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100 thoughts on “Bombshell messages emerge about the safety of Boeing 737 Max jet”

  1. FAA Federal safety regulators naturally would underperform when the CEO leading America (DT) regularly demonizes REGULATION.

  2. So much for the ideal of businesses self regulating themselves . Are people really that foolish to believe that if it were a choice of doing what is morally right or losing millions of dollars in profits that these businesses will choose losing profits ? The same attitude in people that will make them knowingly damage your parked car and then drive off to avoid a monetary loss are the same attitude in people that will knowingly allow a faulty product to be sold to avoid a monetary loss on a bigger scale . Society has made many technical advancements but humans are the same old model . Anyone preaching for less government oversight and stricter penalties of businesses is just a wolf preaching to the sheeps about their need for no Shepard .

    Humans behaves better when there are rules and punishment , it's just the nature of the current human species . Maybe in the next million years of human evolution that rules and punishment will become antiquated concepts but for right now it is very much needed . SEND THE SUITES TO A LONG JAIL TIME !!!!!!!!

  3. When are you gonna realize that greed is evil? That capitalism runs on greed. That greed poisons everything it's allowed to? Your worth is so much more than your net worth, but just like anything, what you put in is what you get out. If you feel your THINGS define you, that you don't know who you are without them….you're right. There is only 1 thing you take with you when you die, YOU. Don't wait till then to get to know yourself. The stuff you buy will never bring you lasting peace or contentment and certainly not enlightenment. Go and sit with the elders. Ask them what is important.

  4. Boeing has many MCAS issue's and CCAS issue's. Boeing head gave a press brief to fix these issues in Boeing and make improvement's.

    Why NTSB, FAA is cool upon Boeing?

  5. Boeing will get off with a fine the CEO will resign with a golden parachute, and of course Boeing will settle and not have to admit any fault. People wonder why socialist ideas are gaining steam here….corporations are pure evil.

  6. There was a failure of strategic vision at Boeing and they made a tragic business decision that cost lives. Safety should always be first in the airline business and these executives turned a deaf ear to their engineers.

  7. This is nothing more than market manipulation. How did Boeing get those text messages and why did they hide it for months? Total bs

  8. He "sucks at flying", yet this man has hundreds of lives in his hands at any given time he's at work. Over 1,000 lives a day, times how many days he's now worked, who knows how many total lives in his hands. Personally, I certainly feel much better flying. Especially with the three sons I'm a single father to.

  9. Bombshell messages emerge about the safety of Boeing 737 Max jet? This is an old story. Why do they think they have breaking news? These planes were grounded before. Why are they back in the air?

  10. That's it. I'll never fly Boeing, any airlines showing that it's a Boeing from A to B, I ain't! It's AirBus or nothing.

  11. Get over it!!! So that's how the White House is feeling about the American People? But word coming from the wise ones ☝. ( American People). The American People can't get over Kids In Cages. The American People can't get over the Kurdish being Slaughter. The American People can't get over Trump using Tax Payers money for Trump Bugs Infested Properties and Benefits. No we will not get over it. Just like The American People can't get over all the Blood that's on your ✋ ✋ ✋ hands Trump. We The American People have a Heart and Soul.

  12. The nihilism in the Fox audience is real. There are ways to change things, people. It’s called STRONG REGULATORY BODIES (AKA the government, but old Ronnie brainwashed you, and your political leaders have been cashing checks with your ignorance).

  13. Just a reminder in case all of you have forgotten, but Trump didn’t want to ground this plane even after the second crash, when it became obvious something was seriously wrong. The grounding came despite Trump’s unprofessional & unpresidential interference.

  14. Few million dollars in pain and suffering then the government and manufacturers will sweep it under the rug … problem solved

  15. Push button pilots these days , don't even know how to fly the aircraft anymore …just 100% reliant on the computer systems …so sad .

  16. Our FDA makes this company look like boy scouts. They pass more deadly drugs off as safe everyday for kick backs and profits. Just business as usual in corporate America.

  17. This is why I've never stepped foot on a plane. I live in a complex that houses students that attend an aviation school.
    These people know how to party. I've hung out with guys that assemble planes and they do more drugs than anyone I've come across.
    In my mind I'm like yal can party but I'm not ever getting on a plane. These people go to work high on cocaine and meth, sometimes drunk. Call me a control freak but I'm driving myself and my family across the nation.

  18. I bet you the american underground army that has NASA and Dr Emily Arnold in it caused the electric magnetic properties to fail on purpose Dr Arnold specialty is the electric magnetic field and she want to be queen of the USA !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  19. The rediculous desire : OH YAH… LET'S ADD COMPUTERIZED WHATEVER, TO EVERYTHING!…. we don't need washers/dryers to play songs for instance….WHEN IT AIN'T BROKE… DON'T "FIX"IT !

  20. Very difficult to take anything from Fox as "news" or "true" since it's not a news organization rather it's a conservative opinion dissemination platform. No idea if this is true or not unless it's confirmed by a news organization … keep looking!

  21. Profits over People and nobody ever really gets in trouble … it’s ok, it’s the American Way . Make money at any cost and let the corporate structure and The Who knows Who system protect you 🤦🏽‍♂️😒 . Pathetic . So much money they live like Gods but make no mistake, they’re Genetic Waste 😉

  22. after 787 dreamliner, kc-46 tankers, 737 NG cracks and 737 MCAS; make Booing American Domestic exclusive plane; the rest of the world deserves proper airplane from the like of Airbus, Embraer, etc.

  23. Who are they considering bringing criminal charges against? Who had the responsibility, upon seeing these instant messages, to evaluate them? Was there a duty to repeat the tests or simulations to see if the results the pilot got were valid and reproducible? Why weren’t pilots told about the automatic system forcing the nose of the plane down and how to override it? Was there even a way to override it?

  24. Flying commercial is still the safest way to go any significant distance. Expecting perfection is unrealistic. Looking back in hind sight is sometimes dangerous and narrow minded. Boeing has done more to make commercial flying safe than it is given credit for. Again, expecting perfection out of such complicated systems is unrealistic. Try flying on the Russian or Chinese domestic flights that don't use western built aircraft.

  25. NTSB with its own problems for years. If the perjure now; obstruction of justice. It travels way back, and high up. Just like removing evidence in 911. Obstruction of justice. They are trying so hard to keep info from getting free. So many groups involved, even members of the municipal corporation congress in Washington DC. Many received campaign donations from Companies involved. Thanx Ralph N. for enlightening us, again

  26. Corporate greed, they merged, and more worried about shareholder's profits, and due dates, etc, rather than Safety issues.

  27. Capitalism FTW! See, this is what you get you MONEY is EVERYTHING and you get slipshod work from OVERSEAS to SAVE A BUCK. Humanity is sick.

  28. …accident & injury lawyers auctioning us off like Angus Double Baby Burger Whoppers…I would stay away from the free trip give aways, and cruises, any mass transports…geeze

  29. Americans can't see that there whole country is being dismantled right in front of them, the simpsons episode when Lisa becomes president after Trump and the country is bankrupted is what's about to happen. It's also weird that when Trump gets in office all conspiracy propaganda ends on youtube.


  31. The sad thing is that Boeing is going to go bankrupt, thousands of workers will lose their jobs and the USA will lose a leader in the aerospace industry. A complete loss for the country due to the ineptitude and greed of a few

  32. "Pratyush (Prat) Kumar is president of Boeing India and vice president of Boeing International, and he also serves as managing director of Boeing Defence India." 👀

  33. Let me for the purpose of the F.A.A. explain what their position is. You were appointed to be the "Regulators" to be impartial to all the airlines. One of the reasons why you are coming under such heavy criticism and attack is that at some point you deviated from your initial mandate.

    Frankly the F.A.A. should be subjected to deep scrutiny after what has been learned from Boeing the 737 Max, and it should be taken to task for failiing to execute it's role that it was primarily set up for. They are just as accountable for failing to do their job in all of this to.

    I will say it again that Boeing should be held accountable and made an example of in this instance so that it's a clear warning message to the rest of the Airline fleets in operation that this is unacceptable.

    Make no mistake, Boeing will be and for as long as it takes will be held accountable for the loss of lives. If the F.A.A. doesn't make an example of Boeing then Justice in every sense has not been carried out. and it will bring the F.A.A. into disrepute. Lets not mince our words. Boeing will be stripped of it's reputation until it puts human lives first, before it's reputation.

    If I was a Lawyer, I would not rest until those that were accountable were behind bars. That would be justice. Business is not about profit before human being lives, and never should it be. This is one for the Car industry to take onboard as they too have be flagrant of this mentality.

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