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100 thoughts on “Blue collar boom vs. socialism or the swamp”

  1. Obama's administration was the biggest con job of all time. A bait and switch unparalleled. I supported him and it only took 6 months to see it was going bad in all sectors of the administration and the closer I looked the more the nightmare unfolded. With Trump it took the same first 6 months to see a brilliant revolution in DC thinking with performance going through the roof. Same with Fox, thought they were nut cases and then I analyzed all media and Fox rose to the top in no small way. Point – look at all the facts, be informed, take a stand.

  2. Why has the US suddenly developed huge oil reserves since Donald Trump became president? Why did we get our oil from the Middle East cartels for decades? Is there a connection between the Bush family's Saudi ties and the creation of the Saudi state by the British government? Who really benefited from US dependence on Middle East oil?

  3. It's more than just Trump's policies that have turned us around. It's his consummate showmanship that inspires confidence, except for shallow thinkers like movie stars. Obama could enact all the same things but Obama was personally boring and therefore the results would be greatly toned down, perhaps even ignored. It's about being timely, correct and having charisma (not to be confused with Burisma).

  4. Tit or tat, up or down, forwards or backwards, left or right, choice is always there. Sometimes too much choice, boils down to person opinion, belief and who you think has put in the efforts best. Personally, I like Trumps plan, now if he brings the jobs back in America, but at the same time allows the better businesses in to tackle the pollution issues, make changes that benefit the land, not rip it in 2. Let's put it this way, if there's a way to replenish the economy, looks like a little "bug" is going to be a winner here. There's been good and bad politicians in all parties, since government was formed. Try to work together instead of fighting one another. Seriously, do you want to live in peace. Slamming each other over political B.S, is equal to blowing up someone with a war head missile. Think about it. Peace is achievable when you see the whole picture clearly. Are YOU clear or clouded.

  5. It was not the value of the tax cut for corporations, but making the US corporate rate competitive with the world corporate tax rate. So businesses stay in and come back to the USA. THIS is one of the main reasons the US is expanding. Why invest overseas if there is no advantage?

  6. It was just a few months ago that Trump said Mulvaney was one of his ‘Best People’. How long will low life Meadows last?

  7. My belief, after seeing what the Democratic Party is capable of, the Democratid would never do anything that would benefit Donald Trump even if it hurt America. I don't believe Obama would pass things in let's say 2015 knowing they would take two years to be fruitful if they thought Donald Trump would be elected in ,2016.

  8. Having voted Republican for decades, until Donald, I would vote for a socialist over this sociopath we have now.



  10. These Talking Heads I cannot believe they can say it's on the back side of Obama what a friggin joke these people are absolutely idiots the can't say the truth of course God forbid. There are clips though of these guys saying ohh well trump did a good job they trump economy's doing well this that the other thing or all up the hello we need another 4 years of this man with his policies God-bless Donald J trump God-bless the United States of America and God-bless the Constitution. Trump 2020 We can never afford to give back the way house to the Democratic Party ever again with the current thinking that they have a social is AM does not work look at Cuba look at Venezuela and all the other countries that try it that didn't work I know they all say all those democratic socialism is different that's way started out well as other people's money.

  11. Have you noticed that Obama has been largely silent of late ?
    Because he knows that Trump is doing a great job, far better than Obama could have done.

  12. Youtube stop autoplaying fox news propaganda after every video I watch. All MSM is government controlled propaganda. Wake up America your ignorance will be America downfall

  13. "HOW ARE YOU GOING TO DO THAT!? WHAT MAGIC WAND DO YOU HAVE!" LOLOL! welll, I don't wanna know what your doing with your wand with Manchelle! LOLOL!

  14. Obummer was President when he said this is the new normal & its not gonna change. Now he claims the change? LOL, LOL, LOL!
    Obummer is psychotic dillusional worse than Biden!
    🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸Trump In 2020!

  15. Barack Obama, where have you been in Hawaii or Indonesia… Trump been waving a magic wand all his life… Have you not visited any one of his real estate holdings, throughout United States and around the world!

  16. Liberalism is a mental disorder – they don't get it and never will – don't waste your breath on them.

  17. "Whu wha how..?" I guess Trump's shown the idiot how, and in typical anti American Democrat fashion Obama stumbles over the words in a vain attempt to criticize.

  18. Trumps stock market is tanking 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

  19. I remember the mainstream media said "if Trump becomes president, the country will go bankrupt" but no it didn't happen. Now the mainstream media is changing thier stragedy, by giving the credit to Obama of what Trump ha done.

  20. The economy wasn't saved by Obama.
    The economy isn't expanding under Trump. The economy isn't catching the flu. View the economy anyway one may choose.

    Look at your pockets personally. Any fatter? Mr. Hilton can predict the future if he chooses, but he and Trump need to keep Obama's name out of their mouths. This is Trump's world and his soon to be falling economy. Tighten up America.
    Hindsight 2020

  21. "Signs point to an imminent recession … By the time the market closes, we could be waving goodbye to the bull market investors have enjoyed for more than a decade. I think that that's certainly a realistic thing."  
    — Jim Cramer, March 9, 2020

  22. The fact that he had to ask, how are you going to do that, shows he had no frickin' idea of how to run a countries economy.

  23. The reason Trump's economy is better is because he is a businessman and not a crooked greedy lawyer. Just look at the politicians we have had throughout the years,they have been mostly people with law degrees with no clue about economics

  24. Funny how all the charts he shows prove that the economy is doing good because of Obama but then he figures a way to spin it FAKE FAUX NEWS DOING WHAT IT DOES BEST. MISINFORM THE AMERICAN PEOPLE. You have to be very credulous to believe these people and for those who believe otherwise : An internal Fox News report on warns about disinformation — on Fox News — by frequent guests, including Donald Trump and his personal attorney Rudy Giuliani.

    Trump and Giuliani are described in the 162-page report, “Ukraine, Disinformation & the Trump Administration,” as having a “high susceptibility to disinformation.”

    The report also singles out John Solomon, a frequent guest of Sean Hannity and a former right-wing columnist for The Hill. He’s widely considered the key source of baseless conspiracy theories concerning Ukraine, including that it was Ukraine and not Russia that interfered in the 2016 U.S. presidential election.

    Concerns about Solomon include allegations of “non-disclosure of conflicts, use of unreliable sources, publishing false and misleading stories, misrepresentation of sources, and opaque coordination with involved parties,” the Fox report states. 
    “John Solomon played an indispensable role in the collection and domestic publication of elements of this disinformation campaign” on Ukraine, according to the document.

    Married Trump supporters Victoria Toensing and Joe diGenova, lawyers who have been frequent Fox News guests, have also spread “disinformation” while employed by Ukrainian oligarch Dmytro Firtash. He is fighting extradition to the U.S. to face bribery-related charges.

    The research report was created by Fox News senior political affairs specialist Bryan S. Murphy, who produces research as part of the Fox “Brain Room” that provides information and data for network programming.

    The four people singled out in the report have appeared 348 times on Fox News weekday programs since 2018, according to Media Matters. About 203 of them were on Hannity’s program alone.
    Just like this guy is lying about the manufacturing jobs being up 30% that is a lie and that's why he didn't show us a chart he just read what Market Watch reported. The truth is manufacturing jobs went through a recession in 2019 thanks to Donald Trump's trade War. The Swamp with Biden? Its Donald Trump whose pardoning his fellow swamp creatures.

  25. Obama the arrogant trying to be cool 5:05. What magic wand? The wand is Trumps intellect and common sense.

  26. I realize how important it is to create jobs. But the removal of regulations to cow tow to the corporation's indifference to the environment is dangerous. Having a larger pay check and water unfit to drink doesn't sound like a good deal to me. There has to be some common sense somewhere.

  27. Nothing Against a Community organizer, junior Senator of illinois, turned President, but how could Barack have done anything, he had no experience in business, he still doesn't , living off his government fame and pay. Michelle makes more than him. Come on wake up people .

  28. Here in the U.K. testing for Covid-19 is free and workers get a minimum of $500.00 per month for time off work. Not a lot, but better than nothing. I have visited America and seen people who were obviously ill, serving in shops, restaurants, etc. I believe they are employed on a 'no work no pay basis and sometimes mostly for tips, apparently. This is a prefect scenario to spread this infection, because they can't afford not to work. It's to be hoped the American government has a plan. For starters ensuring that there is financial assistance for testing and for time off work. I have scoured the internet, unsuccessfully to assess how much the test costs, because I understand the patient has to pay for testing in America. Also how can hourly paid workers, many of whom I believe have to work two jobs to make ends meet, be expected to voluntarily put themselves in quarantine?

  29. Smeagle here has clips of Biden "Quotes " Saying Dumb things ,If he had clips of Trump it would have taken his Entire Show

  30. You lose you job today, you lose your Healthcare.
    You go back to school, will cost you more as a graduate.
    But not under Medicare for all, and not with 5 more tuition free.
    And is not socialism. Unless Medicare, GI Bill, welfare, housing S8, is socialism.

  31. Cheeky British bloak,
    100 of the fortune 500 companies are paying 0 taxes the incumbent president has forced big business like Amazon to channel income streams through Ireland financial systems and paying 0 taxes.
    Texas minimum wage workers earn 15 thousand dollars a year
    Texas minimum wage workers are paying 1500 dollars taken out of their checks before they receive it.
    Jeff bezos makes 7 million dollars an hour
    Jeff bezos pays 0 taxes
    Is that fair?
    Most Americans think Amazon should pay their fair share of taxes
    Most Americans want universal basic income for all in the form of the freedom dividend
    Politicians should do what we send them to Washington DC to do!
    I don't see why you are so against the freedom dividend,
    Your country has twice the amount of money going to its citizens
    They give you money, we get billed.

  32. Aside from politics "sleepy Joe" should seriously start thinking about seeing a doctor for his forgetfulness, if he hasn't done
    So already. It seems to be getting more and more of a problem for him each passing day. I am hoping for his sake that it is nothing more than dementia or Alzheimers.

  33. Wait, so in the past we tend to shift between two polarizing views. We can't trust the government so we must trust the businesses. We can't trust the businesses so we need to trust the government. Now it is getting nastier cause that was never the best situation, but now we also have a swamp being placed in such a way to influence how we shift between the two. Someone has figured out how to influence how we shift our views, in their favor. It has let all three scary things grow really big and scary.

  34. Obama could not create jobs. He did know how to grow economy or jobs but knew how to give away our tax money.

  35. Hows your 401k doing today? Last day this Picard wannabe can spin Trumps "great economy". Unemployment will probably be at 10% come election.

  36. Both Clinton and Obama had to fix the republicans (trickle down) economy. It has never worked. When will we learn. The short sighted selfishness has always been a disaster. Wake up people !

  37. It's not hard to see how the democrat news medias lie! yeah right in front of our own dumbfounded faces! that means anything that's important for us to hear we will never be able to hear it!.

  38. Democratic morons trying to give credit to Obama. Ok Bama economy Boomer sure he did. Trump found the magic wand……

  39. Barry the Kenyan was a complete buffoon. C_A trained and schooled. Just did what he was told to do. Had no business sense, no negotiating sense, no money sense. Just a community organizer/socialist. Tax and spend. Worst offense is having Quid Pro Joe as VP and Eric as Wingman.

  40. How do these idiots lie like that with a straight face. These are the same so called journalists that are working in collusion with the Dems and the globalist corporate boardroom members to take down the economy. That millions of ordinary Americans will suffer doesn’t matter.

  41. Yeah right… Obama waited 8 years to bring a real change to the lives of people but now all economy is due to Obama.

  42. If the economy had been good under Obama, the American people would have seen it!! Obama just can't accept that he was a loser!!

  43. Some excellent comments from Steve Hilton. We must also pray for our country! Our leaders and political parties need to stop fighting and hurting one another! We must pray that they will then work together to solve important problems! We tend to think we can solve our problems without God's help. And, we are wrong! We need God's help every day with an attitude of appreciation and gratitude, humility and meekness.

  44. Never heard so much bushit. Trump did inherit a good economy from Obama. All you have to do is look it up.

  45. Poor Trump snowflake… he did not inherit a good economy and he failed to do anything to help it. Nothing is ever his fault ever.

  46. I have come to the conclusion that those that hate Trump will never be swayed away from that hate. Those that support Trump will continue to support him no matter what the leftstream media says. Trump is doing a great job and the haters will not give even the smallest credit to Trump. That will not change.

  47. "Blue collar", "Shillton" ?
    Poisoning the land, air and water by deregulation doesn´t sound very "pro worker"…
    Nor do giving the rich the best tax-cuts…Ad Perpetuum…
    The most corrupt admin to date? Nah…
    "Positive Populism"…My behind…
    Promising easy solutions to complicated problems…Sounds silly to me…
    And you´re working for US most elite, globalistic, foreign and rich news outlet…
    Can you spell disingenuous ?

  48. The fundamentals of the US economy really haven't been as good as people have been made to think they were. Trump's tax cut for billionaires actually made the US economy worse off! Tariffs and trade wars are what set off the Great Depression! US manufacturing output has been declining since July 2019 – long before Covid-19. Trump's fake economy crashing = billionaires used tax cut for Pump and Dump = Goldman Sachs stealing taxpayers dollars! Having Goldman Sachs (Mnuchin) in charge of treasury, a failed MSM talking head (Kudlow) as economic advisor and Mike Pence in charge of Covid-19 response is a recipe for economic catastrophe! Helicopter money = all the taxpayer QE money Mnuchin/FED is burning up in the markets. It increases the federal debt and creates more inflationary instability! It doesn't disappear. It goes in the pockets of 1% Theft from taxpayers and future generations! ​Bernie's financial transaction tax would help stabilize markets in crisis as well as raise revenue to reduce deficit and debt. America needs Medicare for All Canada has contained Covid-19 so far and US has it circulating undetected. What's the major difference? Public funded healthcare!! Bernie would be better for economy than Trump or Biden! Bernie's policies would increase mobility in the labor market as well as incentivize entrepreneurship while lowering overhead costs for small to medium sized businesses as well as for individuals. Alot of people aren't giving Bernie an honest, fair look because they've been fed Koch brothers propaganda by MSM including FOX for decades. All of Bernie's platform would actually be really good for the economy! It would be so much money that people could keep from what they've earned working!! And they'd spend almost all of directly in the economy! The US as a whole and all of it's people would be better off!

  49. Obama is a socialist; he wants the average American to be equally poor as his neighbor, except for him and the other so called "elites".

  50. Prior to President Trump my income was below $30,000 and last year I cleared over $70,000. You tell me who is better for the country. I am now a Republican for life. Never going back to the failed policies of the Democrat Party.

  51. Anyone that believes that Obama had anything to do with our country recovering from, well Obama and bush, has their head in the sand. It's so convenient that all good things happening now are Obama's doing. While everything bad under Obama was Bush's fault. I don't stick up for bush, he is just as bad as Obama. Just different kind of bad. Trump is the best thing to happen to this country since the "fall" of the nazis.more specifically the end of the war.

  52. Bother … Obama’s minions are still at it …. what a joke … we lived under the O for 8 years, and it was dismal.

  53. Fight of the century of 2 systems, socialist globalist capitalism and democratic capitalism. easy bernie/trump show 2020.

  54. Bringing manufacturing back to our country was what was desperately needed & thank God, he brought Donald Trump ( A Capitalist) to us and we’ve see the difference!

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