, ever mention. Aerosol masking is one. If we actually stopped the majority of carbon emissions today then there is (at this point) an unfortunate gauranteed 1° mean global increase due to the reduction of particulate polution that accompanies standard practices like jet travel and cars etc. On the other hand we are gauranteed the same result from not reducing carbon emissions. That one degree is going to completely cripple food production. (among other horrible things) Agrculture has already taking a hit nobody's talking about. Then there's Methane from permafrost melt as well as The catastrophic result of reduced overall insect poulation and earthworm populations without which we also are screwed. The point is we are pretty much toast… we needed to get serious about this in the early 90s at the latest now we are just all waiting for the sh¡+ show. Sorry. But Yes we should try everything you say because why not?! better to err on good side of the ledger just in case. BUT we've inextricably slated ourselves for extinction.

  9. "We are under the gross misconception that we are a good species going somewhere important and that at the last minute we will correct our errors and God will smile on us. It is delusion." Farley Mowat

  10. Pure capitalism is class warfare  it's equilibrium state where everyone is an adversary is defined by the Malthusian Trap…Pure Capitalism  will eventually cook the planet and eventually destroy mankind via Global Warming

  11. For wealthy to be accepted..rid your uniform casual and you will be get no servitude of maids butlers chauffers..babysitters..lawncare..poolcare..ect..being rich is your own get no servants..your life does not get to be easy..

  12. Yeah, because socialism, whether the faux 'democratic' kind or not, has such a superior track record to free market capitalism. You must be a product of one of the indoctrination…errrr…institutes of higher education. Amazing…

  13. Anybody who is in favor of replacing all of our energy needs with renewables (solar and wind) has no idea just how un-'green' and environmentally unfriendly they are. They're in love with the romantic idea of renewables, not the facts. Watch Michael Schellenberg's TED talk, 'Why renewables can't save the planet." If you really care about the climate crisis, you owe it to yourself to at least hear another perspective.

  14. Does anyone here remember in 1978 the same climate scientists were warning everyone that an Ice Age is coming and we were all going to freeze to death?? Here let me help you remember or let me educate the ones that were not even born yet. Listen to the music. Listen to the buzz words. Scary right? Instills panic right? Well here we are with AJ+ pushing the same BS just in HD now.

  15. "Can Our Planet Survive Capitalism" "The collapse of Soviet Union caused the only major reduction in emissions in the last 40 years"

  16. We already solved it. We need no changes to our usage or where we get the energy. We just need carbon capture which already operates gas plants at 0 in texas.

  17. Possible global warming, possibly caused by humans. The hottest month "on record". How long have those records been kept? Are they accurate? Where they sampled around the world?

  18. You idiots never talk about the Middle Eastern billionaires drilling for oil even though it's horrible for the environment but you won't because if you did they'd stop funding you and your worthless jobs would be wiped out.

  19. Fun fact about the toilet paper thing in Venezuela… It's actually the result of allowing capitalists to live after moving towards a socialist model. Oddly enough there are no shortages of other paper products like paper towels and napkins, and food and toilet paper have been found being hoarded in warehouses for distribution in anti-Maduro districts…almost like it's an artificially created crisis to push an agenda… 😐 check out the argument ad Venezuelum by badmouse productions. 😉

  20. Americans are too brainwashed to make a significant change in the system. Most of the people I talk to say that Bernie Sanders proposals are unrealistic and they don't realize that what's standing between those solutions are the the profits of a small group of wealthy people

  21. Again, AJ+ is the online presence of Al Jazeera. They whole goal is to weaken America and America’s ally Israel by spreading propaganda. They are controlled by the corrupt Qatari government who protects and funds worldwide terror. They could care less about green energy, gays, or any modern issue in America – they just want to sow dissection and disinformation. Go to hell AJ+

  22. Socialism is the easiest way to solve the climate change problem because it will kill millions of people. History have proven that so many times.

  23. Once the coastal cities are underwater and millions of people have died from the effects of global warming, can we tie Greg Gutfeld and Tucker Carlson in a chair, and stand in line for a chance to punch them in the face? Really hard?

  24. The planet can easily survive capitalism if:
    1. People knew their rights
    2. People enforced their rights
    3. Regulations were enforced
    4. White Collar Crime was prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law with the proceeds being used to benefit society as whole through building more schools, hospitals, Universities, houses and infrastructure. The proceeds could also be used to fund Universal Healthcare (something that will reduce both debts and deficits massively if implemented without prosecuting White Collar Crime).
    The solution to unregulated Capitalism is not Socialism in the same way that the solution to communism isn't unregulated capitalism.

  25. Nationalized Capitalism? Most certainly in the modern age.
    Globalized capitalism, aka, the only kind practiced today? The world will survive, sure, but we won't.

  26. Question is, can society survive under socialism?
    From this video, if the planet can't survive under capitalism, and since humans can't survive under the tyrannical rule of socialism, we're dead either way. nice. wp.

  27. Three things that everyone can do (i.e., not everyone can stop industrial use of fossil fuels): 1. Stop eating meat and dairy products. With the amount of information on the internet, this is a very easy thing for people to do nowadays. 2. Read "Sacred Economics" by Charles Eisenstein, and reform your greedy and self-serving ways. 3. Investigate and practice minimalism. Again, the internet has an abundance of practical information.

  28. AJ+ I have a way to turn the tables of capitalism so that we can avert catastrophic climate change. Problem is I cant sum this up in an email, or a post. After trying to contact sooo many people in regards to my idea, I cant believe that out of 250+ emails, only 1 person has gotten back to me, and he was a climate change denier! Any help or suggestions are desperately welcome!

  29. Can our planet survive 7 billion human population of consumption regardless of economic system? No.

    What is the only solution? Carbon taxes? Buying electric cars?

    No, eliminate 99% of the population … of course choosen by the 1%. And you aren't in the 1%.

    Don't like the answer because it isn't easy? Keep on dreaming that the solution is easy.

  30. Chem trails are real. Here in Oregon, I have personally been sprayed. How do you think scientists know it won't work to combat climate change. Remember, the rich think they can buy their way to safety and screw the rest of us. Greed will never allow change. This climate warning came from scientists in the '50's. Capitalism will destroy the planet. Love your vids, and tell that guy with the mustache…he's cool too.

  31. You’re propose decreasing economic growth, the number one ender of poverty since the Industrial Revolution. Nuclear energy, carbon capture, and carbon taxes will be able to mitigate the climate crisis significantly, if you would quit decrying innovation. You’re one of the most regressive people on the left, wanting us to reduce consumption, jeopardize poverty reduction, reduce growth, punish innovators, and sacrifice living standards because you believe we have 12 years left. Shame.

  32. Surely all these people railing against capitalism have a well tested system without any privately owned property.

    You know, one they've been partaking in for a few decades? All you must have been living on communes that put capitalist cities to shame right? There's no way all these people complaining about capitalism wouldn't even TRIED and tested the alternative personally for decades. It's a good thing with all the people live streaming from their communes over the past 10 years or so a majority of people freely choosing to leave the cities to start completely self sustaining communes.
    … Wait that's not happening?

  33. I hope you know that the 'host' is Frankie Boyle, a Scottish comedian and left-wing interviewer/commentator and he already knows everything that Monbiot is talking about!

  34. lol, These posts are great for comedy.. wonder who does her research for her. I bet she things CO2 is bad?

  35. Why won't capping help, just have the exact amount of co2 rights you have now as certificates and then devalue them to 0 in 2030…. You want to emit, you'll pay for it. And money drives innovation, just as war or any other negative incentives.

  36. Here is a real solution: fix the broken energy market by putting a price on climate pollution. It's fair and brings co-benefits if we do that with carbon fee and dividend:

  37. Francesca, I love you without even having the least clue what you're really like, but you were mocking Frankie Boyle, a man so woke to reality that you'd die laughing just saying hello and hearing his reply.
    Check him out someday. You'll get abs of steel from just watching 20 minutes of him a day

  38. all we, as the rank and file, can do… all that is expected is the best you can do… no less.. AOC and #SandersTurner2020 are driving that train… time we ALL got on board.. or we're dead in my lifetime…

  39. Ironically the red party in United States (Republican party) used to be socialist in the time of its founding under Abraham Lincoln and when the party was almost exclusively black. Read the S word by John Nichols

  40. It would help us survive severe weather from global warming if we had a cost effective way to desalinate sea water. By "cost effective" I mean competitive with the watershed in temperate climates. Somebody should offer a billion dollar prize for anyone who can find a cost effective way to desalinate sea water. Look at all the land that would become arable, and all the land that would become more productive. Look at all the coastline around Australia and Mexico. We could produce so much more food if we had a cost effective way to desalinate sea water.

  41. Excuse me but wouldn't just switching transportation to a hydrogen economy go a long way to fixing this? I mean, you can simply convert combustion cars to hydrogen combustion and then slowly migrate to hydrogen power cells and use no hydrocarbons at all. Moreover no Lithium batteries. You can then tackle the electric generation using Nuclear power and solar and so on. So there'd be no need for coal or oil at all. I mean, we can do this in like 5 years if we commit to it. Hydrogen is the MOST ABUNDANT element in the universe and it can be used for fuel and harvested from water. And more over when it is used in combustion or fuel cells (even better) it turns back into water. So, why not switch to a hydrogen economy? I just don't get it. Why continue using poisonous stuff that is also changing the planet's biosphere to the point where it will not support our life. It's not a question of killing the planet. Life will continue and adapt but WE will die.

  42. now, let me think..
    don't know, but at least it's better than communism that insists on killing anyone who disagrees..
    oh, and you've been conned : the pictures of the 'Amazon burning' are from a forest fire in the USA about 15 years ago.
    look at google earth and note that there's no fire in the Amazon.

    stop spreading politically motivated lies please.

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