Yo what’s up?! Dr. Swole here, MD body
builder back with another video today we’re gonna be talking about body
recomposition so a brief outline for today first what is body recomposition
then who is it for how do you do it and finally what are some limitations so
you probably heard your local gym bro talking about his bulk and cut phases
basically during a bulking cycle you’re putting on a lot of weight in order to
build muscle and during a cutting cycle you lose weight in an attempt to lose
fat now for some of these bros their weight might fluctuate between a very
wide range between their bulk and cut cycles is this really necessary the
answer is no in fact in a lot of cases I would actually argue that it’s
detrimental for people since they end up putting on a lot of excess fat during
their bulk phase since they gain weight too quickly and during their cut phases
they often end up losing a lot of lean tissue since they aren’t dieting
correctly which means they end up back at square one at the end of it
without really making progress in terms of putting on lean muscle mass so now
let’s talk about body recomposition body recomposition refers to the process of
building muscle and losing fat at the same time now a lot of body builders
talk about this like it’s some sort of mythical process that’s actually
impossible in actuality building muscle and losing fat are separate processes
that are somewhat independent now it’s actually been shown in multiple studies
that people have been able to gain lean tissue while actually losing weight so
to set the record straight body recomposition is possible and has been
demonstrated in numerous scientific studies now this doesn’t exactly apply
to everyone it really works best for certain populations and we’re gonna talk
about those now ok so which populations are able to build muscle and lose fat at
the same time or recall first of all I’ll say that resistance training is
absolutely key mainly because this is the most efficient way for you to
provide that muscle building stimulus next I’m going to
introduce an overarching principle that links together all the different
populations where body recomposition makes sense my overarching principle is
that in order for you to build muscle and lose fat at the same time you
need to present a novel and superior stimulus in other words you have to be
doing something that’s new and better than what you were doing before body
recomposition isn’t easy to accomplish and that’s why you need to satisfy this
overarching principle there are four main categories of people who satisfy
this overarching principle you’ve got beginners and some intermediates detrained athletes people with a sub optimal training and diet and enhanced
athletes let’s dive a little bit deeper into these so for the first category for
beginners and early intermediates since your body’s relatively new to the
dieting and training for body building it’s able to build muscle quite quickly
despite the fact that you might also be losing fat this basically fits into the
commonly termed phenomenon of the newbie gains where people find that in their
beginning phases of bodybuilding they put on muscle very easily so for a
beginner even if your calories are set at a level where you’re maintaining your
body weight or even losing body weight your body is so sensitive to that muscle
building stimulus of lifting weights that you’re probably going to build
muscle anyways now when I talk about beginners I’m generally referring to
people in their first one to two years of serious training
now the second category is detrained athletes
in other words athletes returning from a long layoff from training when people
take more than a couple of weeks off of training they often find that they lose
some lean tissue mass when you get back into consistent training that muscle
comes back now I think in a lot of cases this is just due to regaining the muscle
that you lost not that you’re actually producing new muscle you could even
argue that the muscle hasn’t really gone away so for this category you’re
producing a novel and superior stimulus to what you were doing before which was
taking time off your body becomes real sensitized to the train simulus and when
you apply it again in response by building muscle very easily now I’ll
note that in this category of detrained athletes the recomposition effect only
lasts for a limited period of time once you get back to the level of muscle mass
you are at before or a bit beyond that things are likely to go back to the old
rate of progress now category number three is people with
suboptimal training and diet in other words if your training and diet regimen
are not perfect and you improve some aspect of it you are in effect applying
a novel and superior stimulus which satisfies our overarching principle and
thus you’re probably able to build muscle and lose fat simultaneously for
training this means optimizing the different training variables using
scientific principles which we’ll talk about later for diet this often means
developing an awareness for tracking your macros and your calories and aiming
for concrete macro targets now the last category is enhanced athletes or people
using performance-enhancing drugs now since I mainly deal with natural
bodybuilding we’re not gonna go into this in much detail here but I just
wanted to mention it because you’re going to hear a lot of things from pro
bodybuilders say in the IFBB or famous people on instagram talking about how
they were able to gain a lot of muscle and lose fat at the same time during
their contest prep as highly advanced athletes and while it might have been
possible for them the drugs they use actually alters their physiology which
makes it easier for them to continuously build muscle while still losing fat so
remember that just because some professional bodybuilder you see online
is able to do it doesn’t mean it applies to you so now that we’ve outlined before
categories of lifters that satisfy our overarching principle I want to point
out that this actually applies to the vast majority of the lifting population
if you walk into any commercial gym most people you see working out there will
fall into one of these categories namely most of them will be beginners and early
intermediates or people who haven’t perfected their training and
diet all right so now that we’ve talked about the categories of people who can
effectively gain muscle and lose fat at the same time how do you do this
first of all I’ll say that for the people who fall into those four
categories of people who are able to produce a novel and superior shift in
their program body recomposition is actually a very efficient way to go
especially if you’re a beginner or your body fat is at a higher point than where
you want it to be going for an approach where you build muscle and lose fat at
the same time is probably going to be a very efficient way to get there so in
order to recomp you’re going to have to optimize your training and nutrition now
obviously we can’t cover all this in one video because this is basically the
entire field of bodybuilding and it’s everything my channel is about so you’ll
have a better understanding of this if you watched all my videos and are
up-to-date with the evidence-based approach to bodybuilding in a nutshell
for training you need to have mastered the concepts of consistency progressive
overload volume frequency intensity and rep ranges and exercise selection in
order to put together an optimal training program if you aren’t
completely sure about how those variables fit into a training program
and how to individualize them for yourself check out my basics of training
series – I have a video dedicated to each one of those as I just mentioned
all of those training variables need to be individualized for you what that
means is you’re gonna have to do some experimentation with different types of
programming in order to really optimize your training if some personal trainer
our online coach writes you a program and gives it to you point-blank and tells
you to just carry out this program as the be-all and end-all that’s definitely
not the ideal program for you because it fails to take in the importance of
individualization for each of these training variables as a really quick
summary of my personal recommendations in terms of the training variables in
your program you should be progressively overloading in your multi set
six to 12 rep max which means slowly adding weight over time over multiple
sets in the 6-12 rep range for volume you should probably be aiming for about 10
to 20 sets per muscle group per week for frequency you should be hitting a
muscle at least twice per week for intensity your relative intensity or how
close you push to failure should be to about one to two reps and reserve and
you should put the majority of your training in the 6 to 12 rep range with
about a third of your volume outside of that rep range and for exercise
selection you should focus on multi-joint heavy compound basic
movements for the majority of your training volume now in terms of
nutrition the first thing is that you should be aiming for a minimum protein
target my current minimum recommendation for protein is 0.82-1.0 grams per
pound of body weight per day or 1.8 to 2.2 grams per kilo if you want to delve
deeper to that check out my video on protein that I uploaded last in terms of
the specific ratio of carbs to fats I wouldn’t stress too much about these you
generally want to be shooting for low to moderate fat intake and the rest carbs
for overall energy intake you should be aiming for maintenance calories which
means your total calories should be at a level where your body weight is staying
stable so in practical terms set your nutrition so that your maintain your
body weight training optimally and then look in the mirror to look for a visual
changes if you see yourself slowly getting bigger and or getting more
defined at the same body weight you’re probably building muscle and
losing fat at the same time now in terms of limitations of body recomposition
I’ve mentioned before that it’s not an easy thing to accomplish building muscle
and losing fat at the same time doesn’t apply to everyone
mainly for more experienced athletes this may produce slower results than a
program with structured bulking and cutting phases the reason is that it’s
relatively harder for the body to build muscle than it is for it to lose fat if
you really know how to structure a massing phase and a fat loss phase
according to scientific principles you see faster progress with a more phasic
approach that being said for people who are beginners or overweight I still
would recommend aiming for body recomposition as your initial plan of
attack now extending this a bit further for
advanced bodybuilders people who have been training for years and have their
training nutrition and recovery all dialed in in a way that’s optimized and
individualized for themselves are not really going to be able to build muscle
lose fat at the same time so in this case that local gym bro who is telling
you that you’ve really got to bulk and cut in order to see progress is actually
right in summary for natural athletes building muscle losing fat in the same
time is possible and has been shown in the scientific literature and the
overarching principle is that you need to present a novel and superior stimulus
this only applies to certain populations but it actually encompasses the vast
majority of lifters in order to recomp you can optimize your training nutrition
set your calories and maintenance and if that doesn’t work and once you’ve
optimized everything with years of individualization and you’re an advanced
athlete’s body recomposition probably isn’t for you that’s all for now guys
thanks for watching if you enjoyed the video make sure you hit like if you want
a full training program check out my playlist on workout splits where I
actually go through a few full bodybuilding programs that are
science-based and gives you a place to start in terms of a full body program
upper lower split and push-pull legs now body recomposition is pretty tough so if
you’ve had success in building muscle and losing fat at the same time comment
below I’d love to hear about your experience if you haven’t already
subscribe and we’ll see you next time

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