– Thanks Ryder. – Thanks. – I feel like we should
always say thank you to Ryder, sitting behind the camera. Ready? – Yeah. – Okay. – Retail.
– Retail. Ooh, shopping therapy. – Love shopping– – I was gonna like say, should I make a stereotype joke here, but you’ve just made it for me. (laughs) Not even really a joke. You love shopping? – Yeah, I do love shopping– – Does tech make shopping easier? – Oh, I think, the new thing that ASOS brought out, I think it was about a month ago– – What’s the new thing? – So, basically, on their website, what they do is, they’ve now got people
of like different sizes, and like heights, shapes, everything, trying on the same piece of clothing. So you can click on that size, and it’ll show you roughly
what it’ll look like on you, instead of just a very tall,
pretty, skinny girl, a lot– – Do you mainly buy clothes online? – Sometimes. – Know why we’ve gone
down the route of shoes, of clothes, sorry, exclusively,
but yeah, all right. I just, Hayley just seems to
buy lots of clothes online, and then send lots of clothes back. – Oh, no, you see, I don’t do that, I buy a lot of things, no, I don’t buy a lot of things, I buy a few things that I want, and then obviously, if it doesn’t fit, then I’ll have to send it back. I’m not the type of person who’ll literally buy like hundreds of pounds worth of clothes, and send it all back. – We could probably not ignore
the death of the high street, if we’re talking about tech and retail– – Yeah, it’s really sad. When I go home– – Pound shop land everywhere. – Yeah, and all the other shops have closed. It’s really, yeah, it is quite sad. – Tech needs to embrace, sorry, small business
needs to embrace tech. Yeah, I can’t remember exactly, this might be utter bollocks, but I’ve got a fairly strong feeling that I heard that there’s a town in Wales that created like their
own local loyalty currency, to encourage people back–
– Oh really? – Well you know how you get like points? – Yeah, yeah. – So, and you’ve obviously
now got like loyalty cards on your phone, but like exclusive to local
shops within that town, build up points to encourage
you to come back in to use those points in those shops–
– Wow, that’s a good idea. – Like a mini local currency. Which makes perfect sense. Why not use loyalty cards and
loyalty systems in that way to entice people back
into shops physically? – Yeah, that seems like really good idea. I feel like everyone just gets lazy, and they’re just like, “Oh, it’s easy to go online “and get whatever I want.” So like, Amazon, where you can
just click and get whatever, or you can do it on Alexa now, can’t you? You can order things on Alexa. – I do also think that companies like physical shops have been quite sensible when
it comes to like QR scanning, and building that into
your mobile experience, ’cause I basically buy
coffee at Harris and Hoole over other coffee outlets in the morning, because I know that I can pay for it, and it’s integrated into the stamp thing, and that all happens automatically, and I don’t have that stupid
thing that I had for years of being like, “I’ve got five different
incomplete stamp cards, “and I’ve lost several different ones.” – Yeah, that’s true. I don’t think I’ve ever completed one–
– Sticky. Sticky. Collect sensible use of tech there. – Yeah, that is a good idea. – Yeah– – I didn’t know they did that. – Anything else? – There’s probably a lot of things… – This ASOS thing, does that help you buy clothes
then for like partners? I ‘supose it would, ’cause you could put like your boyfriend or your girlfriend’s–
– Yeah, it does. – Body shape in and they’d be like–
– I don’t know if they do it for men. I definitely know they do it for women– – Why wouldn’t they? – I’m not sure. I should probably have a look, actually. Well, I guess I don’t shop in men’s clothes, but–
– I might go on ASOS after this and have a look.
– Yeah. – Try and work out what
my body type is though, that’s gonna be like a vanity exercise.

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