We all know that building companies is one of the hardest things
you can take on. This is the future
of the Canadian economy. That’s why our startup entrepreneurs need the people in this room. This is where the future is being invented and it’s being invented by
our sons, our daughters our nephews, and our nieces. If we really want to solve the problems in this country we need the startups to succeed and grow. And if we want the startups
to succeed and grow we need angels. There is a “Made in Canada” strategy behind what we’re doing. Angels are the ideal mechanism to ignite these other ecosystems around the country. Founders, much like angels they are loyal
to their local communities they want to see
their communities thrive. We need a full ecosystem to help graduate companies from one level to the next. Great companies
aren’t built in three to five years they just aren’t. We need to have capital
that’s thinking about ten year builds
and fifteen year builds. If we can impact these entrepreneurs and embolden them to think
they can do it. We have invested in a company
in Kelowna in Vancouver in Victoria in Saskatoon. We are working on one
in Halifax We are working one
in Edmonton I was in Whitehorse we have three opportunities
in Whitehorse we’re working on right now that are qualified growing companies
in their own right. We truly hope to be
a pan-Canadian growth fund. Angels fund companies
that scale. If we want angels to
keep investing they have to succeed. So much of value
is left on the table in Canada with entrepreneurs exiting in the
early days of success. NACO’s mission is to unlock $6.9 billion in capital. Capital that will flow into
entrepreneurial venture-grade companies
that are poised for scale and growth. This is the future where we can ensure
a sustainable economic value that’s being created for Canada. The road to the venture capital
success stories of tomorrow is being built by the angels and the leaders in
this room today.

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