Madame minister good morning Today is an opportunity to make the point on your 2-days trip to Japan You will give a speech at Europlace There are a lot of worries on the part of Japanese investors about Brexit What will be the role of the UK and what about their investments after Brexit Is it an opportunity for France to talk about France’s attractiveness and of Europlace? What are you coming to pitch to Japanese people about this topic? Of course, whatever the outcome of the ongoing talks There will be no financial european passport for the British companies The question of the attractiveness of European financial markets is on the table France, especially Paris, has a lot to offer today. The recent reforms that have been implemented make Paris way more attractive than it used to be I am thinking about taxation, but also about labour laws Because it was a topic often stressed by our competitors To say “don’t come to France, come to us, it is way simpler and more flexible” “You will adapt your activities according to the market, hence back off in case of problem and grow in case of success Today we can indeed say that our platform is very competitive. Competitive because we have worked on simplification of the bureaucracy “PACTE” law, taxation and labour law Furthermore we have a very deep pool of talents in Paris We already have activities at work American banks are considering making Paris their first financial place So this has a very positive impact on the attractiveness of Paris Do you feel an impact on the big financial players of Japan? We are gonna have to make this impact deeper. Because of the distance we must hammer the message about reforms About the fact that there is no turning back and that we intent on moving on in this direction We are setting up in France an eco-system very welcoming to foreign investments Attractiveness is not only the financial sector You are also hear to talk about the Europe-Japan Partnership Agreement which was signed and is now ratified by each national parliament in Europe Is it also an opportunity to attract industrial investment or service-related investment in France? Absolutely. We realize we have a lot to build, still, with Japan. Some Japanese groups have set up in France in an exemplary fashion for years Of course Toyota is the first company that comes to mind Some other groups recently decided to set up in France I’m thinking about Ricoh, NEC and a certain number of big companies who look with interest the French market We must go deeper The EPA will make things easier. Not only in terms of trade – I am thinking about the agro industry but also to what is behind, which drives projects and allows to think about deeper partnerships I will try to talk about that with a certain number of industry players I just saw the CEO of Nissan I will see the chair of the federation of electronic industries in a few hours but I will also go on the field to see how partnerships between French SMEs and big Japanese groups can be successful and pave the way for further cooperations We target innovation – everything around “French tech” but also industry and renewable energies We believe we can bring technological expertise to Japan Our added value is not just on food, wine and luxury The problem is that big French companies also tell us that beyond EPA and the lowering of tariff hurdles there are still many Japanese standards through which they exclude foreigners from some markets Is it also a topic for discussion? aeronautics is hard to enter, defence is hard for big French groups. We don’t have huge contracts here is it still possible to keep pressure on ministers in charge? 2 things. EPA is a first step which indeeds allows one step further in other discussions and can bring on the table other issues of trade hurdles through regulations Also once you have won a contract with a Japanese client The great thing is that the Japanese client is so demanding that it creates a credibility strong enough to reach across Asia basically when you go to China If you have a Japanese in your client portfolio you are way more considered than if you simply show up saying that you have references from Europe Regarding French tech: Japan and France have a hard time bringing birth to unicorns We seem to have the same problem Both governments believe they have a role to play in nurturing a national tech Other countries in Asia don’t do this Should the state have a role to push French tech? Or should the State simply create a good ecosystem and let the startups live their life? If I look at the way how China and the US support their own innovative startups to create unicorns then yes, I believe the State has a role to play It is very clear that in the US and China The State plays a major part, in particular through public orders So beyond the ecosystem good for French tech – and I believe Japan has the same strategy with Japan tech – We must go further and be ready to accompany these companies In particular regarding the hardest part: scalability. How to reach a critical size which is something lacking still in France Madame minister, thank you

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