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5 thoughts on “Building a New Nepal: The Role of Development in Economic Growth in Nepal”

  1. AID and Trade. Yes, both of these are needed. But AID should be used in such areas which can be converted later to Trade. The Ambassador mentioned that USAID has aided good amount for the agricultural sector of Nepal. I hope, we would see a good result out of that soon.
    (youtube doesn't allow me to write long. I will continue in the reply section.

  2. The Ambassador's speech is very motivating. And I agree that we Nepalese should learn to use the language of businessman. He urged youngsters to go for entrepreneurship. Yes, there are many businesses we can do in Nepal if we can think out of box but some might still wonder how to start, or they might need little counseling before they start, or there can be a problem with investment amount. In such cases, is there a department in US Embassy which can help? (contd)

  3. I know this is stupid question. As people can find counselling somewhere else too, if they really look for. But I am questioning because this video suggests that USembassy is interested to guide young people.

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